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Injured at work on the Gold Coast and unsure what to do next? Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers offer expert personal injury legal advice when you have a work-related accident or illness and can make a QLD WorkCover claim.

Choose Splatt Lawyers as your best Gold Coast compensation lawyers when you want a successful outcome. Our work injury legal team will guide you through the claims process and help you understand your legal rights on a 100% No Win, No Fee basis. Pay when you win and zero if you lose. Call now for free initial advice – 1800 700 125.

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Your Right to Claim Compensation for Workplace Injuries

All Queensland employers owe a general duty of care to take reasonable steps to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. When they fail this obligation, and an employee acquires a new illness or injury or worsens an existing medical condition, legislation protects your right to claim fair compensation, including:

  • Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002
  • Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
  • Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994
  • Civil Liability Act 2003

It’s complex to know which laws apply to your case and that you claim all your due entitlements. Thankfully, the Splatt Lawyers Gold Coast team will advise your rights free of charge.

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Our expert personal injury lawyers can guide you through the legal process to a better tomorrow.

Work Accident Compensation Legal Services

Knowing the type of workers’ compensation claim you might file while navigating personal injury law is difficult for an injured person. Thankfully, our Gold Coast workers’ compensation lawyers advise on the best legal strategy for accessing all your due entitlements.

QLD WorkCover Claim

WorkCover QLD is a statutory body of the QLD government and the primary workplace accident insurer. Anyone who sustains a work-related injury can file a claim for WorkCover compensation and receive benefits like weekly income payments, medical costs, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs. Furthermore, eligibility does not rely on proving fault (as with common law claims); hence, you do not need to prove who was to blame for your harm.

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You could sue for common law damages if your employer’s negligence caused your physical or mental harm. When successful, an insurance company generally funds your lump sum compensation payout. Furthermore, common law compensation payments are frequently higher than under a statutory benefits scheme.

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Permanent Impairment Payout

Toward the end of the workers’ compensation process, you can have a WPI assessment and, subsequently, a lump sum offer (depending on your degree of impairment). If your condition has an impairment rating of 20% (or higher) you can receive an impairment payment and make a common law claim. However, if below 20%, accepting an impairment payout means you cannot sue for damages. Your best choice is to speak with a work accident lawyer to understand how to make the most of your circumstances – It’s Free – Call 1800 700 125

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You can claim a Total and Permanent Disability insurance payout when your physical injury or mental disorder stops you from working in your usual occupation (or one for which you are educated or trained). Your illness or injury does not need to be work-related, and how you were harmed makes no difference. TPD compensation can be significant, yet many injured workers are unaware they have TPD insurance benefits and how much they are worth.

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Can I Make a Workers' Compensation Claim?

You might ask yourself, ‘Can I claim workers’ compensation on the Gold Coast?’ The good news is that you could make a WorkCover claim when you have a workplace injury with a Queensland employer (or a business with a QLD head office), regardless of whether you are a casual, permanent, part-time or full-time employee. Furthermore, some self-employed injured persons and sub-contractors have eligibility.

Gold Coast workers can claim compensation even when they are not harmed at their workplace. Claimable situations include the following:

  • Workplace accidents while on a break
  • Injured while travelling to or from work
  • Hurt while travelling for work-related purposes
  • Injured at a function, work event or conference

In the case of a fatality at work, the surviving loved ones and dependents are covered by QLD personal injury laws and are eligible to seek compensation. Whatever your circumstances, please seek legal advice from our Gold Coast lawyers to comprehend your rights and entitlements.

What is my claim worth?

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How Much Compensation for a Workplace Injury?

When you have a winning claim, workers’ compensation covers reasonable expenses and pays weekly statutory benefits and a lump sum payout for permanent impairment and common law damages. How much you receive relies on several factors, including:

  • The number and type of injuries and their severity
  • How much your medical condition impacts your ability to work
  • The extent of your financial loss
  • Your age and current income level

While recovering from your workplace injury or illness, you could receive fair compensation including:

  • Lost wages and superannuation
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Treatment-associated travel expenses
  • Loss of enjoyment of life (pain and suffering)
  • Funeral expenses

Please ask our experienced work accident lawyers for an estimated payout amount when you contact us for your free case review.

Why Choose Splatt as Your Compensation Lawyers Gold Coast?

100% No Win No Fee

All Gold Coast no win, no fee lawyers are not the same. Splatt Lawyers does more by funding the cost of your medical reports and expert assessments (disbursement costs) until you achieve a winning payout. Our No Pay legal funding arrangement means you pay legal fees when you win and zero legal costs if you lose. This is the Splatt Lawyers No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee. Learn more about how it works when you contact us for your free claim review. Call Now- 1800 700 125

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When selecting your best compensation lawyers, you should consider the following:

  • A proven track record in handling workers’ compensation claims
  • Substantial expertise in personal injury law
  • Expert knowledge of workers’ compensation regulations and procedures.

When choosing Splatt Lawyers Gold Coast for your work injury common law claim, you can trust our three decades of legal expertise and our 99% success rate for out-of-court settlements.

When you want the best personal injury lawyers on the Gold Coast, look for a Queensland Accredited Specialist. If you had a complex medical condition, you would visit a specialist doctor, and it’s a similar situation when seeking the best legal outcome. The Queensland Law Society has recognised Accredited Personal Injury Specialist Lawyers as having substantial expertise in compensation law. Thankfully, Kerry Splatt, the principal of Splatt Lawyers, is one such legal practitioner. Choosing our Gold Coast law firm means your case is in safe hands.

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Types of Workplace Personal Injury Claims

The Queensland workers’ compensation scheme generally covers physical and psychological injuries and work-related illnesses. Comprehending what each category includes is critical to preparing for a successful claim.

Physical Injuries

A long list of work-sustained physical injuries are eligible for personal injury claims, statutory benefits and lump sum compensation, including (but not limited to)

When harmed, please lodge a prompt accident report with your employer and seek medical attention for mild and serious injuries to ensure your well-being and strengthen your case. Consult with experienced personal injury lawyers for help with personal injury law procedures to ensure you receive your deserved benefits.

Psychological trauma and emotional distress are also covered by workers’ compensation, including stress-related conditions like depression and anxiety. In fact, any recognised mental illness could be eligible for a statutory benefits claim and lump sum payment.

Just like with physical injuries, seeking medical attention and reporting the psychological trauma to your boss as soon as possible is crucial. Please also collate all relevant documentation, like medical records and witness statements, to support your claim and improve your chance of receiving compensation.

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Work-related illnesses are also eligible for compensation for new ailments and worsening pre-existing conditions. Common ailments include asthma, asbestosis, silicosis, or pre-existing and other respiratory diseases. To have an approved claim, your illness or medical condition must be acquired by work-related activities and diagnosed by a medical professional.

Similar to the other types of compensation claims, it’s important to gather all the relevant documents, witness statements, and medical records to support your claim. Moreover, consulting with a workers’ compensation lawyer can help ensure your claim is processed smoothly and efficiently.

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Common Challenges for Workers Compensation Claims

While the process for filing a workers’ compensation claim may seem simple, you can run into some common roadblocks, including contested liability, lack of evidence, and strict time limits.

Disputed Liability

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The Limitation of Actions Act 1974 (Qld) establishes a general three-year limitation period for personal injury litigation. Hence, time limits apply for those seeking workers’ compensation for a workplace illness or injury. Following are the time constraints from the accident date or time of diagnosis.

  • QLD WorkCover claims – lodge your case within 6 months of the accident date or injury diagnosis. Note – Your employer has eight days to report any work-related injuries to QLD WorkCover; however, their reporting does not trigger your legal process.

  • Common Law Claims – Damages can be pursued according to the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (Qld) within three years of the accident or injury date.

In some rare circumstances, you can be granted an extended limitation period. But, to prevent exclusion from seeking fair compensation, it’s crucial to take swift action and seek advice from workplace compensation lawyers regarding your deadlines. Splatt Lawyers Gold Coast charge nothing to advise your time frames.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Gold Coast Help With Workers' Compensation

It is not easy to successfully seek compensation for workplace personal injuries. Often, insurance companies try to reduce or deny your entitlements to protect their bottom line. Having the best legal outcome generally relies on effective legal representation from the best personal injury lawyers.

If you want a premium outcome, contact the skilled work accident lawyers at Splatt Lawyers. They have supported the rights of injured workers in the Gold Coast community for almost three decades on a 100% No Win, No Fee basis. Find out how they can help you. Call Now – 1800 700 125

How to Make a QLD Workers Compensation Claim

For most work accident cases, there are five steps to a successful workers compensation payout including:

Report the Work Incident

The first step in the personal injury claim process is promptly reporting the injury to your employer. This kick-starts workers’ compensation claim procedures and provides essential supporting documentation.

Get Medical Treatment

Please see a doctor, GP or specialist for immediate medical care to manage your condition and start recovery. Even if you think you have a mild injury, getting prompt treatment helps protect your rights in a workers' compensation claim.

Seek Legal Advice

The steps you take early in your case will influence your result. So ask an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands the claim process and how to get the best possible outcome.

Lodge a WorkCover Claim

Your next step is to submit a Notice of Claim to WorkCover Queensland, who will investigate the case.

Receive Benefits or a Payout

You will receive benefits, including medical costs, weekly income, and rehab support when you have an approved claim. Additionally, you will get a lump sum settlement for successful permanent impairment and common law claims.

Timeline of a QLD Workers Compensation Claim
Timeline of a QLD Workers Compensation Claim

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Gold Coast WorkCover Claim FAQs

You have three years from the accident or injury diagnosis date to make a claim for compensation in most cases. For WorkCover claims, you have six months to lodge your case.

According to the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003, your workers’ compensation payments can continue for up to five years or until you reach the maximum amount of compensation. Generally, your level of physical or mental harm and your recovery time will determine how long you receive benefits.

In Queensland, workers’ compensation covers medical costs and lost income for employees who have suffered workplace injuries, either on the job or during work-related activities. Injured persons can also have a potential common law claim for a lump sum payment. Insurance cover is provided by WorkCover QLD, except for self-insurer employers.

Typically, a WorkCover claim in Queensland takes up to 20 business days to process. However, depending on the complexity of the injury or illness, this timeframe may be extended if additional information is needed.

Our local law firm supports people who are facing challenges at work such as:

We can assist with a wide range of WorkCover matters. Contact our team now for immediate legal assistance.

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