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Our expert pedestrian accident compensation lawyers help with legal advice for personal injury claims when you are injured while jogging, walking on a footpath, bike path, road or even sitting in a public space. Being the injured party in a pedestrian accident is traumatic for you and your loved ones.

Thankfully, you could have the legal right to claim accident compensation when injured while using a footpath, road, or public space. Splatt Lawyers’ personal injury solicitors have supported Queenslanders harmed in pedestrian incidents for over 28 years. Knowing your legal options is free, so contact our car accident lawyers for your comprehensive claim review.

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Claiming Compensation for Queensland Pedestrian Injuries

In Queensland, your right to claim compensation for a pedestrian accident is regulated by the Motor Accident Compensation Act 1994 (the Act). As per Section 109 of the Act, an application for a compensation claim can be filed before a Court of competent jurisdiction within three years either from the:

  • Date of the injury or accident; or
  • Date of death of a person where the injury resulted in death.

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What is my accident claim worth?

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What is my Pedestrian Injury Compensation Claim Worth?

Calculating your pedestrian injury claim value relies on how much your physical or psychiatric injury has altered your daily life. These calculations consider the following factors when determining what your claim is worth:

  • How severe are your injuries
  • How challenging is it to establish the liable party
  • Your loss of enjoyment of life (pain and suffering)
  • If you have more than one pedestrian injury claim – e.g. common law, TPD claim, public liability claim or CTP insurance claim.
  • The length of time you had off work
  • The value of your out-of-pocket expenses
  • How much medical care you need to recover
  • If your injury is short or long-term, semi-permanent or permanent

Compensation Heads of Damages

You will need compelling and irrefutable evidence to support your case, and an established personal injury law firm will guide you through this process. Your claimable compensation elements (Heads of Damages) can include the following: 

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If you are hit by a car or any other motor vehicle, please contact our expert pedestrian accident lawyers to understand the personal injury claims you could make and the approximate value of your compensation payout. Your free initial legal consultation will help you know what you might expect and your chance of success. Call 1800 700 125.

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100% No Win, No Fee Pedestrian Accident Claims

I have heard of No Win, No Pay, but what is 100% No Win, No Fee?

If a pedestrian accident has caused you harm because of another person’s negligence, you might worry about the cost of hiring a skilled personal injury solicitor. We understand the cost of protecting your rights through effective legal representation may be beyond your means. You’ll be happy to know that you will have no financial risk when you use Splatt Lawyers for your case. Our No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee means that:

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Time Limits for Pedestrian Accident Claims.

You should seek informed legal advice immediately if you have a pedestrian accident claim. Please know that there are several deadlines for lodging personal injury claims. The Queensland Limitations of Actions Act 1974 specifies that legal proceedings must commence within three years of your accident date. However, there are other time limits for compensation cases.

Failure to comply often means losing your entitlement to restitution. Generally, early legal intervention will enhance your outcome. The steps you take following your incident will impact the strength of your case. So, your best choice is to ask a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer for advice on collating robust evidence so you can access all your entitlements.

Can I Seek Pedestrian Accident Injury Compensation?

You could be eligible for compensation if you have been harmed as a pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident on Queensland roads. If the negligent party leaves the scene and you don’t have their details, you could file a claim against the nominal defendant. This is known as a hit-and-run claim. 

Please get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to know your rights if you think you might have a case. It’s free to be sure. Call Now – 1800 700125.

Who Funds My Pedestrian Compensation Payout?

All Queensland Road users must have compulsory third-party insurance. Four top insurance companies support CTP insurance, which is present in all motor vehicle registrations:

  1. Allianz
  2. QBE
  3. RACQ
  4. Suncorp

When you are harmed by a traffic accident and are wholly or partially not at fault, the pedestrian victim has the legal right to compensation by the CTP insurer. Your pedestrian accident lawyer negotiates your settlement with the third-party insurer of the negligent party.

Can I Make a Claim? >

Your actions following your incident will impact the legal outcome of your compensation claim. For this reason, you must seek accurate legal advice immediately. Here are the recommended steps injured pedestrians should take:

1) Seek medical attention for pedestrian injuries

 It is evident that when you suffer physical or psychological damage, you should have a GP or specialist doctor treat your condition. Documenting your injuries is also an essential step in building your legal case.

2) Record the accident scene

 Time will fade your memory and make your version of events inaccurate. Physical evidence is far more compelling. So please take videos and photos of the accident site, including any vehicle damage and your medical injuries. Create a written record of your events, including the date and time of your road accident, traffic conditions and weather conditions, names of people involved, licence plate numbers, etc.

3) Don’t admit fault

People can admit fault in many ways, including apologising for the accident. Keep the conversation with other parties to a minimum and maintain a written record if they admit guilt or say sorry. Your lawyer will manage these conversations on your behalf.

4) Get witness statements

 Get written accounts from anyone who saw the accident. Having more than one version of events creates a stronger legal case (in most circumstances)

5) Police Report

If the police attended the scene, please get a copy of your accident report. This document may also help to establish the negligent party. If law enforcement prosecutes or fines the person who caused you harm, they are automatically liable.

6) Hire a great lawyer

Your outcome is likely to be on par with the skill and expertise of your chosen personal injury compensation lawyer. Practical legal guidance will show you the path to justice and your desired result.

1) Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

 You can suffer brain damage when a strong force strikes your head. Pedestrians are often at risk of head injuries from car accidents. Some brain impacts can be minor, while others can be catastrophic injuries.

2) Spinal cord injuries

 A forceful blow can cause your spine to dislocate or fracture. Spinal damage can transform your life in seconds because your spine is the highway for signals between your brain and your body.

3) Bone fractures

 An external impact on your body that exceeds the strength of your bones will result in a fracture. Bone breaks range from hairline cracks to complete separation. Generally, you can mend broken bones, however, there can be long-term impacts and an extended recovery time.

4) Soft tissue injuries

 Bruises, cuts, tears, abrasions, dislocations and sprains (like whiplash) are all classed as soft tissue damage. You will most likely recover from this medical condition without extensive treatment. However, the associated pain can keep you off work and impact your enjoyment of life. Permanent tissue damage and scarring are other possible outcomes.

5) Limb amputation

 When the force on your body is so aggressive it severely injures a body part, recovery may not be possible, and amputation is the only option.

6) Psychological Injuries

 Not all damage can be seen. Even when you are not severely physically damaged in a pedestrian accident, the emotional trauma can remain with you for many years. 

7) Wrongful Death

People hit by a vehicle when walking or running are particularly at risk of severe injury or death. About 14% of the road toll in Australia are pedestrian fatalities.

When a motor vehicle accident (like a hit-and-run accident) results in a fatal injury, close family members of the deceased can claim legal damages. You could be entitled to receive compensation for funeral costs and death benefits. Close family members who suffer a psychological reaction may also be eligible to make a nervous shock claim.

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Get Legal Advice for Pedestrian Accident Claims

Splatt lawyers offer expert legal advice for pedestrian accident compensation claims. We have been helping Queensland accident victims seek their due legal entitlements for nearly three decades. Our lawyers and solicitors will establish who is responsible for your harm and ensure you have a strong case for restitution.

The outcome of your injury claim relies on solid and convincing evidence. Please contact our skilled personal injury legal team to understand your legal options and how to build a winning case. It’s free to start, and there is nothing to pay until we win your claim. Call 1800 700 125.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Nearby

When the unexpected happens, and you have a Queensland or Brisbane pedestrian accident, it’s pleasing to know expert legal help is close to you. With 10 convenient locations, from Cairns to the Gold Coast, there is sure to be a skilled accident compensation lawyer near you now. Choose yours: ToowoombaLoganIpswichCabooltureBundaberg,

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Pedestrian Accident Injury Compensation FAQS

You lodge your case with the CTP insurer of the at-fault party when you claim for a pedestrian injury in Queensland. Typically, large insurance companies have teams of staff (including lawyers) whose job is to minimise or deny insurance payouts.

Our experienced pedestrian accident compensation lawyers regularly negotiate with all the leading insurers and have the legal smarts to ensure you access all your entitlements.

Every legal case is different. The time taken to settle a pedestrian accident claim depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries, how long they take to reach maximum recovery and the complexity or simplicity of your case.

Straightforward cases can resolve in 6 months, while catastrophic injury claims can take several years. Ask our compensation lawyers for a settlement estimate when you contact us for your free case assessment.

Our personal injury lawyers work on a 100% no win, no fee basis. This funding means you owe us nothing until you receive a lump sum compensation for your pedestrian accident claim. Rest assured; we explore every legal avenue to ensure you access all your entitlements. Our No Pay policy means you have no financial risk for your case. If you lose, you pay nothing.

Strict time limits apply when claiming lump sum compensation for an accident injury in Queensland. Generally, you have three years from the date of your accident to commence legal action. Minors have three years from the date of their 18th birthday. There are other time-related rules, e.g. when you can’t identify the owner of the other accident vehicle, your time constraint is reduced considerably. Your best course of action is to get immediate legal advice.

If you are a pedestrian injured in a hit-and-run accident, for example, on a pedestrian crossing, your claim will likely be against the nominal defendant.

Generally, a pedestrian injured by an unidentified car or motor vehicle is covered by the QLD CTP insurance scheme and hence, can lodge a pedestrian accident compensation claim with the statutory body. This type of compensation claim has a short lodgement time frame, so please contact our personal injury lawyers immediately if this is your situation.

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