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Splatt Lawyers’ team of expert sporting and recreational injury compensation lawyers help when you are harmed in the gym or other recreational, sporting and leisure activities.

The owners and operators of sports and recreation venues owe a duty of care to their users. Hence, when something goes wrong, and you have a recreation, personal trainer, gym or sporting accident due to someone else’s negligence, you could claim compensation for your loss.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers have assisted Queenslanders harmed in circumstances outside their control for nearly three decades. Rely on our extensive knowledge and skill in compensation law to deliver your best legal outcome. Get legal insights from our friendly sporting accident lawyers, who guide you through the complex claims process step by step.

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Sporting and Recreation Injury Lawyers

Every year in Australia, more than 50,000 people are admitted to hospital with a gym workout, sporting or recreation-related injury. You have a much greater chance of harm if you are male and young. People in this group tend to have an increased appetite for risk and are more likely to have something go wrong.

Some injuries are severe and can seriously disrupt your life, while others are inconvenient, bringing additional expenses that burden your finances.

Regardless of age, sex, or type of preferred recreation, you have an owed duty of care in many situations. Our experienced sporting accident lawyers will help you know who is liable for your harm and the actions you can take to seek damages.

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100% No Win, No Fee Recreational and Sports-Related Injury Claims

I know about No Win, No Fee, but what is 100% No Win, No Fee?

When a sporting or recreation-related accident compromises your finances, it can be stressful to consider the cost of hiring a competent compensation claim lawyer. Knowing about Splatt Lawyer’s 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding makes your decision much more straightforward. Many personal injury law firms will cover your legal fees until settlement but not your disbursement costs (the charges for expert medical reports and assessments). In fact, they will often ask you to agree to an expensive disbursement loan which will eat into the value of your payout.

Our No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee means:

√ It’s free to start your case

√ You pay no legal costs or fees for the duration of your case

√ Pay our legal fees when you win

√ You owe us nothing if you lose

√ We fund your medical evaluations and reports until your settlement

√ We support your rehabilitation costs so that you can get help immediately.

Splatt Lawyers do not charge success or uplift fees.

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How does the law define a dangerous recreational activity?

Division 4 of the Civil Liability Act QLD 2003 defines a dangerous recreational activity as one that you enjoy as a leisure pursuit with some degree of risk of harm that is obvious. If an apparent risk injures you, you do not have the basis for a compensation claim.

For example, you choose to play golf, and a golf ball hits you. This is an inherent risk of playing on a golf course. However, if a golf cart hit you and your leg was damaged, this may not be considered apparent. Our accident legal team can help you understand if your harm was due to an inherent risk or negligence. It’s free to know your legal rights, so Call Now – 1800 954 153 or email us >

Compensation for Gym Injuries

All personal trainers and gym owners owe a duty of care to take reasonable steps to keep you safe. When something goes wrong and you sustain an injury from a workout accident, you could claim gym injury compensation. 

You may be entitled to make a compensation claim if you have been injured while using a gym’s facilities or equipment or with a personal trainer. Even if you agreed to a disclaimer when you started with the gym, you could still have the right to claim compensation. That’s because, under Australian law, it is illegal for people to sign away their common law rights, so that agreement could be deemed void.

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Do I have a Gym, PT, Recreation or Sports Accident Claim?

If you have experienced a loss in an unexpected gym, PT, recreation or sporting accident due to someone else’s complete or partial negligence, you could have a valid personal injury compensation claim. Please know you can still claim when you are partly responsible for your incident. In this case, you would be assigned a percentage of contributory negligence, which our legal team would seek to minimise.

The action or inaction of the at-fault party must be linked to your physical or psychological harm to have a valid case. Your finances should not suffer because someone else damaged you; now, you can’t work and have to fund your medical expenses.

It is essential to get informed accident legal advice to know if you have a legitimate case. Fortunately, it costs nothing to understand your position. Get in contact now for an expert opinion on your matter.

What is my Sporting and Recreation Compensation Worth?

Every compensation claim is different, and so is the settlement value. That’s because several factors determine the worth of your case. Generally, your accident payout is meant to return your life to where it would be had your incident not happened. This calculation seeks to redress your loss and, to do so, considers the following:

  • The severity of your injuries and their impact on your life
  • Lost past and future income
  • Past and future lost superannuation
  • The cost of your medical care and rehabilitation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Travel costs related to your therapy
  • Cost of household help, including that provided by friends and family

Our legal team have assisted many Queenslanders with sporting and recreational injury claims over the past 28 years. We have likely worked on a case like yours. We will give you a claim estimate for free when you contact us.

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Who Pays My Sporting and Recreational Accident Compensation?

Every injury claim is different, and so is the entity liable to fund your compensation payout. However, in most cases, an insurance company will pay your settlement. Venues like theme parks, schools, universities, indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, recreation operators and gyms have public liability insurance coverage and are expected to maintain specific safety standards. When something goes wrong, their insurance policy provides them with financial protection, which is also the source of your due legal entitlements.

Large insurance companies will try to minimise or reject your claim, mainly if your injuries are severe. Fortunately, Splatt Lawyers have been negotiating with all the well-known Queensland insurers for many years. We know how to construct a compelling legal case to deliver your desired outcome.

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How do I know who is liable for my sporting or recreational injury?

Negligent personal trainers, venue owners, schools, universities, coaches, drivers, equipment manufacturers, and other participants could be responsible for your sporting or recreational injury. Some common liability situations include:

  • The conditions causing your injury are outside the level of average risk you assume when participating.
  • Your coach or instructor’s negligence caused your harm
  • The neglect of the venue owner or operator
  • Faulty equipment was to blame
  • The place where you played was in an unsafe condition
  • The operator or owner of the facility did not have sufficient safety measures in place

Knowing who is the responsible party and linking their legal liability to your physical or psychological damage is a crucial component of having a successful compensation claim for a sporting or recreation accident. This process can be complex and best facilitated by a skilled injury lawyer. Get the legal help you need from Splatt Lawyers. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

How Splatt Lawyers help with recreational and sporting injury compensation

Splatt Lawyers has been assisting people with various personal injury claims following an unexpected sporting or recreational accident for nearly three decades. However you have been injured, we can help you know your recommended next steps for negligence compensation. Some of our previous types of legal matters include:


  1. School and University recreational accidents – Whether indoors or outdoors, individual and team sporting activities can be hazardous, particularly on unsafe surfaces or with broken equipment. Facility owners and operators must provide safe equipment and environment.
  2. Theme Park accident compensation claims – All recreational facilities have a legal duty of care. Theme Park operators can be liable for injuries caused by defective equipment, lack of supervision or the action or inaction of other attendees.
  3. Excursion and tour accident injury claims – The operator must provide a reasonably safe and secure environment if you have paid to attend an excursion or tour, whether inside, outside, walking, running, or on a train or bus.
  4. Gym & personal trainer injury compensation claims – Even if you signed a liability waiver or disclaimer when you joined a fitness centre or hired a PT, you are still owed a duty of care. Negligent coaching, faulty equipment and inadequate care and supervision can cause physical and psychological harm.
  5. Light aircraft and hot air balloon injury claims – When you pay to ride in a hot air balloon or an ultralight aeroplane, you expect to be safe. Hazards arise when the balloon or aircraft has faults when the pilot makes an error, from dangerous weather conditions or a bad landing. Signing a release form cannot rescind your legal rights.
  6. Recreational horse-riding accidents – Paying for horse riding is a popular activity that should not cause injury. Operators must take reasonable care to ensure your safety. Hazards arise due to poor supervision, putting you on a dangerous animal, or faulty riding equipment.
  7. Paid Boat, Jet ski and water-skiing accident claims – Queensland has some stunning waterways, so recreational water activities abound. Boat, jet ski and water skiing involve high speed on unpredictable surfaces, causing dangerous conditions. Boat operators, jet & water ski facilitators and all other paid water sports can be the negligent party when guilty of lack of care.
  8. Recreational scuba-diving injury compensation – paying for scuba diving lessons or a diving excursion should not risk your safety. All dive operators have a legal duty of care. Damaged dive equipment, inadequate oversight, operating in unsafe conditions, and failing to provide you with sufficient risk warnings are all potentially negligent behaviour.

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There are inherent risks in any physical activity. However, not all sporting and recreation accidents lead to hospital admission. Some physical damage is minor, sprains being the most common. However, others can lead to longer-term consequences, including time off work and expensive rehabilitation costs. The frequent types of sports injuries leading to a hospital stay include:

Of these, the most concerning is an impact on the head or spine. Even a single blow to your skull can have severe consequences later in life. However you were physically impacted, you should know your legal rights when the unexpected happens. Contact our friendly team now for expert legal advice.

  1. Road and transport accidents – driving to or from the venue or during participation. Cycling accidents are the most common.
  2. Falls on a level surface
  3. Falls involving an object
  4. Excessive physical exertion – you push too hard and are injured
  5. Collision with another person
  6. Sporting equipment accidents
  7. Falls involving another person

If you have been a sporting accident victim, and your harm was totally or partially the fault of another party, you could be owed fair compensation for your damage and suffering. Contact our friendly accident claim lawyers now to understand your options. It’s free to know your circumstances and your opportunity to claim.

There is no doubt that Queenslanders love the outdoors. So, it is unsurprising that many of our favourite physical pastimes happen outside. The most popular are:

  1. Recreational walking
  2. Gym and fitness
  3. Running and jogging
  4. Swimming
  5. Cycling
  6. Climbing and Bushwalking
  7. Racquet sports
  8. Footy and Soccer
  9. Golf
  10. Boxing, Martial arts and other combative sports
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Recreational and Sporting Accident Compensation FAQs

All physical activities have some inherent risks. This is the risk of something happening that can’t be evaded using reasonable care and skill. For example, if you play a sport using a ball, at some time, you are likely to be hit by the ball. A defendant cannot be held liable in this situation. Understanding who and if someone is at fault is complex, and you should ask an experienced injury claim lawyer for advice.

Public Liability Insurance protects venue operators and organisations like sporting clubs from personal injury claims brought against them by the general public. This includes injuries sustained while playing sports and attending events organised by the organisation.

The policy covers medical expenses associated with the injury, the cost of replacing damaged property, and the legal fees incurred.

For example, say you go to watch a football match and sustain an injury due to someone else’s duty of care failure. This is where public liability insurance gets involved. It pays out money to help cover the costs of any injury suffered by members of the public.

To get the legal outcome you deserve, you need a lawyer or solicitor who has successfully litigated personal injury claims. They will assist you with the following:

  1. Investigate your accident to determine who was the negligent party. Sometimes there are multiple responsible entities.
  2. Determine your eligibility to claim – you could have more than one
  3. Negotiate your best settlement, taking into account the extent of your loss

If a defective playing surface harms you, like a hole in a football field or a slippery basketball court, you could have a claim under public liability law. Sporting venue owners and operators are legally obliged to provide reasonable care for your safety while using their facilities. You would make your claim against the public liability insurance of the business or venue owner. This includes publically owned facilities like schools, colleges, universities and council-owned sporting locations.

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