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You can make a hit-and-run claim for motor vehicle accidents when the at-fault driver has left the scene. Queensland personal injury laws give you the right to seek compensation for negligent driving, regardless of whether you were a pedestrian, driver, passenger, cyclist or otherwise.

If this is your situation, it’s normal to feel emotional trauma and confusion about your next steps. Thankfully, Splatt Lawyers’ legal team provides knowledgeable advice for personal injury claims.

Have peace of mind knowing our Hit and Run Lawyers are 28+ years experts in QLD accident claims for road injury compensation on a 100% no win, no fee basis. It’s free to know your rights and your claim eligibility. Call Now – 1800 575 023 or email us >

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Your Right to Claim Compensation for Hit-and-Run Accidents

In Queensland, the Motor Accident Compensation Act 1994 (the Act) provides the legal right to claim compensation for injuries related to a hit-and-run accident. According to Section 109 of the Act, you can lodge a damages compensation claim with the nominal defendant within the legislated time limit.

Generally, it is more complex to have a successful payout when you need the details of the negligent driver. So, it’s reassuring to know our car accident lawyers are experts in motor vehicle accident claims. Contact Splatt Lawyers now for immediate legal representation on 1800 700 125.

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What Can I Claim for Hit and Run Accident Compensation?

When you have a physical or psychological road accident injury with an unidentified driver (you don’t have the at-fault motor vehicle’s details), making a hit-and-run claim against the Queensland nominal defendant means accessing compensation for your losses. Generally, when you have a successful claim, you can seek damages for:

  • Loss of wages and superannuation
  • Past and future medical treatment costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Travel costs related to your accident claim
  • Cost of additional home care and medical equipment 

Ultimately, how much compensation you receive in a lump sum payout depends on the extent of your injuries and how much they have altered your life. Contact our skilled personal injury lawyers for your free claim evaluation to know what to expect. Call Now 1800 700 125.

100% No Win, No Fee Hit and Run Injury Compensation

Choosing our compensation lawyers for your hit-and-run personal injury claim means accessing our 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding, which means:

  • It’s free to get started
  • Pay no legal costs or fees until you win
  • Owe nothing if you lose.
  • We pay your expert reports and assessments until settlement.
  • Access our rehabilitation funding.

Unlike some Queensland personal injury law firms, Splatt Lawyers will not ask you to pay disbursement costs (until you win) or agree to a high-interest disbursement loan. Our No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee means you pay when you win and zero if you lose – and there are no success or uplift fees. Find out more by Calling 1800 700 125 – It’s free!

Strict Time Limits for Hit and Run Claims

There are strict time limits apply to lodging hit-and-run claims with the Queensland State Insurance Regulatory Authority, the nominal defendant. When you are the injured party in an accident with an unknown or unidentified driver, you must submit your compensation claim by the earliest of:

  • Three months from the accident date
  • Or one month of meeting with a motor vehicle accident lawyer regarding your case

It would help if you met your deadline when claiming common law damages. However, there are some rare exceptions. Ask our compensation lawyers if you qualify – Call 1800 700 125

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Making a Nominal Defendant Claim

The Queensland nominal defendant is a state government insurer created by the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994. When the driver involved fails to stop at the crime scene, you make a nominal defendant claim through the State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Hence, payouts for approved personal injury claims receive compensation from the nominal defendant fund. The statutory body acts as the liable insurance company, paying your lump sum settlement.

More about nominal defendant claims >

Can I Make a Hit and Run Personal Injury Claim?

You could lodge a personal injury claim if you were the injured person in a hit-and-run accident. According to Queensland personal injury laws, if a careless driver caused a road accident and left the scene without providing their contact details or reporting the incident to the police, they are liable for any damages or injuries caused by their negligent behaviour.

If someone could get the details of the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run incident (like the registration number), you could make a compulsory third-party insurance claim for your loss. You can find the relevant CTP insurer here >

When you win, your common law damages typically include medical expenses, lost quality of life, pain and suffering, future economic loss and more. The first step in making a successful hit-and-run compensation claim is to speak with a qualified compensation lawyer for informed advice. Contact Splatt Lawyers now to understand your circumstances.

Types of Hit-and-Run Accident Injuries

In Queensland, injuries sustained in a hit-and-run accident vary from mild to catastrophic damage and death. Generally, the vehicle type, speed, time, place and what you were doing at the time will determine your injury severity.

Statistics show that the most common hit-and-run injuries include:

When there are severe injuries, they can be life-threatening, requiring extensive medical care with an extended hospital stay. Regardless of the damage extent, you must get medical attention following a hit-and-run accident, even if you have no symptoms. Some physical or emotional damage takes time to develop, and early intervention will help speed your recovery.

When the accident involves a hit and run driver who flees the accident scene, they are called the unidentified vehicle. In this situation, you should:

  • Do not chase them: you don’t know why they fled, and the driver of the unidentified car could be a further risk to your safety.
  • Check the condition of the hit-and-run victims: please immediately seek medical attention for injuries sustained in the collision.
  • Get witness details: having enough witnesses to identify the fleeing motorist (or at least prove your case) will be crucial to a successful claim.
  • Collect evidence: take videos and photos of the incident, including traffic signs, skid marks and any other parties involved. Depending on where the accident occurred, there may be CCTV footage available.
  • Seek legal advice: When you are a car accident participant, you must know your legal position and protect your rights.

Hit and Run Lawyers Nearby

When the unexpected happens on the road, and you have a hit-and-run accident, it’s helpful to know expert legal support is nearby. With ten convenient locations, from Cairns to the Gold Coast, Splatt Lawyers will likely have a skilled injury and accident lawyer near you now. Choose your location: 

What is the Claim Process for Hit and Run Accidents?

Make a police report

If law enforcement does not attend the accident scene, you should go to the police station.

Collect evidence

You will need compelling proof to link your physical and mental injuries to the road accident and the related financial loss.

Lodge your claim

Lodge a claim form with the nominal defendant

Negotiate your settlement

Once completed, you have a successful payout or your lawyer disputes a denied claim.

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How Personal Injury Lawyers Help Claim Hit-and-Run Compensation

In the unfortunate event of a traffic accident where the other driver leaves the scene, compensation lawyers help victims claim their deserved lump sum settlement. If this is your situation, our personal injury solicitors will guide your legal proceedings, ensuring you access all your entitlements. 

Generally, your best chance of winning compensation relies on expert legal advice. So you can relax knowing Splatt Lawyers has a 99% accident claim success rate for out-of-court settlements. It’s free to get started, Call Now – 1800 700 125.

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Hit and Run Accident Compensation FAQs

When you don’t have the other parties’ insurance details, you lodge a nominal defendant claim. Next, the government insurer will contact you within 14 days to confirm the details. Then, they generally deliver a hit-and-run compensation outcome within six months.

In Queensland, a driver must report to the police immediately when someone is injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident or if the estimated cost of property damage is more than $2500. Non-compliance with the above is a punishable offence, punishable by a maximum fine of 20 penalty points ($2,611) or one year in jail.

Hit-and-run victims can claim compensation for emotional trauma when they suffer psychological damage in motor vehicle accidents.

You can make a personal injury claim when the other driver fled the hit-and-run incident scene. Your best choice is to work with experienced accident lawyers to achieve your desired result.

The expression “hit and run” refers to a traffic accident in which the other driver leaves the scene of the collision, typically after another road user has been injured. 

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