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Our QLD Accredited Specialist Brisbane personal injury lawyers help with expert legal advice for personal injury claims – 100% No Win, No Fee. No matter the nature of your injury, our Brisbane law firm can help you determine your eligibility to claim personal injury compensation.

Contact your local Queensland compensation lawyers to secure your entitlements. With our 100% No Risk legal funding, Splatt Lawyer’s skilled personal injury claim lawyers have guided Brisbane and Queensland-wide residents for over 28 years, helping them understand their legal right to compensation. And, it’s free to know where you stand, so Call 1800 700 125

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Your Legal Right to Make a Personal Injury Claim

The Personal Injuries Proceedings Act (PIPA) in Queensland governs these types of personal injury claims, which include:

At Splatt Lawyers, our expert personal injury compensation lawyers guide you step-by-step through the claims process. Know that strict time limits apply for commencing legal action, so contact us now for your free initial case review where our lawyers will:

  • Review your personal injury claim
  • Explain your entitlements
  • And what to expect when seeking justice for your loss.

For immediate support, Call 1800 700 125.

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Our expert lawyers can guide you through the claim process to a better tomorrow.

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Has a work incident caused you a mental illness or a physical work-related injury? In this case, you could make a workers’ compensation claim and receive benefits like weekly payments and a lump sum settlement. Know your right to claim and get medical and rehabilitation treatment with the support of our experienced lawyers.

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Have you had a motor vehicle accident, car accident, motorbike accident or pedestrian injury in Queensland that was either not your fault or partially not your fault? If so, contact our car accident lawyers for informed legal advice.

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Workcover personal injury compensation claims

When you have a work injury, whether from a workplace accident, an accident while travelling to or from work, or work-related activities, our knowledgeable WorkCover claim lawyers help with the accident compensation claims process.

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Rely on our personal injury claim lawyers for expert legal representation in most types of compensation claims. No matter how you were harmed, please seek legal advice for your loss!

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When you suffer emotional trauma or other psychological injury due to the actions or inaction of someone else, you could have the legal right to be compensated for your loss.

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Most accident claims are made against a large insurance company, and Splatt Lawyers Brisbane regularly negotiates with all of them. So rely on our expertise to get your desired outcome.

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Mild or severe slip and fall injuries often necessitate time off work. Know all of your rights if you suffer injuries in a fall that was someone else’s fault.

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Severe injuries often result from serious accidents. Additionally, car accidents, work-related or public venue incidents can also be devastating. Whether you have soft tissue damage, bone break, dislocation or whiplash, our skilled claim lawyers have the legal know-how to help you recover.

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You can lodge a public liability claim for physical or psychological injuries from public place accidents. If you were injured in a shopping centre, park, school, public venue, or on private or council-owned property, please get legal help from our public liability lawyers.

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Are you unable to work in your regular job due to a mental disorder, injury or illness? In that case, you can make a Total and Permanent Disability Claim through the insurance contained within your superannuation. Our Brisbane TPD claim lawyers can help you understand your benefits and claim a lump sum payout.

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When someone dies in a fatal accident due to another’s negligence, you could make a wrongful death claim.

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You could be owed compensation when you have a faulty or defective product injury and sustain a loss, including damages for emotional suffering.

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Why Splatt as Your Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers?

Our Brisbane personal injury lawyers have provided expert legal advice to injured Queenslanders for over 28 years. When things get tough, we fight for your rights and find the best path to justice. 

Furthermore, we are pleased to offer all our valued Queensland clients 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding, which means you pay nothing to get started, no costs during your injury claim, and zero if you lose.

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As one of Queensland’s prominent compensation lawyers, we bring extensive knowledge when negotiating a lump sum payout. In fact, Splatt Lawyers Brisbane has delivered thousands of positive outcomes for Queensland residents for nearly three decades.

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When our Brisbane injury lawyers on your legal claim, you can rely on our 99% success rate for out-of-court settlements to guarantee a successful outcome. 

With 10 handy locations Queensland-wide, choosing Splatt Lawyers means we have a skilled compensation lawyer nearby. Thankfully, informed legal advice is just a phone call away.

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When you select Splatt Lawyers for your legal matter, you will have peace of mind knowing Kerry Splatt, a QLD-accredited Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, leads our team.

Generally, the Queensland Law Society recognises specialist lawyers with exceptional knowledge and legal skills.

Our No Risk guarantee means you pay nothing to get started or during the life of your claim. Pay only when we win your case and zero if you lose.

When you choose Splatt Lawyers, there are no hidden costs or fees.

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At Splatt Lawyers, we firmly believe it should cost nothing to know your legal entitlements when you have suffered an injury that was not your fault. For this reason, our skilled personal injury claim lawyers offer all Queenslanders a comprehensive, free claim assessment.

To know if you have a valid case – Call 1800 700 125, or use our free online claim check >

When you make a personal injury claim and take time off work for a motor vehicle accident or work-related injury, you will struggle to pay your rehabilitation and medical treatment costs. Because of this, Splatt Lawyers funds your rehabilitation costs while you wait for your compensation payout, which means you can immediately begin your physical recovery.

All clients can access our rehab funding service when they are likely to achieve a financial settlement payment. At this time, we recoup these expenses. Ask a Splatt Brisbane compensation lawyer how it works.

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What is my claim worth?

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In Queensland, the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (QLD) protects your right to claim damages after an accident. Hence, the value of your compensation payout is calculated based on the extent of your loss, considering factors like:

  • Your injury type and severity
  • How much your injury has altered your life.
  • Your current job and level of income

When successful, an injured person can claim general damages for:

  • Past and future lost income and earnings
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Cost of care and assistance
  • Travel costs related to treatment.
  • Lost enjoyment of life

Call Now for a free assessment of your compensation payout amount1800 700 125

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Why Choose a Personal Injury Accredited Specialist Lawyer?

We understand you want the best outcome when you have a valid compensation claim. So relax knowing Splatt Lawyers is a Brisbane law firm led by a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injuries Law – Kerry Splatt.

Our friendly Brisbane injury lawyers work with Kerry’s considerable legal expertise, which means contacting our friendly team is the best choice for your accident or injury case, and we charge nothing until we win. Call Now – 1800 954 153.

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All no win no fee personal injury compensation lawyers are not the same. Splatt Lawyers does more by carrying the financial risk of your case, which means we cover all your legal costs and disbursement fees (like medical assessments and reports) until we win your payout. 

Legal fees shouldn’t be a concern when you are injured. So, we are pleased to offer 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding, which means you:

Discover how our Brisbane law firm works hard to ensure you are eligible for all legal entitlements. It’s free to get started so Call Now – 1800 700 125

Types of Personal Injury Compensation Claims

You can claim compensation for a range of injuries caused by another person or party’s partial or complete negligence. Some common types of claims include:

Strict Time Limits Apply to Personal Injury Claims

Generally, there are strict time limits for accidents claims in Queensland, three years from the incident date. Hence, you could lose your right to make a personal injury claim if you don’t issue court proceedings in time.

If you believe you have a valid case, your best action is to contact our lawyers and solicitors immediately. Furthermore, the outcome of your legal matter is often linked to the steps you took early in your case. Call Now for fast support – 1800 700 125

What Is Personal Injury Law in QLD?

Under Queensland personal injury law, people injured in a no-fault accident can seek common law damages to compensate for their loss.

Personal injuries often occur in a public place, on the road, at work, and at home. Consequently, our Brisbane compensation lawyers receive enquiries about different types of accident claims (except medical negligence claims) covered by Queensland state legislation.

Generally, successfully claiming compensation relies on proving you suffered a loss, including a loss of income or out-of-pocket expenses like medical professional costs and medical treatment fees.

Compensation Claim Lawyers for the Greater Brisbane Region

Our knowledgeable lawyers provide effective legal representation to people living in the Greater Brisbane region and Queensland-wide. From Caboolture to Beenleigh, you are one phone call away from getting effective legal representation. 

Can I Make a Claim?

It should cost nothing to know if you have a valid personal injury claim when you have suffered a loss. So it’s good to understand that Splatt Lawyers Brisbane will investigate your case for free, explaining your rights without complicated legal speak. Contact us now for your free case review – Call 1800 700 125

Successful Personal Injury Compensation Claims Process

The claims process of taking legal action for a personal injury claim involves proving legal liability. Liability involves linking your physical or mental injuries to the negligence of another party. This procedure relies on professional assessments and reports such as medical evidence, specifics of your incident, medical expenses, loss of income, etc. Here are the steps:


Contact us for your free case review.

Our experienced lawyers will review your personal injury claim, and advise if you have a valid case, your chance of success, our fees and the approximate settlement value.


Sign your legal agreement.

Once you agree, Splatt Lawyers Brisbane are your best compensation lawyers; you sign a legal cost agreement explaining our 100% Risk legal funding. 


We assemble your evidence.

Your legal team works on creating a compelling case for your personal injury claim so you can access all your legal entitlements.


You attend medical evaluations.

You may need to attend medical evaluations to find the best evidence to support your compensation claim. Thankfully, you do not pay for these reports until we win, and nothing if you lose.


Negotiating your injury settlement

We relentlessly pursue your entitlements to get the
injury compensation settlement you deserve. When successful, you receive a lump-sum payment.

The Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane Trusts

Splatt Lawyers, are the personal injury lawyers Brisbane trusts for expert legal guidance at every step of the claim process. We have helped people achieve successful compensation settlements for nearly three decades, so we understand the challenges and effective strategies to overcome them.

Our legal team assist with the following:

  • Understanding your legal right to seek compensation
  • Knowing all your entitlements
  • Collating compelling evidence to support your case
  • Effective negotiation and legal representation
  • Prepare and submit your personal injury claim
  • Litigate denied or rejected claims

Seek legal advice from our experienced team and rely on our 99% out-of-court settlement rate and capped legal fees. Contact us now for your free case review: Call 1800 860 777.

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Our Brisbane Compensation Lawyers

Splatt Lawyers’ Brisbane office is located near Brisbane City at 69 Amelia St, Fortitude Valley, positioned in a relatively quiet corner with ample street parking and a modest car park at the front of our building.

If travelling to our office by train, Fortitude Valley station is an easy 5-minute walk or 400 metres away. The nearest bus stop is Brunswick St at Water Street Stop 6.

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Personal Injury Claim Lawyers FAQ's

A personal injury lawyer provides legal representation for people who believe they have been physically or mentally injured due to the actions or inactions of another person, company, government body or other legal entity.

Generally, lawyers in Brisbane who specialise in personal injury litigation have many years of experience navigating complex legislation and legal processes relating to car accidents, workplace injury, public place accidents, etc. Furthermore, an experienced lawyer will explore every aspect of your case to find the best path to a successful outcome.

Successful personal injury claims rarely settle quickly, and the time it takes often depends on the case’s complexity. Simple cases may resolve in 8 months to a year, with more complex issues taking up to 3 years.

Absolutely it is. Your Brisbane accident lawyer’s skill and experience will likely make a difference in the outcome of your compensation claim. In particular, the legal expertise they have in your type of matter.

Queensland has strict time limits for filing personal injury claims. Generally, you must commence personal injury proceedings three years from the incident date. Some rare exceptions apply. Contact us now to find out if you qualify.

You cannot be terminated when you claim compensation for workplace injuries in Queensland. State legislation provides legal protection to those lodging work injury matters. Applicable legal acts include:

If you feel your job is at risk because of a work-related injury, we recommend you seek immediate legal support.

Every personal injury claim is different and depends on your unique situation. However, for most personal injury proceedings, the following compensatable factors may be considered:

  • Pain and emotional suffering
  • Past and future lost income and super
  • Future and past medical treatment costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Cost of care
  • Medical-related travel expenses, aids and equipment.
  • Home and car modifications

It’s free to understand what you could claim for compensation and the approximate value of your accident payout.

What is my claim worth? >

In Australia, you can sue for personal injury when your harm is directly related to another person or party’s negligent action or inaction. Common examples include:

  • Work-related injuries or illness
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Public liability claims
  • Medical negligence claims

Guide to suing for negligence >

When choosing the best Brisbane personal injury compensation lawyers for your personal injury claim, you want someone with considerable knowledge of compensation law and a winning track record.

Steps to finding a great lawyer:

  1. Ask family or friends – someone you may have already had a successful compensation payout.
  2. Check Google reviews for other Brisbane lawyers
  3. Contact your State Law Society.

You should understand their fee structure before signing with a compensation law firm. Do they bill by taking a percentage of your compensation or charge by the hour, and is there an uplift fee?

Next, contact them for a free chat. Ask them to explain how they will help you, their legal fee structure, and their communication commitment.

Our experienced Brisbane personal injury lawyers provide effective legal services for people considering making a personal injury claim for:

  • a car accident or motor vehicle accident
  • a work accident
  • a work-related mental illness
  • a Total and Permanent Disability Claim
  • a superannuation insurance claim

If you think you are owed compensation, find out how Splatt Lawyers can help.

In Queensland, personal injury legislation states the most a law firm can charge for personal injury claims is 50% of your net settlement amount. However, Splatt Lawyers does not bill a percentage of your payout; instead, you pay only for the hours of work required to win your case, which generally means more for you.

When you have a successful compensation claim, the at-fault party’s insurer funds your lump-sum payment. Hence, accidents resulting in physical damage, emotional distress or mental illness are covered by an insurance company.

  1. QLD WorkCover is the work accident insurer.
  2. MAIC manages the CTP insurance scheme for road accidents.
  3. Public liability insurance covers most other circumstances.

Our expert legal team will advise who is liable to fund your compensation at your free case review.

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