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People with a valid legal claim often want to know – How much does a lawyer cost? At Splatt Lawyers, we firmly believe in a fair go for all Queenslanders. We recognise that worrying about your legal fees and paying disbursement costs is the last thing you need when seeking compensation for an injury.

So, you will be pleased to learn that Splatt Lawyers provide 100% No Win, No fee funding to all our valued clients. It costs nothing to start your case, and there are no legal costs until we win your claim.

We strive to make it simple for you to achieve justice with minimal fuss. Read more about our legal fees below and what you might expect during the life of your legal matter, or call now for a free quote – 1800 700 125

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Capped Personal Injury Legal Fees

Section 347 of the Legal Profession Act in Queensland describes how a law firm may charge for its services. Kerry Splatt is one of the lawyers who was instrumental in introducing this legislation to prevent people from being overcharged by personal injury lawyers.

What is the 50/50 Rule?

Under this law (known as the 50/50 rule), your compensation lawyer can charge you a maximum of half of your net settlement. You do not need to be concerned, thinking you will be charged 50% of your payout as our fee. Only very challenging matters would reach 50% billing. However, you can relax knowing the following:

  • Your legal fees are capped.
  • We do not charge a percentage of your settlement as our fee
  • Our fees are based on the hours of work needed to win your case
  • Legal fees will be lower for simple, straightforward matters
  • Complex matters will cost more, but the settlements can be higher


We know you want certainty, so Splatt Lawyers provide Capped Pricing for all our legal services. Our upfront legal cost agreement details our capped pricing and 100% no win, no fee funding. You will know that your costs will not exceed a set figure. Let us focus on getting the outcome you want so you can concentrate on your recovery and rehabilitation.

NOTE – Unlike some other Brisbane law firms, we do not charge any additional fee (sometimes known as an uplift fee”) when we win your case.

Independent Cost Assessment

If you have not previously had a personal injury legal claim, you might wonder how a No Win, No Fee lawyer will charge your fees. Can they make up a number or charge me a percentage of my payout?

While some law firms might use questionable billing practices, at Splatt Lawyers, an external legal costing firm reviews all our files. Their job is to overview how we bill every legal matter to ensure our fees are honest and transparent. It’s our commitment to fairness for all our Queensland clients.

We Fund Your Outlays (Disbursement Costs)

Many Queensland law firms say they are No Win, No Fee, but you are still liable for your legal outlays or disbursement costs. Furthermore, some lawyers (especially the large personal injury law firms) will ask you to take out a disbursement loan at a high-interest rate to fund these costs.

At Splatt Lawyers, we fund your outlays and disbursement fees until you settle. We recover your outlay costs when you achieve a successful resolution. If you lose, you owe us nothing. Hence, outlays are only payable when you win. This is our No, Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee.

When choosing your law firm, it’s essential you know the difference between “fees” and “outlays”. Most compensation lawyers offer no win, no fee funding for your legal fees, but you still need to fund your outlays. At Splatt Lawyers, our “No Win. No Fee.” agreement excludes BOTH professional fees and outlays if your claim is unsuccessful.

What are Disbursement Fees?

Getting the best outcome for your accident compensation claim relies on the quality of your evidence. You will need expert assessments and reports that validate the extent of your physical and psychological injuries, which can cost many thousands of dollars. The fees for professional evaluations are known as disbursement costs or legal outlays. These can include:

When you are injured by an accident that was not your fault, your recovery should be your priority. But you may not have the money to pay for physiotherapy and other medical costs. When you have a valid legal claim with Splatt Lawyers, we will fund your rehabilitation bills until you achieve a settlement. At that time, we would recover these costs.

Therefore, you can focus on healing and getting back on track while we care for your claim. And if your claim is unsuccessful, we won’t charge you for any professional fees, AND we won’t bill you for any outlays incurred (subject to any specifications that you agree to).

Top Tips to Minimise Your Legal Costs

Getting back on track after a life-altering incident can be challenging, and ensuring you have the resources to do so is essential. So, you want to be sure you get the best from your compensation settlement. One of the ways you can do this is to minimise your legal costs. Here are some tips for lowering your legal fees when you work with Splatt Lawyers.

When you sign with Splatt Lawyers, your solicitor will outline the terms and conditions of your legal cost agreement. This explains our 100% no win no fee policy, and disbursement funding. It also shows how we calculate costs and when you incur fees. Understanding this information lets you see how your actions might increase your legal costs.

Because Splatt Lawyers operates on a 100% No Win, No Pay basis, we only recover costs when we win your case. Just like you, we want the best possible outcome. Our legal team will be working hard to get your desired result. Your lawyer will give you regular updates on progress and answer any questions you might have. If you contact your solicitor with requests for additional updates or information, they will bill you for the time it takes to respond to your request. Reducing your frequency of contact means your legal bill will be lower.

You will likely need to attend at least one medical assessment. For psychological injury claims, a psychiatrist would assess your condition. The cost of these reports can be several thousand dollars. If you fail to attend your appointment or are significantly late, you may still be charged the total or partial appointment fee. We will take these costs from your settlement. Being present for all your meetings on time will help lower your legal costs.

You will be asked to provide evidence for your case. Please have these organised and ready to present to your legal team. Having a box full of random papers means we need to charge you for the time of putting them in a logical order. It will cost you far less if you take the time to organise your documents.

When we ask you to provide information, you must respond promptly. We know it can be annoying, and sometimes you don’t want to deal with something that reminds you of your accident. However, you will be billed each time we need to chase you for information. If you need assistance with gathering information, please ask for help. Like you, we want the best possible outcome.

With Splatt Lawyers, knowing your legal position and if you might have a claim costs nothing. Our personal injury lawyers will:

  • Advise if you have a valid claim
  • The approximate value of your case
  • Your chance of a successful outcome
  • Explain our 100% No Win, No Pay Policy
  • Explain our Capped Legal Fees
  • Show you our legal cost agreement

Please find out how we might help you achieve your desired outcome. You can start your claim online or call now for immediate legal help at 1800 700 125

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