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Splatt Lawyer’s experienced team of catastrophic and serious injury claim lawyers assist when you have had a severe accident caused by the full or partial negligence of another person or party. If this type of incident has impacted you or someone you love, you must understand your legal right to claim compensation.

Catastrophic and serious injuries can be life-changing. Furthermore, getting your life together after a serious accident is challenging. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, you could seek financial compensation for your treatment and recovery costs.

Splatt Lawyers have supported Queenslanders with significant injury or illness for over 28 years. It costs nothing to know your legal right to a personal injury claim. Find out now how we might help you. Call Now – 1800 700125.

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Our Expertise in Serious Personal Injury Compensation

Compensation for serious personal injury covers a range of conditions that can occur as an outcome of a car and road accident, an accident in a public place, a work incident, or a range of other circumstances where something goes wrong due to the full or partial negligence of another person or entity. Different legal schemes and claim processes will apply depending on where and how your accident happened.

At Splatt Lawyers, our severe personal injury legal team has the experience to help you through this difficult time. Gathering the proper evidence and assessments is essential for building a solid case. You could likely incur medical and lifestyle expenses related to your condition for many years or the rest of your life. Rely on our friendly personal injury lawyers for diligent preparation and relentless negotiation on your behalf, ensuring you have the resources you need to support your life now and in the future. It’s free to know your legal rights, so contact us now >

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Catastrophic and Severe Injury Legal Services

Serious Car Accident Injuries

Severe car accidents can strain you and your family physically, emotionally, and financially. If this happened to you, know your right to seek compensation.

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Severe Workplace Injuries

Severe work accidents can be catastrophic for those injured on the job. If you have a catastrophic work injury you could get a WPI lump sum payout.

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Serious Psychological Injuries

Physical and emotional trauma can result in serious psychological injury, a type of catastrophic mental illness with long-term effects. Know how to be compensated for your damage.

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Serious Public Place Accidents

Sadly, people have serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries while in public places like shopping centres, footpaths, parks, pools, public transport, recreational facilities and more. Know your legal options.

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What is my severe injury claim worth?

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How Much is My Serious Injury Claim Worth?

Your injury damages include initial medical expenses and ongoing treatment costs to specialist equipment or modifications needed to make daily living easier. Also considered in your settlement are any lost wages and the pain you have endured. Splatt Lawyers aim to recover the financial impact of your injury on you and your family’s future and restore your life to where you should have been before your accident.

Your settlement payout will consider your pre-accident lifestyle and work history and predict what it might be like for you post-injury. Your past life is compared with your current situation. Based on this analysis, we can estimate how much money you’ll receive for your losses. These can include:

Splatt Lawyers firmly believes in a “fair go” for all Queenslanders living with a serious accident injury. For your compensation matter, you will need expert legal advice, but you probably lack the funds to cover legal fees. Because of this, we provide 100% no win, no fee legal services for all our clients.

Please know that you won’t have to pay any legal fees when you choose to work with one of our knowledgeable compensation lawyers for your catastrophic personal injury claim until we achieve a settlement. Additionally, there are no initial or ongoing legal costs. Pay absolutely nothing until your case is successful. Owe zero if you lose. You won’t have any financial risk thanks to our 100% no-win, no-pay funding. Make a free initial call to 1800 700 125.

Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law

The Queensland Law Society is the only legal organisation that can designate lawyers with the level of expertise to be Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law. Kerry Splatt was awarded this accreditation many years ago and has been leading our legal team ever since.

You can feel confident knowing that when you choose Splatt Lawyers to manage your legal case, you are working with lawyers who understand the personal injury legal process. A team who can successfully navigate the Queensland legal system to get you the result you deserve.

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What is a Serious or Catastrophic Injury?

Serious and Catastrophic injury or illness is considered a medical condition so severe they cause permanent or long-lasting harm to the impacted person. Severe illnesses or injuries have significant outcomes, such as being unable to work for the rest of their life or an extended period. Catastrophic conditions typically need substantial medical intervention to assist in recovery.

Physical severe harm typically involves damage to a vital body part. These conditions include:

Common Law Claims for Serious Injuries

When you make a common law claim for a catastrophic & serious injury, you seek legal damages from the negligent party who failed their duty of care. To have a successful common law claim, you must address 4 key elements:

1. Establish duty of care

The negligent person or party must owe the damaged party a duty of care, meaning they had an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety. Generally, everyone has an owed duty to others in most circumstances.

2. Breach of owed duty

The negligent party breached their duty of care and this can be shown by an act or failure to act.

3. Causation

The damaged party can prove that the duty failure caused them serious or catastrophic harm.

4. Damage or Loss

For a successful common law claim, the injured party needs to prove they had a loss because of the defendant’s duty of care failure. Once established, you could be compensated for lost income, lost superannuation, pain and suffering, medical and rehab expenses, travel costs and emotional distress. Furthermore, you might also get punitive damages if the defendant’s actions were intentional.

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Severe Psychological Injury and Mental Illness Claims

Severe injuries are not always physical. You can also have harsh mental health damage due to a traumatic event in your life. You could have a severe psychological or psychiatric injury claim if you have had a major accident or witnessed a serious incident. For example, you might have been in or seen a severe road accidentwitnessed a traumatic death of another person or been involved in an aggressive assault.

If your mental health incident happened at work, in connection with your work, or on the road, it might be covered by workers’ compensation or as part of a car accident claim. Let us know your circumstances, and we will advise you on the best legal pathway. Call Now for immediate legal support – 1800 700 125.

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Catastrophic & severe injuries cause devastating damage and suffering for the injured person. There will likely be a significant impact on your life and the lives of the people around you. Your medical care and recovery will be a priority. When negotiating restitution for your accident, insurers will sometimes try to deny treatment or delay approval. Splatt Lawyers will be by your side during this process. We deal with insurance companies daily and will pursue every avenue to ensure you are supported during rehabilitation.

Splatt Lawyers will pay for your rehabilitation from the beginning of your case to ensure you can fund your medical support when you need it. Our goal is to assist you on your journey to recovery. Your rehab costs will be recovered when your case is settled.

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When you cannot work in your regular occupation because of a severe or catastrophic injury or illness, you might qualify to access the benefits contained within your superannuation or disability insurance policy. You could receive payments such as:

  • Lump sum payment
  • Income replacement benefit
  • Death benefit
  • Accident Benefit
  • Invalidity Benefit

We recommend speaking with our dedicated superannuation and insurance legal team for a free, comprehensive case evaluation of your circumstances to see what options you have available to you. Call Now 1800 860 777.

Check out our fast TPD calculator now for the value of your payout.

How Our Catastrophic & Severe Injury Lawyers Help

Splatt Lawyers’ dedicated team of catastrophic and severe injury lawyers will support you through the legal claim process. Rely on their expertise to establish liability against the negligent party (or parties) and guide you through each step, ensuring the insurer and your employer follow their lawful obligations.

Everyone who contacts Splatt Lawyers regarding a personal injury compensation matter is entitled to a free, first consultation. We can visit you in your hospital or home if you have acquired a catastrophic or serious illness or injury. We will listen to your story and advise on your legal options and the most effective path to a successful resolution. When you agree to work with Splatt Lawyers on a no win, no fee basis, we will outline the claims process and what you might expect on your path to justice.

If your mental health injury happened at work, in connection with your work, or on the road, it might be covered by worker’s compensation or as part of a car accident claim. Let us know your circumstances, and we will advise you on the best legal pathway. Call now for immediate legal help – 1800 954 153.

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Severe and Catastrophic Injury Compensation FAQ's

Collecting evidence and medical records to support a catastrophic claim against an insurance company is expensive. These reports are comprehensive specialist assessments that cost many thousands of dollars. Splatt Lawyers requires this information to build a compelling legal case that delivers your desired outcome. Under our 100% no win, no fee funding policy, we pay for these reports until your claim is successful. Should your case be rejected, you will owe us nothing.

Splatt Lawyers will financially support your case until it is successful. We require no upfront or ongoing payment until you achieve a settlement. All our valued clients can access our no-win, no-fee funding. As well as your catastrophic injury case, you may also be able to claim the benefits in your TPD insurance. Superannuation TPD Claims are also covered by our 100% no win, no fee policy.

Serious and catastrophic legal matters are complex. Ensuring you access all your legal entitlements requires expertise and experience. To achieve the result you desire, you need to establish fault. Splatt Lawyers have been working on these matters for more than 28 years. We understand the complexities of the law and negotiate with insurers to get you the best outcome.

There are time limits for starting your personal injury claim. You might be excluded from accessing your entitlements if you miss a deadline. It would be best if you acted as soon as you could. Once Splatt Lawyers start your case, we can also assist by funding your rehabilitation

Our goal is always to achieve settlement promptly. Our no win, no fee financial model means we get paid when you do. All legal cases are unique, and so is the time they take to resolve. Your lawyer can give you an estimate of the time required to settle your case and the factors that might make the legal process faster or slower.

If your mental health incident happened at work, in connection with your work, or on the road, it might be covered by workers’ compensation or as part of a car accident claim. Let us know your circumstances, and we will advise you on the best legal pathway.

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