Why Choose Splatt Lawyers for Personal Injury Claim Advice?

Splatt Lawyers is a 100% No Win, No Fee Queensland law firm. Like you, we aim to get your best legal outcome, so we are both winning. Personal injury claims can be complex, and accessing all your legal entitlements can be challenging.

Splatt Lawyers have been helping everyday Queenslanders get justice for nearly three decades. Please rely on the expertise of our experienced compensation lawyers to get your life back on track. Get in touch now by calling 1800 700 125 or email us >

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Who is Splatt Lawyers?

We are a leading Queensland-wide personal injury law firm that helps people who have been physically or mentally harmed by the actions of another person or party claim their due entitlements. We can still assist even if you have partial liability for your accident. Our focus is to make the complex simple. We deliver the results you desire without the hassle. When you work with Splatt Lawyers, you can expect honest and open communication combined with an unrelenting desire for justice.

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What is Your 99% Success Rate?

Many lawyers and solicitors say they are experts or experienced, but how do you know what they say is true? A law firm’s performance record is your best guide to its effectiveness. So, you will be happy to learn that Splatt Lawyers has a 99% success rate for settling legal cases without the need to go to court. Most of our matters are resolved by mediation, saving you time, money, and expensive court fees. In the rare situation your case did progress to court, we would not proceed unless you gave us clear instructions. When you want effective legal results without the hassle of court litigation, choose Splatt Lawyers.

Why Choose Splatt Lawyers

Why Choose an Accredited Personal Injury Specialist?

When you visit your GP with a challenging medical condition, your doctor refers you to a specialist. It is similar to selecting a personal injury specialist for your compensation claim. Our team of skilled lawyers and solicitors are led by Kerry Splatt – a Queensland Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. When you choose Splatt Lawyers to manage your legal claim, you are working with a lawyer who The Queensland Law Society has recognised as having superior knowledge and skill in personal injury litigation. Your choice is simple when you want the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us now for your free comprehensive case review.

Capped Legal Fees

When you work with a Queensland personal injury law firm on your compensation case, you could feel stressed or anxious about the size of your legal bill. It would help if you had legal expertise to win your claim, but the time of an expert lawyer is not cheap. So it’s pleasing to know that Splatt Lawyers has a pricing cap on all legal services.

In Queensland, Section 347 of the Legal Profession Act stipulates how accident lawyers can charge you for their services. The maximum they can bill is 50% of your net settlement payout. Kerry Splatt played a central role in having this legislation introduced in Queensland. This cap does not mean you will be charged half of your payout for managing your claim; it simply means no law firm can exceed 50% billing.

Splatt Lawyers uses independently audited time billing. You will be charged for the hours of work it takes to achieve a successful outcome. Simple matters with clear liability require less work, so your bill would be lower. Complex cases take more time but often lead to a more substantial outcome.

NOTE – Unlike other law firms, we do not charge any additional fee (sometimes known as an uplift fee”) when we win your case.

Independent Legal Cost Assessment

Most people only have one personal injury claim in their lifetime and will often choose a No Win, No Fee lawyer to manage their case. It is natural to consider how you will be charged and who is checking my bill for accuracy. Most Queensland compensation law firms use timed billing, which means your legal team will charge you by the hour for work on your matter; they should not be charging a percentage of your payout. At the same time, some law firms might use questionable billing procedures; an external legal costing firm reviews all Splatt Lawyer’s legal files. They’re responsible for examining how we bill every legal file so our fees are open and honest. We’re committed to fair treatment for all our Queensland clients.

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What is my claim worth?

Get a fast estimate with our online Calculator

How much compensation will I get?  

It is common for people to want to know the value of their compensation claim. When you have been injured and need funds to pay your bills, how much you might receive for your legal matter will be top of mind. The purpose of your payout is to restore your life to your previous position had your accident not happened. The factors that impact the value of your compensation include:

  • How your accident happened
  • The impact of your injuries on your life
  • Your type of legal case
  • The number of claims you can make
  • Your age at the time you were injured
  • Your pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your salary at the time of your incident
  • The length of time you were unable to work
  • Your future care and medical costs

Our legal team can give you an idea of what you might expect when you request your free claim review, or you can use our quick online calculator. For immediate legal help and free quote call us on 1800 700 125.

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