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Knowing what you can claim and how much your TPD Payout is worth is crucial when accessing all your disability insurance benefits. Use our Fast TPD Calculator to know your claim worth, or get a quick free accurate review by Phone – 1800 700 125 Email Us your details or book a free appointment

(Disclaimer – online claim values are a guide. For an accurate estimate, please contact us)

What is the Average Payout for a TPD Claim in Australia?

How much you receive for a TPD payout varies considerably. A TPD benefit’s average lump sum payout in Australia is about $150,000. However, a significant variation in claim value ranges from $60,000 to $2,000,000.

Additionally, you may be eligible for multiple claims if you contributed to more than one superannuation fund during your work life.

Calculating Your TPD Claim Payout

The value of TPD insurance claims varies depending on your circumstances, so calculating the average benefit for TPD payouts can be difficult. But, annually, there are over 150,000 Australian total and permanent disability claims, with the funds typically deposited into a person’s superannuation account.

To know your eligibility and more about the process, contact our TPD Experts for a free case review. Our experienced insurance claim lawyers will assess your case and let you know:

  • If you have one or more TPD claims
  • Your chance of winning
  • An estimated payout value

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What is my TPD claim worth?

Our 99% TPD Payout Success Rate

It’s reassuring to know that when you choose Splatt Lawyers to manage your TPD insurance claim, you are selecting Australian superannuation & insurance lawyers with a solid success rate for claiming TPD payouts. Due to the extensive experience & knowledge of our intelligent and focused legal team, you will have peace of mind knowing you have a 99% chance of getting your desired TPD benefit payment.

TPD Claim Payouts – No Win, No Fee, No Risk

Splatt Lawyers offer 100% No Win, No Fee, No Risk legal financing to all Australians seeking a TPD claim payout. When you sign our legal cost agreement, you will see that:

Unlike other major insurance claim law firms, we will not ask you to agree to an expensive disbursement loan. Splatt Lawyers fund all your disbursement costs, including if you lose your case.

Feel confident knowing:

Our legal fees are capped.

We do not charge uplift or success fees.

Legal costs are calculated on work hours, not a percentage of your payout.

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Speedy Insurance and TPD Claim Payouts

It may be difficult to manage finances if you cannot work due to an injury, accident, or psychiatric illness. Splatt Lawyers are experienced in Superannuation, Insurance and TPD Claims to assist you in returning to everyday life. Our fast-track claim service streamlines the legal process, so you get a faster TPD claim payout. Ask us how we do it – Call 1800 700 125 →

Expert Lawyers for Superannuation, Insurance & TPD Claims

Splatt Lawyers are renowned Super and Insurance claim lawyers in Australia and have successfully handled thousands of claims similar to yours. We strive to provide you with ongoing support and updates regarding your case while we work to secure the best possible outcome from your Super fund and insurance provider. Rely on our years of legal expertise to give you the insurance payout you deserve – it’s your win guarantee. Join the many Australians who choose Splatt Lawyers to manage their legal claim – find out why.

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