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Injury Rehabilitation Funding Service QLD

Getting timely rehabilitation treatment when needed is essential to recover quickly and return to living your life. Splatt Lawyers offers a unique rehab funding service. When you are one of our clients with a valid compensation claim, we will pay your rehabilitation costs upfront.

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Being injured or ill in unexpected circumstances is stressful, and severe injuries are debilitating. You are likely off work and struggling to pay your bills. But it would help if you had professional rehabilitation care to get back to your regular life. Sometimes, insurance companies don’t want to fund your medical costs because they think you don’t need the treatment.

Splatt Lawyers has been supporting injured Queenslanders for almost 30 years. We know your challenges when accessing medical assistance and paying your treatment costs. Our compassionate and caring lawyers and solicitors will help you get financial damages while supporting your physical and psychological recovery.

So, we will facilitate the payment of your current treatment and facilitation costs until you achieve a settlement. At that time, we recover these costs. If you lose your claim, you owe us nothing. It’s our way of helping you get back to yourself sooner.

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How does Splatt Lawyers Rehab Funding Work?

Once you are an approved client of Splatt Lawyers, when you seek treatment for your injuries, your medical professional will send us your bills, and we will pay them. You will not need to outlay your money for your current rehabilitation fees. When we win your claim, we will recover these costs. It’s that simple.

 Importance of Early Rehabilitation

Returning to your everyday occupation, or continuing to work, is essential for your physical, mental, and financial health. At Splatt Lawyers, we know that psychological and physical illness or injury can disrupt your finances. Helping you get access to vital rehabilitation; means you have the option to return to work when ready.

What Does Splatt Lawyer’s Rehab Funding Cover?

The types of treatment and rehabilitation providers we can fund include:

  • Consultations with your treating General Practitioner
  • Specialists / Surgery
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Chiropractor

Benefits of Early Rehabilitation

Although it may be challenging at times to stay at or return to work, it has been shown that early rehabilitation helps clients to:

  • physically recover faster
  • achieve better financial outcomes
  • maintain a good mental health
  • support ongoing employment
  • rebuild/maintain their sense of self-worth
  • maintain social connections in their workplace

Facilitating Your Return to Work

Splatt Lawyers have been responsible for successfully assisting many patients in meeting their treatment and rehabilitation costs when they need it most. In this way, Splatt Lawyers is right by your side every step of the way in facilitating your return to work. We can also help you create a return-to-work plan that allows you to continue doing most of your usual tasks while restricting some tasks to protect your well-being.

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