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Do you need expert legal help with a personal injury compensation claim in Logan and Beenleigh region? Our skilled Logan Lawyers are pleased to provide local residents with substantial legal expertise for:

Logan Compensation Law Specialists

Choosing our Logan compensation law experts for your claim means you can relax knowing that Kerry Splatt guides our legal team. Kerry is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. Be assured of your best outcome when you select Splatt Lawyers.

With over 28 years of expertise in compensation & personal injury law, Splatt Lawyer’s Logan legal team have the knowledge you need for a positive outcome. Contact us now to understand your best option for seeking justice for your loss. It is free to know where you stand. Call – 1800 700 125 or email us >

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The visiting legal office for Splatt Lawyers Logan and Beenleigh region is located at: 7/3972 Pacific Highway, Loganholme 4129.

  • If driving – we are positioned on the Pacific Hwy service road approximately 2klm South of the Hyperdome Shopping Centre, close to the centre of Logan City
  • By bus – the nearest stop is 312554, Pacific Hwy, near Beenleigh Redland Bay Rd. This bus stop is 160 metres or a 2-minute walk from our visiting office.

Get Expert Personal Injury Legal Help With

Compensation Law

Get expert legal advice for a range of compensation law matters.

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When you have a collision on Queensland roads, our Logan Lawyers can help with expert legal insights.

More about car accident compensation >

Have you been injured at work in Queensland? You could make a workers’ compensation claim and receive weekly benefits. Find out how.

More about work injury compensation >

WorkCover is the Queensland insurer for workplace injuries. Our experienced lawyers guide you through the WorkCover claim process to a successful outcome.

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Public Liability

Accident in a public place, or injured by a faulty product? Know more about your legal options.

More about public liability claims >

Can’t work in your usual job anymore because of a long-term illness or injury? You could make a TPD claim and get a sizeable lump sum payout. Learn how.

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Impacted by a psychological disorder that was not your fault? Get fast legal help.

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Accidents that cause serious injuries are life changing. Our accredited specialist injury lawyers help you seek justice.

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100% No Win, No Fee Logan Lawyers

If you have an accident that is not your fault, you may be injured and unable to work and have suffered another loss. Additionally, making a successful claim through the legal system can be complex and stressful. Legal services are also expensive, adding more stress to your life. So you will be pleased to know that Splatt Lawyers offers Logan & Beenleigh residents legal advice and support with a 100% No Win, No Fee funding arrangement. Our no-fee system means you will:

  1. Pay nothing unless we win your case.
  2. Have no upfront or ongoing during the entire legal process.
  3. Pay for assessments and reports required to build your case. 
  4. Owe us anything if you lose.

You can rest easy knowing that the only costs we collect are those necessary to win your case, and you owe nothing if we lose. Plus, our Logan Lawyers have capped fees.

Logan Specialist in Personal Injuries Law

Kerry Splatt directs our skilled team of Compensation Lawyers at Splatt Lawyers. Kerry has a lifetime of experience as a lawyer and is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injuries Law. This accreditation and right to use the term ‘Specialist’ are determined by the Queensland Law Society. They do this after the lawyer has met specific criteria, these include:

  1. Demonstrated competence in a specialist area of law
  2. Pass a demanding technical exam
  3. Interview process
  4. Produce high-level referees
  5. Demonstrate high-standard management of legal claims

If you had a severe medical condition, your GP would refer you to a specialist doctor for treatment. You would not expect your GP to know how to fix you. This situation is like having a complex personal injury claim. You would most likely seek a specialist lawyer who understands the claims process and the best approach for your circumstances.

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Logan Lawyers for Car Accidents

Unexpected Logan car accidents can seriously impact your life. Unanticipated costs such as auto repairs, medical bills, and rehab expenses can create financial strain and be a source of anxiety. Injuries that prevent you from working can have serious repercussions. No matter how your accident happened, our Logan accident compensation lawyers offer expert legal advice for personal injury claims.

In Queensland, it is a requirement for all motorists to have compulsory CTP insurance. If you’ve been in an automobile accident, you can file a damage claim against the CTP insurer of the driver responsible for the collision. The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) handles the Queensland CTP

program. Our Logan traffic lawyers have extensive experience filing MAIC claims to secure your legal rights. Contact us when you have had a:

Logan Law Firm – Here to Help

If you need expert legal advice after an incident caused by another person or party, our local Beenleigh and Logan accident lawyers are ready to help. We bring many years of legal knowledge and a network of local contacts within the greater Logan region. Our local solicitors will support you through the legal process of seeking compensation when you have had a loss because of someone else’s negligence. Our legal team are driven to deliver the results you are seeking. When you appoint Splatt Lawyers in Logan for your legal representation, you will receive:

  • Communication that is clear and truthful.
  • Substantial legal expertise.
  • 100% No Win, No Fee funding for your case.
  • Our unrelenting attention on your outcome.
  • Access to our expert accident compensation lawyers.

Our Beenleigh & Logan compensation lawyers believe you shouldn’t be charged to discover where you stand on personal injury legal issues. Therefore, Splatt Lawyers will evaluate your claim, explain your rights in straightforward terms and propose a course of legal action to resolve your issue. All free of charge. Contact us now to get started.

Splatt Lawyers is delighted to offer a comprehensive service to their valued Logan & Beenleigh clients. After a traumatic event, you need to do more than win your legal case to move on with your life. For your body or mind to heal, you may need medical care. Splatt Lawyers Logan Beenleigh provides rehabilitation funding support, enabling you to start your recovery treatment immediately. Splatt Lawyers will cover these expenses for clients expected to qualify for therapy funding until we settle. At this stage, we would recoup our costs. We do it so we can help you become you faster.

More about our rehab funding >

Our compensation and personal injury lawyers are here to assist wherever you reside in the Logan and Beenleigh region.

You can contact our legal team for knowledgeable legal representation from Rochedale to Yarrabilba via phone or email. Jimboomba, Browns Plains, Marsden, Munruben, Greenbank, Beenleigh, Yamanto, Chambers Flat, Logan Village and all surrounding districts are suburbs where we regularly assisted clients. We are pleased to provide all Queensland residents access to informed personal injury and compensation legal advice. Call Now 1800 700 125

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Logan Compensation for Personal Injury

Every day, our Beenleigh & Logan personal injury compensation lawyers help Queenslanders understand their legal options and receive their due entitlements. We provide this professional legal advice and support with our No Win, No Fee funding.

Road and Car Accident Solicitors

If you are impacted by a Car Accident on Queensland roads, we can help. Even if you are the driver, passenger, or pedestrian, talk to our Automotive Accident Lawyers today.

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Workers Compensation Law

You could claim through WorkCover if you acquired a mental illness or physical injury from a workplace accident. Our Logan workers compensation law firm will help you understand your legal options.

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Liability Law

Public Liability Law protects your legal rights in a public space. So, if you are injured in a school, shopping centre, playground, rental property or private property, contact our team of Public Liability and Product Liability lawyers today.

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Total and Permanent Disability and Insurance Claims

If illness, injury, or mental illness means you cannot work in your usual occupation, you may be able to claim through your Superannuation or other insurance. You could have a valid TPD disability claim. Talk to our superannuation and insurance lawyers to understand how you can access your full entitlements.

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Logan Beenleigh Personal Injury & Compensation FAQs

We frequently provide legal advice to those in Logan and Beenleigh who’ve:

Anyone in an auto accident in Queensland that wasn’t entirely or partially their fault is eligible to file a CTP claim. Third-party accident insurance is a requirement for all QLD road users, and it is listed on their vehicle registration. There are legal deadlines by which you must submit your claim. You can learn about your legal rights by requesting a free case evaluation from Splatt Lawyers.

You have the legal right to select the legal team that represents you. Please get in touch if you’re not sure you’re receiving the best legal counsel from your current lawyers. At no charge, we will assess your case and help you determine the best course of action.

A personal injury lawyer’s job is to advise persons who have suffered emotional damage or physical harm because of an accident that was not their fault. To help you get back to normal, Splatt Lawyers will advise you on the appropriate legal course of action and arrange for your rehabilitation treatment.

Various negligence-related accidents are covered by public liability. Public liability insurance is typical in public spaces and offers protection if they fail their duty of care. Typical causes include:

  • Slipping, tripping, and falling in a public setting, such as malls and shops
  • Playgrounds, Schools, Parks and Carparks
  • Physical Assault
  • Excessive force, for example, by security, police and prison guards
  • Accidents on private and rental property
  • Animal and Dog Attacks
  • Sporting and recreational accidents
  • Council-owned properties such as footpaths, car parks, and public parks

Splatt Lawyers is located South of the Logan Hyperdome on the Pacific Highway service road. You can quickly obtain prompt legal assistance whenever and wherever convenient because many of our clients communicate with us over the phone.

There is often confusion about what is a lawyer or solicitor in Logan. Basically, they are the same, just the job title differs. In Queensland, being a solicitor or a lawyer refers to someone who is registered to do legal work.

In Queensland, “lawyer” is an umbrella term for registered legal professionals who practice law. In simple terms, being a lawyer or solicitor means you are qualified to give legal advice in QLD. One is not a better or superior qualification than the other.

A Logan lawyer frequently works in an office and represents your legal rights and prepares documents, while a barrister represents you when your matter proceeds to court (which is rare). At Splatt Lawyers 99% of our cases settle without court proceedings.

When you are choosing the best Logan Lawyer for your injury claim, you should consider there:

  • Experience
  • Track record of success
  • Trial results
  • Honesty
  • Customer service

Splatt Lawyers’ Logan compensation legal team are headed by Kerry Splatt, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. With close to three decades of experience with winning outcomes, you can be certain you are making the best choice with Splatt Lawyers

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Logan provide 100% No Win, No Fee legal services. We understand that when you have suffered an injury and cannot work, the cost of legal assistance can be daunting. At Splatt Lawyers, our No Pay compensation law funding policy means there is no fee until we win your claim, and if we don’t, there’s no charge. We guarantee you will only pay for the hours of work necessary to win your case, and our fees are capped.

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When it comes to legal matters, it is important to consider whether or not you need a Logan lawyer. In many cases, having an experienced solicitor or lawyer can be beneficial as they have the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the complexities of the legal system. A good lawyer can provide advice on how best to proceed with your case, as well as represent you in court if needed. They can also help ensure that all of your legal rights are protected throughout the process.