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Burn injuries can be life-changing. Whether you have been injured in a fire or exposed to chemicals, at work, in a road or traffic accident or in a public place, you may be eligible to make a burn injury compensation claim. Most people think that burns are caused primarily by excessive heat. Still, you can also suffer burns from electrical shock, extreme cold, scorching steam and vapours, excessive sunlight, friction, and radiation.

Splatt Lawyers have extensive legal knowledge in burns injury compensation claims. Our team has supported Queenslanders harmed in severe accidents for nearly three decades. All our personal injury legal services are 100% No Win, No Fee. You pay nothing to start your case and no legal costs until we win your settlement. Contact our friendly injury solicitors for your complimentary legal review. Call Now – 1800 860 777 or email us >

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Compensation for Burn Injuries

People often underestimate burns and burn-related injuries. They can be serious, sometimes leading to years of medical therapy. If your injuries occurred because of an accident that wasn’t your fault, then there’s a good chance that you may be eligible for burn injuries compensation.

When someone else is negligent and causes you harm, they are responsible for causing your damage, regardless of whether it is your employer, council, a road user or a property owner. Holding people accountable for their actions makes it less likely to happen to someone else.

Burn Injury Insurance Claims

Burn injuries can be agonising and require medical attention, so you shouldn’t worry about additional costs. If the actions or inaction of another person or party has resulted in you having a burn injury, you can lodge a claim against their insurer.

In most cases, your compensation is funded by an insurance company. Our legal team will explain more about who is liable to fund your burn damages payout when you contact us for your free case review. Call Now – 1800 700 125

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How Much Do I Get for Burn Injury Compensation?

How much compensation you receive for a burn injury relies on your unique circumstances. Every legal claim is different, but two key factors remain the same and determine the value of your damages payout include:

  1. The severity of your injuries
  2. How much it has changed your life

When calculating legal damages, several components are considered including:

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Guide to Burns Personal Injury Claims

Splatt Lawyers seek to provide informed legal advice regarding personal injury claims to people harmed by burns. Our team will stand by you through the claims process so you can achieve justice. The information below guides the workings of burns injury compensation and what you might expect.

What is a Burn Injury Claim?

Burn injuries range from severe to mild and life-threatening. Every year, about 50,000 people in Australia are admitted to a hospital with a burns wound. More than 2,000 of those people need specialist treatment in a burns unit. 

Burns can range from minor skin damage to severe burns that may need specialised medical treatment. You might be entitled to compensation if you’ve experienced any burn injury due to someone else’s negligence.

There are several considerations when seeking compensation for burns:

  • How severe is your injury
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your financial loss
  • Damage to your enjoyment of life

Why claim compensation for a burn injury?

Burn injuries are debilitating and often prevent you from working. You will need money to support yourself and your loved ones during this challenging time. Including paying your treatment costs and the additional help, you need to function day-to-day.

Road Accident Burn Injuries

You could be eligible for compensation if you meet specific criteria when you’ve been harmed in a road or vehicle accident, whether as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist. Burns caused by car crashes can happen if a fire is inside the car or the by-product of an explosion. Car fires can be hazardous, and the burn injuries they cause can be extensive.

Burn Accidents at Work

All Queensland workers have a legal right to a safe and healthy workplace, but occupational accidents still happen. Employers can breach even the best safety practices. Your work-related burn injuries can range from a minor scald to a severe burn, particularly if your job entails working with flammable liquids and other chemical compounds. Burns at work can mean long recovery periods for which you may receive workers' compensation. You could also be entitled to make a common law claim, where you seek damages from your employers' insurance company.

Burns in a Public Place

There are many situations in which you could suffer a burn in a public place, on private property, on council or government-owned property. In all these situations, the negligent party will hold public liability insurance which covers them when things go wrong. For example, you could have dinner in a restaurant, and someone is cooking food at your table. The unthinkable happens, and hot liquid or oil burns your skin.

Contact Splatt Lawyers to understand your legal rights for whatever harm you have suffered. It costs nothing, to be sure. Call 1800 700 125 – It’s free to start your case.

Wrongful Death

Your grief can seem impossible when someone close to you dies because of a burn or smoke inhalation. Your emotions are heightened knowing their demise was due to circumstances outside their control. You could claim wrongful death if you have lost a loved one in an avoidable accident caused by negligence.

Nervous Shock Claims

Burn injuries are often more than physical. Being seriously harmed in a fire, chemical exposure, electric shock or excessive heat or cold can leave you with more than a bodily injury; it can also cause psychiatric damage. If someone close to you witnesses your accident or the scene of the incident soon after and acquires a known psychological disorder, they can be eligible to claim nervous shock. Section 30 of the Civil Liability Act 2002 outlines the capacity to seek damages for pure mental harm.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Claim

Sometimes burns are so severe they can stop you from working again in your usual occupation. Regardless of how you acquired your injury, if you cannot work anymore because of your condition, you could make a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim. TPD payouts can be considerable and generally paid into your superannuation account as a lump sum. Please speak with our insurance claim legal team to know how you could be assessed as TPD and claim your benefits.

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What To Do If I Have Suffered a Burn Injury?

If you have suffered a scald or burn injury, you should

1) Seek medical attention – early wound treatment can enhance your chances of recovery. Your burns can be more severe than you think, and you may not realise the full impact until hours later. Ensure your doctor keeps records of your condition and how it is treated. Your lawyer will need this information for your legal case.

2) Contact witnesses – witnesses can help substantiate your version of events. Witness statements will strengthen your case

3) Document your version of events – please focus on your healing, but when you are ready, you must detail the circumstances leading to your accident. Including the date, time, who was present etc. Ask someone else to note this for you if you are unable to do this.

4) Keep records of your expenditure – expenses related to your incident form part of your compensation. These are called special damages. Retain receipts and other documents.

How Our Burn Injury Claim Lawyers Help

When you are harmed because someone has failed their duty of care, you might have a burn injury lawsuit against the insurer of the negligent party. The skilled legal team at Splatt Lawyers provides informed advice to help you claim legal damages for your loss. Rely on our personal injury solicitors to get you back on track at a difficult time. Contact us now for your free case review. Starting is free; you pay nothing until we win your compensation settlement. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

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Burn Injury Compensation FAQs

1) First-degree burns – superficial

2) Second-degree burns – secondary

3) Third-degree burns – full thickness

4) Fourth-degree burns

Common types of burns include:

  • Smoke inhalation
  • Thermal burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Friction burns

Our law firm’s experienced solicitors and solicitors are led by Kerry Splatt, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law – validated by the Queensland Law Society. When you work with Splatt Lawyers, our team of expert personal injury solicitors supports your legal case so you get the results you desire.

As with any injury claim, the value of your case relies on your unique situation. A fourth-degree burn is worth more than a first-degree burn. Compensation is calculated based on the impact of your physical or mental harm on your life. Our burn injury lawyers will provide a claim estimate when you contact us for your free case review.

Burn injuries can have multiple outcomes both for you and your loved ones. You could have several legal matters depending on how you acquired your medical condition and your physical and mental impact. For example, include a common law claim (sue for damages), a workers’ compensation claim (for time off work), a nervous shock claim (for psychological harm), or a Super TPD claim because you can no longer work. It’s free to know your legal options with Splatt Lawyers.

The nature of your injury and how you acquired your burns damage determine your eligibility to make a claim. If you were damaged by another person or party’s total or partial negligence, you might have a case. You could still have a successful case even if you partially contributed to your accident. Please get in touch with our expert personal injury lawyers for a free review of your matter to understand your legal options and your right to seek justice.

In Queensland, there are strict limits for all injury compensation claims. Early intervention can also lead to a more decisive outcome in some cases. Your best action is to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.

The party responsible for paying your compensation is decided by where your accident happened. If you were harmed in a car accident, the CTP insurer of the negligent party funds your payout. For occupational burn injuries, your employers’ insurer is usually WorkCover in Queensland. For accidents in a public place, it will be the public liability insurer of the premises where you were harmed. Sometimes, this will be the insurance company providing coverage to your local council.

Splatt lawyers have been helping injured Queenslanders access all their legal entitlements for nearly three decades. Running common law cases for injury damages is complex and requires skill and expertise. Having an experienced solicitor manage your case means we take on the stress and hassle of your legal matter so you can focus on getting back on track. Please use our 100% no win, no fee service, so you only pay costs when you win. Our No Pay funding means you carry no risk for your case.

Splatt Lawyers have a 99% success rate for not taking compensation matters to court. Most cases settle by mediation. We would not proceed to court unless you instructed us to do so. Court action can be risky, and costs could exceed the value of your payout.

Contact our expert solicitors. At your free case review, our team will explain your legal rights and options to pursue legal damages for negligence. When you agree to proceed, your lawyer will present your legal cost agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of our no win, no fee policy. You will know that there is nothing to pay until we win your case and that you owe nothing if we lose. Once you sign your contract, we will immediately start work on your matter.

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