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You should be safe when using a public transport vehicle, whether travelling by bus, coach, train, ferry, taxi, plane, ship, uber or rideshare. Commuting to your workplace, shopping, or dropping off your kids at school is meant to be secure and harm-free.

When you are injured while using public transportation and experience a loss, our public transport accident claim lawyers can help with expert compensation legal advice. People injured in bus accidents may be entitled to make a bus accident compensation claim to cover their losses and expenses, including protection from financial impact, lost wages, medical expenses and travel costs, and possibly receiving a lump sum payout.

The experienced personal injury solicitors at Splatt Lawyers have been helping everyday Queenslanders access their public transport claim entitlements for nearly three decades.  It’s free to know if you have a legitimate claim and pay nothing until we win your case.

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Public Transport Providers’ Legal Duty of Care

Whether paying to use public transport or not, you have the right to be safe. Regardless of the mode of transport, public transportation companies owe you a duty of care.

Whether using a public bus, private coach charter, cruise ship, air travel, rideshare, uber or taxi, you could claim legal damages when their negligence causes you harm. It feels unfair to be harmed in unexpected circumstances, particularly due to the duty failure of a public transport operator. If this is your situation, find out your legal rights. No one should have to suffer a loss because another person or party failed their duty owed.

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What is my accident claim worth?

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How Much Compensation for a Transport for Bus Accident Claim?

Every legal damage claim is different, and so is the result. Multiple factors determine your potential payout. These include:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • How much your damage impacted your life
  • How much time you had off work
  • Where and how your accident happened
  • The quality of your evidence
  • If you are eligible to have more than one legal claim

With close to three decades of legal experience in Queensland, our legal team are likely to have previously successfully resolved a case like yours. When you contact us for your free case review, they will show you the following:

  • Your eligibility to claim
  • If you have more than one type of claim
  • Your chance of success
  • Your approximate case value
  • Advise on your next steps for building a compelling case

Knowing your legal rights and what to expect during the compensation claims process costs nothing.

100% No Win No Fee Public Transport Compensation Claims

I know about No Win, No Fee, but what is 100% No Win, No Fee?

When Splatt Lawyers champion your public transport accident claim, you don’t need to be concerned about legal fees and costs. Our 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding means you pay us nothing until we win your case. If you lose, you pay nothing. You will have peace of mind knowing you have no financial risk.

Our No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee means:

Some other compensation law firms will ask you to agree to high-interest rate disbursement funding. At Splatt Lawyers, we fund your expert assessment and rehabilitation costs until we win your case and recover these costs when we settle. And, we do not charge a success fee or an uplift fee. This is our No Win, No Fee, No Risk Guarantee.

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Can I Claim Bus Accident Compensation?

You might be owed fair compensation when negligence has caused you to be harmed in a public transportation accident. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you could claim costs like lost income, lost superannuation, medical fees, travel expenses and loss of enjoyment of life.

You could still have a case even if you were partly at fault for the incident. In this circumstance, you would have a degree of contributory negligence. Splatt Lawyer’s public transport accident lawyers would work diligently to negotiate down your contribution level to improve your legal outcome.

Who Pays My Transport Accident Claim Payout?

All public transport companies and private transport operators have public liability insurance. This insurance coverage provides financial protection when someone is harmed on or in one of their buses, trains, ferries, boats, aircraft, cruise ships, taxis or rideshare. When you suffer an injury and have a successful claim, the owner/operator’s insurer funds your compensation payout.

It can be challenging when negotiating with insurance companies. They will seek to deny your case or minimise your entitlements, especially when there is a sizeable settlement. Make sure you have your best legal team fighting for your rights, like the experienced compensation lawyers at Splatt Lawyers.

About Bus Accident Claims

Bus accidents are a frequent kind of public transport compensation claim. In Queensland, there is no requirement for bus companies to have passenger seat belts, increasing your chance of injury. 

Common types of bus accidents include:
  1. The coach or bus suddenly stops, and travellers fly out of their seats, causing lasting damage.

  2. Swerving, braking, and other negligent bus driver behaviour cause standing people to take a tumble. Spilt liquid makes the floor unsafe, and a slip, trip or fall accident occurs.

  3. The driver accelerates too fast from the bus stop, catching passengers off-guard.

You can also become a transport accident victim when you trip from the stairs while alighting or departing the bus. Occasionally, the step is too high off the ground; the surface is dangerously uneven or still in motion.

NOTE: It’s crucial to report the accident to the police and secure a copy of the police report, as it is an essential piece of evidence for your bus accident compensation claim.

Can I Make a Bus Accident Claim?

You might feel embarrassed if you have a falling accident on or near a bus, particularly when it is crowded. The temptation is to ignore your injuries and trust they will go away. You often won’t feel the full impact of your damage for a few days, and then you will seek medical attention and time off work. When this happens, you likely have a legitimate bus accident claim.

Our bus accident lawyers will negotiate with the public liability insurer of the bus operator. Let Splatt Lawyers do the heavy lifting while you focus on your recovery. It’s free to know if you can claim bus accident compensation. Call now for informed legal advice. Call 1800 700 125

Any Queensland motorist has injury risk, whether inside or outside a vehicle, as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or otherwise. When you hire a taxi, uber or rideshare, you expect them to be good drivers who obey the road rules. Unfortunately, careless, erratic or distracted driving is sometimes your experience.

Traffic accidents can cause catastrophic or minor injuries due to drunk driving, excessive speed, ignoring rules or aggressive behaviour. When you suffer a transport accident injury due to a taxi or Uber driver’s negligence, it can utterly disrupt your life. Regardless of who caused the collision, whether it was your driver or another road user, someone likely has liability for your loss. 

If this is your situation, please ensure you record the vehicle operator details, registration numbers, the date and time of your accident, and the weather conditions.

More about Uber accident claims >

Travelling over water is a popular choice. For example, commuting to work by ferry can sometimes feel like you are on vacation. Cruise ship travel is also increasing, with the launchings of larger and more complex vessels. Boat, Ferry and Ship operators have a legal duty of care to ensure the safety of all their passengers.

Public transport accidents on water can happen when:

  • A vessel runs aground or hits the dock
  • A ship or boat hits another vessel
  • The floor is wet, slippery, and moving
  • You are getting on or off the ferry or boat
  • You are inside the ship or vessel terminal
  • You become sick from a ship-born disease
  • You get food poisoning due to poor catering
  • An object moves and hits you

You may not have an Australian transport accident claim If you are on a cruise ship in International waters. Please speak with our personal injury lawyers to understand your legal rights and the opportunity to seek compensation. It costs nothing to know your options.

Compensation claims for aeroplane accidents are not typically the result of a plane crash. If your aircraft were to fall from the sky, you would likely be dead. Aeroplane passengers can be harmed in various situations, including inside the aircraft terminal, during the flight, or when boarding or disembarking.

All aircraft operators have public liability insurance for unexpected events and injured passengers. However, we recommend buying travel insurance if you travel overseas, as you may not be due compensation in some circumstances. For example, what protection do you have over international waters?

Common aircraft travel-related injuries include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Burns from hot beverages
  • Passenger assaults
  • Excessive force by staff
  • Objects falling from overhead
  • Catering trolley injuries
  • Physical harm from aircraft malfunction or poor maintenance
  • Slips, trips, and falls inside the terminal, on the jet bridge, inside tunnels, etc

While some physical damage can be minor, other accidents involve substantial trauma combined with lasting psychiatric impacts. For example, being harmed in turbulence may prevent you from ever flying again.

Can I Make a Train Accident Claim?

The Rail Safety National Law (Queensland) Act 2017 outlines the duty of care obligations for safe railway operations. Rail transport providers must ensure clear passengers are aware of hazards and that railcars have sufficient maintenance.

Most train accidents happen when boarding or alighting the railcar, mainly when the automated doors are faulty or close unexpectedly. Passengers are also harmed during a train crash or when there is a driver error. There are also hazards inside the rail terminal, like escalator trips or falls and uneven or slippery floors.

Common accidents inside train stations include:

Train operators are liable for your safety. When something goes wrong, you could make a claim. Please contact our train accident lawyers to know your right to justice. Call 1800 700 125

A team of experienced bus accident lawyers

How a Bus Accident Lawyer Helps with Public Transport Injury Claims

Getting your life back on track after suffering a personal injury in an unexpected public transport accident can feel like an uphill battle. It can be tricky getting out of bed and ready for the day. At times like this, the additional stress and hassle of making a QLD personal injury claim might seem like an extra burden.

Splatt Lawyers understands your pain. For over 28 years, we have helped everyday Queenslanders seek justice for motor vehicle accident claims with minimum fuss. Let us fight your legal battles and get the result you are seeking. Our lawyers and solicitors are experts in getting lives back on track with experienced legal advice and compassion. It costs nothing to begin, and you pay nothing until we win your case. Call Now – 1800 700 125

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Public Transport Accident Claims FAQs

If you have a holiday-related transport accident, your eligibility to claim compensation is determined by where your car accident occurred and how you were harmed. You could have a case if your accident happened on Australian soil or over Australian waters.

In this circumstance, you need a local compensation law firm from the relevant jurisdiction for offshore accidents. Splatt Lawyers will review your circumstances for free, so request your case review now.

Contacting a compensation lawyer and pursuing legal action can seem overwhelming and stressful when you have been harmed. Splatt Lawyers knows this feeling, and we always seek to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. We are your local compensation experts, ready to help you access the finances you need for recovery. Contact us for legal advice. It’s free to start your case.

If you are injured while travelling on a bus, we would likely not be suing the driver. The bus company is liable for keeping you safe. Your claim would be against their public liability insurer. The bus operator can be found negligent under a range of circumstances, including:

  • Poor maintenance of their vehicles
  • Inadequate training of the bus driver
  • They hired a bus driver with a bad safety record

Splatt Lawyers settle 99% of personal injury claims without going to court. Court action can have unpredictable outcomes. For example, if you lose (and sometimes even when you win), you could owe more than the value of your compensation. Substantial costs associated with court proceedings; our compensation lawyers rarely recommend this action.

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