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Our experienced Brisbane workplace injury lawyers help when you are injured at work and have an eligible QLD workers’ compensation claim. Get immediate support with legal advice for:

Splatt Lawyer’s skilled workers’ compensation lawyers provide effective legal representation for injured workers in Brisbane and Queensland-wide on a 100% No Win, No Fee basis. It’s free to start, and you pay nothing until we win your case. Call Now – 1800 700 125, or email us >

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Workplace Injury Lawyers Brisbane and QLD Wide

In most cases, WorkCover is the Queensland workers’ compensation insurer for workplace injuries. The workplace injury claim process for work-related accidents can be stressful and overwhelming.

At Splatt Lawyers, our experienced Brisbane solicitors have expertise in handling workplace injury claims. For more than 28 years, we have supported injured Queensland workers to get their lives back on track. Let our workers’ compensation team guide you through the complex legal process.

Contact us now for your free case review. Our compensation lawyers will assess your case, explain your rights, and help you claim your due entitlements.

Helpful WorkCover Lawyers

A Splatt workers compensation lawyer will guide you through the claim process to a better tomorrow.

Workers Compensation Claim Legal Services

Anyone suffering a mild or serious workplace injury or illness can claim workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of who was responsible. Generally, there is no requirement to prove who was at fault. You must lodge your claim within six months of your injury date to be eligible, and once approved, you will receive weekly payments and other financial support.

You can seek common law compensation when your employer’s negligence caused your mental or physical harm. In this case, you are suing your employer for legal damages. An insurance company will fund your lump sum payout (in most cases). A claim for damages often leads to higher compensation than the statutory benefits scheme.

Permanent Impairment Payouts

You could receive a Notice of Assessment with a lump sum offer when your injuries are stable. Most people can accept this payout and make a common law claim (if eligible). You should always seek legal advice before you accept a permanent impairment offer. You must understand your options so you don’t reduce your entitlements.

When your psychological or physical injury stops you from working in your usual occupation (or one for which you are trained), you can claim your Total and Permanent Disability benefits. It does not matter how you were harmed. Many injured workers have no idea they can access their TPD insurance benefits, and TPD payouts can be substantial.

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  2. You could make other types of claims, e.g. common law claims, whole-person impairment, and Total and Permanent Disability claims.
  3. The estimated value of workers’ compensation payments
  4. Your opportunity to succeed
  5. Your best course of action
  6. Your next steps to proving legal liability

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What is my work injury claim value?

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How Much is My Workers Compensation Claim Worth?

You could be eligible to make several legal claims when you have suffered a loss due to your employer’s duty of care failure. The value of your compensation depends on the nature of your work-related injury, its severity, and its impact on your life. Expert evidence is the key to proving your loss.

While you are recuperating from your work injury or illness, the range of compensation benefits available to you can include the following:

  • Lost income and superannuation
  • Reasonable medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Travel costs associated with your claim
  • Lump-sum permanent impairment
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Death benefits and Burial costs

Your work situation can quickly become stressful and debilitating when something goes wrong.

If you have been injured at work or acquired an illness or psychological injury, our worker’s compensation lawyers will help you claim compensation for your loss.

The weekly payments and other benefits you receive from WorkCover Queensland help support your recovery. Splatt Lawyers will guide you through this challenging time and minimise the stress or anxiety you might otherwise experience.

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100% No Win No Fee Workplace Injury Compensation

If you are not working, we understand your funds may be limited. So, unlike other compensation law firms, Splatt Lawyers is 100% No Win, No Fee. Due to our fee policy, you will not be out of pocket for legal costs or expenses until we win your case. The Splatt Lawyers No-Risk Guarantee means the following:

Get immediate legal help to access your WorkCover compensation benefits. Our experienced workers’ compensation solicitors have been helping injured workers succeed during difficult times for nearly three decades.  Contact us now for expert advice – it costs nothing to understand your legal rights.

Workers Comp Personal Injury Accredited Specialists

Our skilled workers’ comp legal team work with the expert guidance of Kerry Splatt. Kerry has been a Queensland Accredited Specialist in Personal Injuries Law for many years. The Queensland Law Society awards this rare accreditation to personal injury lawyers with outstanding legal expertise in personal injury law.

When you choose our experienced workers compensation lawyers to manage your Brisbane or QLD WorkCover case, you will have peace of mind knowing our workplace solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the results you seek.

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Can I Claim Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you’re injured at a Queensland workplace or working for a company with its head office in Queensland, you can make a workers’ compensation claim. Whether you are a full-time or part-time casual or permanent worker doesn’t matter; some subcontractors are also eligible. Furthermore, both physical and psychological injuries are eligible for injury compensation.

You can still seek benefits even when you are not harmed at your workplace. Injuries covered include:

Dependents and loved ones of someone who is a casualty of a work-related accident can also receive a lump sum compensation payout.

More about fatal accident claims >

What is the QLD Workers’ Compensation Scheme?

Under Queensland workers’ compensation law, employers must compensate their employees for lost wages and medical costs resulting from work-related injuries. WorkCover Queensland is the primary supplier of accident insurance for workplace injuries, except for self-insured entities.

More about WorkCover Claims >

Strict Time Limits for QLD Work Injury Claims

For Queensland workers who have experienced a work-related illness or injury, there is a 6-month time limit for lodging a WorkCover claim. If your workplace incident is over six months old and you still need to lodge a statutory claim, contact us now for fast legal help.

Your employer has eight days to report any work-related injuries to QLD WorkCover. Please note that their reporting does not trigger your legal process, so you must lodge your case. Call now for immediate support – 1800 700 125.

About Claiming Workers’ Compensation in Queensland

In Queensland, all employers must have work injury insurance. This is mandated by The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2003. WorkCover provides this insurance in Queensland for the majority of businesses. This cover protects QLD employees if they develop a work-related illness or injury from a work accident, a work event, or, in some cases, travelling to and from their workplace.

WorkCover administers your case when you claim compensation because of a workplace accident. This legal entity funds your lost income, medical treatment or surgery costs, physiotherapy, rehab sessions, etc.

What is an Example of Work-Related Injury

Our Queensland workers’ compensation lawyers regularly advise on occupational injury matters involving:

    1. Slips, Trips and Falls
    2. Equipment & Machinery Injuries
    3. Car Accidents & Collisions
    4. Mining and Construction Injuries
    5. Manual Handling Injuries
    6. Exposure to Excessive Noise
    7. Workplace Conflict

Despite the legislative requirements for QLD & Brisbane employers to provide a safe work environment, people still experience mild to severe catastrophic injuries. Here are some of the common types injuries leading to damage claims.

    1. Muscle strains and sprains
    2. Lacerations & Cuts
    3. Deafness/Hearing Loss
    4. RSI – Repetitive Strain (overuse) Injuries
    5. Mental Health/Psychological Injuries
    6. Brain Damage
    7. Neck and Head Injuries
    8. Spine Damage
    9. Shoulder – Rotator Cuff Injury
    10. Whiplash

Assessment of Injuries by WorkCover Queensland

Your WorkCover statutory claim will continue until your medical condition is ‘stationary and stable’, meaning your symptoms are not improving or declining.

  1. First, a QLD WorkCover doctor assesses the stability of your injuries.
  2. Next, they use medical guides to assess permanent impairment and issue a report to WorkCover.
  3. When WorkCover receives this report, they will issue a “Notice of Assessment” and offer your lump-sum compensation based solely on the degree of impairment.

Understand that a Notice of Assessment offer has no correlation to damages you may receive in a common law claim. Generally, damages under common law are more significant than any other lump-sum payment offer.

Contact Splatt Lawyers for free legal advice on responding to the Notice of Assessment. Call 1800 700 125.

Steps to Take When Injured at Work

If you have been harmed at work, you should take the following steps to apply for work-related injury compensation:

Report the injury to your employer immediately.

Immediately seek medical treatment

If the doctor agrees your injury is work-related, they should provide a work capacity certifiate.

Get expert advice from specialists in workplace injury law.

Splatt Lawyers has a team of experienced workers compensation lawyers who will guide you through the complex claims process and let you know your right to compensation. Get in touch >

Workers Compensation Claim Timeline

Timeline of a QLD Workers Compensation Claim

Trusted Brisbane Workers Compensation Lawyers

The work injury claim process is complex, so accessing all your workers compensation entitlements is challenging. Having an expert legal team by your side will give you the best chance of success. Splatt Lawyers workplace injury lawyers can assist when:

  • You suffer a workplace injury or illness and don’t know what to do
  • You need assistance with an existing WorkCover claim
  • WorkCover denies your work injury damages claim
  • Your employer is trying to make you return to work
  • Your pay is wrong
  • Your employer’s insurance company is taking too long
  • Your workers compensation payments stop

The Queensland workers’ compensation scheme supports you when you need it. Get the right legal advice and learn how to access all your entitlements. Rest assured, all our legal services have a No Win, No Pay guarantee, and it’s free to understand your circumstances. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

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Queensland Workers Compensation Claims FAQs

Employers bear the responsibility for work-related accidents since they have a duty of care for the health and safety of every employee under their supervision. Because of this obligation, all Queensland employers must have workers’ compensation insurance. If you are injured at work or become ill because of your job and your employer is found liable, the employer’s insurer will usually fund your financial compensation.

Strict time limits apply for lodging a work-related injury compensation claim. If you are considering lodging a claim, contact our expert legal team immediately. Delays could jeopardise your chance of a successful outcome.

How much you will receive for your claim depends on the factors of your case. You may also be able to make two types of claims:

  1. Queensland WorkCover Claim
  2. Common Law Claim

If you can no longer work, you could also claim the TPD insurance contained within your superannuation. Please start the process by using our fast online claim tool to find out what your claim might be worth >

Injuries to employees can be divided into two categories – physical and psychological. Physical injuries include those related to manual handling, equipment failure and accidents like tripping and falling. Psychological injuries cover stress-related illnesses like depression, anxiety and burnout.

Generally, compensatable injuries include the following:

  • Manual handling: injuries sustained while lifting heavy objects
  • Equipment failure – physical damage caused by faulty machinery.
  • Accidents: harm caused by slips, trips and falls
  • Other injuries: sustained due to exposure to harmful substances or conditions.
  • Journey claims: injuries occurring during travel to or from work. They include injuries acquired in a motor vehicle accident.

If any of the above relates to your situation, contact our friendly team to learn about your legal situation.

You could be entitled to several benefits if you have acquired an injury because of your job. These benefits typically include:

  1. A weekly payment to replace lost income
  2. The cost of your medical care and related travel expenditure
  3. A lump sum compensation payout if your work injury caused permanent impairment.

Settlement from a successful common law claim seeks to restore a person’s life to where it would be had their work-related injury or illness never occurred. So, the value of your payout depends on how much your life has changed.

For example, if two different people had an identical occupational spinal injury, they would receive different amounts of common law compensation based on how much their lives had changed and the extent of their loss. Generally, the factors that influence the value of their personal injury compensation include:

  • How much do physical and psychological injuries alter their life and work capacity?
  • The extent of the losses incurred as a result of their accident
  • Other criteria are their job role, age, income level, pre-existing medical conditions, etc.

To help you understand the value of work injury common law compensation payouts in Queensland, Qcomp released the following information for 2014/2015. During this period, there were:

  • 2795 successful common law claims in Queensland
  • The average accident damages settlement was $ 250,627
  • The highest claim payout was a lump sum settlement of $ 8,382,921

Our WorkCover lawyers have been helping Queenslanders claim common law compensation for over three decades. Call now for your free claim check – 1800 700 125

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The National Injury Insurance Scheme helps people who have a catastrophic accident and suffer severe damage such as paralysis, more than one amputation, permanent loss of sight, and significant brain damage. To qualify for compensation under this statutory scheme, you do not need to prove who was at fault. When your claim is approved, you can be compensated for:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Your rehabilitation fees
  • Cost of Ambulance services
  • Drugs and medication
  • Medical aid and prosthetics
  • The cost of additional care
  • Retraining for a new occupation
  • Modifications of your car and home

When seeking compensation for a QLD work accident, ensuring you access all your due compensation entitlements can be tricky. Correct procedures are found in the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

However, Splatt Lawyer’s legal team will support you step by step so all your interests are protected and you get the best possible outcome. Be certain you make your best legal choice by contacting our personal injury lawyers now for effective legal advice. It’s free to understand your situation.

  1. Report the incident to your boss
  2. Seek medical treatment for your work injuries
  3. Ask a medical practitioner to record your harm
  4. Get free legal advice for a workplace injury lawyer
  5. Lodge a workers compensation claim

You could make a work injury claim without a workers compensation lawyer; however, there are reasons why you would choose effective legal representation.

  1. Comprehensive free claim review: It’s free to understand your legal options, claim value and your chance of a successful workers’ compensation claim.
  2. Faster results: our experienced compensation lawyers know how to get results, what needs to be lodged, and when.
  3. Experienced negotiators: The primary QLD work injury insurer (WorkCover) typically funds your settlement. A workers’ compensation lawyer regularly negotiates settlements with WorkCover, which employs their own legal team to minimise their liability.

Hence, you will likely get a better outcome by working with Splatt Lawyers, who have close to three decades of experience with successful work injury legal claims.

The Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 states that the maximum compensation for work injuries is 216.15 times the salary of a QLD adult’s full-time ordinary earnings, otherwise known as the QOTE.

The QOTE is $1,671.40 as of January 1, 2023, and the maximum statutory payout is this amount times 216.15, which equals $361,273.10.

The extent of your injuries and your recovery time will determine how long you receive workers’ compensation benefits. Still, some restrictions apply to all Queensland claims. Hence, payments under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act of 2003 can continue for a maximum of five years.

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