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Our Australian insurance claim lawyers help when you can’t work due to a physical injury, illness or mental health condition. In this case, you could claim an insurance benefit through your superannuation or a separate insurance policy.

Splatt Lawyers has a team of experienced compensation lawyers with the know-how to access all your disability insurance entitlements. Please contact our legal experts for informed advice when dealing with insurers and insurance disputes.

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Can I Make a Superannuation Insurance Claim?

When you work in Australia, your employer will pay compulsory superannuation into your account. If the unexpected happens, your superannuation fund will contain several insurance policies offering financial protection. Consequently, you may access various insurance benefits if you can’t work for some reason. The good news is that your medical condition does not need to be connected to your workplace or occupation to claim your insurance entitlements. In that case, our skilled superannuation claim lawyers will help you seek compensation.

Claiming compensation from your insurance company can be complex and challenging, but it is worth pursuing. Your lump-sum payout can be substantial. An average figure would be $500,000. Remember that your payout is not taken from your superannuation account when you have a successful insurance claim. Instead, the funds come from an insurance policy.

For nearly thirty years, our expert insurance lawyers have helped thousands of Australians access their full entitlements. Contact us now to see how we might assist you. Call 1800 700 125.

Helpful Insurance Lawyers

Our expert insurance lawyers will guide you through the legal process to a better tomorrow.

Types of Insurance Claims We Support

Your ability to make insurance and superannuation claims depends on the scope of the insurance coverage included in your super policy. Depending on your coverage, you could claim:

TPD Claim (Total and Permanent Disability)

When you can’t work in your usual job anymore, you could claim your disability insurance benefits.

More about TPD claims >

When you temporarily cannot work, you can claim your TTD insurance benefits and receive a monthly income payment.

More about claiming income protection >

When you are diagnosed with a critical illness or injury you could claim trauma insurance benefits.

More about critical illness benefits >


Terminal Illness

When you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you could make an early life insurance claim.

More about terminal illness >

When a loved one passes, you could claim life insurance for death benefits.

More about life insurance payouts >

You could claim lump sum compensation for physical or psychological Whole-person impairment.

More about WPI payouts >

What is my TPD claim worth?

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100% No Win No Fee Lawyers for Insurance Claims

I know about No Win, No Fee, but what is 100% No Win, No Fee?

Splatt Lawyers is a 100% No Win, No Fee insurance and superannuation law firm. When we say you won’t pay any fees unless you win your claim, that’s precisely what we mean. You pay no upfront or ongoing legal costs. This legal funding includes the cost of medical reports and assessments, which can be several thousand dollars each.

Choosing our skilled personal injury lawyers for your Super insurance claim, means you carry no financial risk. We will recover these costs when you win your case. If you lose, you owe us nothing. It’s Splatt Lawyers’ “no risk” policy for our valued clients.

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How Does Superannuation Insurance Work?

Superannuation is a compulsory Australian government retirement savings scheme intended to assist everyday workers with their retirement planning. Due to the superannuation guarantee, your boss is responsible for contributing to a superannuation fund on your behalf, based on a percentage of your pay. In addition, workers can choose to make additional contributions to their superannuation accounts.

Superannuation is designed to offer Australians a source of income once they retire. Typically, income is received as a one-time payout or pension funds on a regular basis. Superannuation funds have mandatory rules and regulations to safeguard your savings and reduce the risk of fraud and misuse.

If you are like most other working Aussies, you will have at least one superannuation policy. Your super account includes several disability insurance policies that protect you during unforeseen events. Depending on your coverage, you could make a:

Total and Permanent Disability Claim >

Income Protection Claim >

Life Insurance  Claim for Death Benefits or Terminal Illness >

Note: Submitting an insurance claim through your superannuation will not decrease the amount of your retirement savings. When you successfully claim benefits, payment will be made from an insurance policy included with super fund membership.

Do I have a valid claim? >

When you are incapable of doing your usual job anymore because you are either physically or mentally injured or ill, you could be eligible to claim your insurance benefits. How you acquired your medical condition does not matter. Other Queenslanders have had successful insurance payouts for:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Car accident injuries
  • Psychological illness or injury
  • Heart attack, cancer and other serious illness
  • Occupationally acquired disease
  • Debilitating illnesses like MS, motor neurone disease and others

Can I Make a Superannuation Insurance Claim?

If the following applies to you, you might have a viable case:

√ When you were working, your employer paid compulsory superannuation into your account.

√ You have been unable to work for a minimum of three months due to a medical condition, accident, or mental illness.

√ You have insurance cover for death benefits, income protection or disability insurance (TPD).

It’s free to know if you have a valid claim. We are here to help. Understanding your legal options for receiving a fair settlement costs nothing. Our expert superannuation lawyers will investigate your policies free of charge and let you know your entitlements. Call Now – 1800 700 125

99% Success Rate

Choosing Splatt Lawyers means you are working with a legal team with a proven track record for winning superannuation insurance claims. Take comfort in knowing that we consistently achieve a 99% success rate thanks to our many years of experience working with the insurance industry. Check out how we achieve these fantastic outcomes. Get in touch with us now. Call 1800 700 125

What If the Insurer Disputes Insurance Claims?

If you have a rejected claim, a compensation lawyer can help you reverse the insurer’s decision. Typically, the insurance company will issue a pro-fair letter in this circumstance, allowing us to start the dispute resolution process. Our experienced lawyers have successfully overturned the results of many cases that had been denied in the past, avoiding our clients the risk, anxiety, and expense of going to court.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Our legal team can file an insurance dispute with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) if they cannot overturn the insurer’s decision. It is intimidating to negotiate with a fair settlement with large insurance companies. This situation is when we champion your rights and fight for your due entitlements.

Win your case with Splatt Lawyers

Expert Super Insurance Claim Lawyers

For close to 30 years, Splatt Lawyers has been helping residents win their insurance litigation cases with all major Queensland insurance companies.

When you contact us, your insurance claim lawyer will review the facts of your case to assess your insurance claim’s value. Then, we can support you in understanding the requirements to qualify for insurance benefits For free, our friendly insurance lawyers will let you know:

  1. Your owed insurance benefits
  2. How many claims you can submit
  3. Your chance of a successful outcome
  4. The approximate value of your payout

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Does it matter how I acquired my injury or illness?

Regardless of how you acquired your sickness, injury, or mental health problem, you may still make a claim. People who get NDIS funds or a disability pension could already have a case.

Regardless of how you acquired your sickness, injury, or mental health problem, you may still make a claim. People who get NDIS funds or a disability pension could already have a case. You may also have a valid claim if you:

  1. Receive workers’ compensation payments
  2. Have a motor vehicle accident claim
  3. Or suffer from a severe medical condition that stops you from working

When you have an accepted disability insurance claim, your benefits could be paid in several ways, depending on your insurance. These include:

  • A recurring monthly payment
  • A lump-sum payout is paid into your Superannuation account
  • A lump-sum terminal illness payout

What is my TPD Payout worth?

When you have a successful disability insurance settlement, the funds are not taken from a superannuation account. You can rest assured that your payout won’t impact your current super balance. Relax knowing that compensation is taken from an insurance policy contained within your superannuation.

How Do I Make a Successful Superannuation Insurance Claim?

Each superannuation insurance policy has specific terms and conditions. To have a successful claim, you must demonstrate the following:

Your Super Fund’s most recent member statement may outline the extent of your Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or Income Protection coverage. If you have insurance covered under a privately held policy, check your schedule for your coverage.

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Superannuation Insurance Claim Process

Every superannuation insurance claim is different, with variations between various superannuation funds and each insurance company. However, there are some steps that are the same for each legal case.

We analyse your policies.

Your insurance claim lawyer will assist you in accessing your Super Fund details and forensically examine the facts.

Our superannuation legal team meets with you.

We’ll talk with you to learn more about your medical condition and your circumstances. They will outline the claim process and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We gather evidence

As soon as you give Splatt Injury Lawyers permission to handle your case, we will gather evidence to support your claim. Some sources we may use are your taxation records, Workcover files, or Centrelink data.

You may have a medical assessment.

If necessary, you will meet with a doctor for a medical assessment.

Claim lodged

Once we have everything we require to complete your submission, we will create your legal documents and lodge the claim form with your superannuation and insurer.

Your claim settles.

When we achieve the desired result, your insurer will deposit your funds in your super account, where you can withdraw them whenever you like. If your claim is rejected, our lawyers or solicitors will work to overturn the decision.

How Our Superannuation Lawyers Help with Insurance Claims

A client meeting with a superannuation lawyer about an insurance claim

Splatt Lawyers prides themselves on delivering top-notch legal representation for injury insurance claims. We are committed to pursuing your insurance payout benefits by offering you the following support:

  1. Legal Representation: Our legal team has the expertise and know-how required to negotiate with insurers, giving you the payout you desire.
  2. Collating evidence: We assist in collating the necessary evidence and supporting documents for your claim, including medical evaluations and specialist reports.
  3. Legal Advice: Our insurance claim law firm provides expert legal advice and an effective legal pathway to a winning settlement.
  4. Negotiation: Rely on our negotiation skills to secure your best outcome.

Superannuation funds and insurance companies’ primary motivation is shareholder profits, making it more challenging for members to receive their full entitlements. Thankfully, our insurance law experts increase your chances of a successful outcome. Call now for your free claim assessment: 1800 700 125 or email us >

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Superannuation Lawyers Insurance Policy Claims FAQs

Suppose you’ve been injured or ill and unable to work for three months due to a medical condition or accident. In that case, you may be able to access compensation under Australia’s Superannuation Guarantee (SG), Income Protection Insurance (IPI) or Disability Support Pension (DSP). You’ll need to meet specific criteria to qualify for a payment. Splatt Lawyers provide a free claim assessment. It costs nothing to understand your eligibility to claim.

The value of your compensation benefit will vary depending on your medical condition and insurance policy terms and conditions. However, most insurance policies are designed to provide some financial assistance during illness or injury. This support could be a lump-sum payment or a monthly benefit. If you qualify for a TPD lump-sum payout, an average value is approximately $ 500,000.

Go to – TPD insurance payout calculator> 

For many years, we have supported Queenslanders with disability and superannuation claims. We advise on trauma claims, terminal illness claims, TPD claim and income protection claims.

If you cannot work anymore due to your physical or mental health condition, you might be able to claim

  • recurring monthly income payment
  • a lump sum payout
  • a terminal illness/critical illness lump sum payment

If you have an insurance claim rejection, you can take steps to appeal the decision. First, you must seek legal advice about how to proceed by contacting our specialist superannuation lawyers. They will guide you through the process and explain your legal options.

Time limits apply to denied claims. It would be best if you had a chat with one of our lawyers at your earliest opportunity. Our lawyers have considerable expertise in dealing with insurers, and we know the ins and outs of the superannuation industry.

You may be entitled to claim your superannuation insurance benefits if you cannot continue working due to a physical injury, illness, psychological disorder or other health concerns. Additionally, your illness or injury need not necessarily be the result of your work.

The General Insurance Code of Practice, which includes provisions for managing claims, is binding on Australian insurers. Despite this, there are no legislative time frames for making a decision on a superannuation insurance claim. In Australia, these types of cases generally settle within a period of several months to 18 months.

Your policy conditions will outline the time limit for lodging your super insurance claim. In general, you must submit your case as soon as possible after you stop working due to your illness or disability. However, in most cases, you can submit a claim years after you stop working.

Be aware that there are strict time limits for disputing a rejected insurance claim. In this situation, you must seek legal advice immediately.

Splatt Lawyers is a 100% no win, no fee law firm. When you choose our insurance claim law firm for your legal case, you pay no fees or costs until we achieve a winning outcome. If you lose, you owe us nothing. Because of our No Fee funding, you have no financial risk for your claim. 

Furthermore, before you sign our legal cost agreement, your lawyer will give you an upfront capped price for your claim.

More about our legal prices >

Waiting periods can apply before you lodge a claim with your superannuation provider. The time frame for filing super insurance claims may differ depending on the types of insurance and the nature of your injury or illness. If you believe you have a case, please enquire immediately. Taking early action will improve your legal outcome. 

Splatt Lawyers is here to help you know your unique circumstances and the most effective legal path to your desired outcome. Contact us now for your free insurance claim review  – Call 1800 700 125.

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