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If you have experienced a hearing loss injury from working in a noisy workplace (as a paid employee), you could be entitled to hearing loss compensation by making an industrial deafness claim. If this is your situation, get expert legal advice from our skilled workers compensation lawyers.

Compensation for Hearing Loss

Splatt Lawyers have supported workers with 100% No Win, No Fee funding for their WorkCover hearing loss matters for nearly three decades. Our friendly legal team have substantial legal experience with industrial deafness claims. Please find out how we can help you. It costs nothing to start and nothing for the life of your case. Pay our fees when you win and nothing if you lose. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

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Claim Lump-Sum Compensation for Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is a significant injury that can severely impact your life. Suppose you suffer from hearing problems from working in a noisy environment in Queensland as a wage earner. In that case, you can claim a lump sum payout under Queensland’s workers’ compensation system.

Splatt Lawyers have extensive experience representing clients with industrial deafness and obtaining significant lump-sum compensation. The average award for workplace deafness claims and compensation for hearing loss varies.

When your claim is successful, you will receive a one-off payment, ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 for modest hearing loss to $70,000 for severe hearing loss. There are deadlines for submitting claims for industrial deafness. You can lodge a WorkCover case while working as an employee, temporarily unemployed, or within 12 months of retirement.

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No Win No Fee Hearing Loss Compensation Claims

Splatt Lawyers are an expert WorkCover Law Firm that can help determine your rights for industrial deafness and related workers’ compensation claims. All our valued clients receive No Win, No Fee, No Risk funding, which means you pay no upfront or ongoing legal costs, including medical assessments and reports (such as from an Audiologist).

You only pay our legal fees when we win your case. If you lose, you owe us nothing. You have no financial risk. Our skilled personal injury lawyers will review your case at no charge and help you with your next steps. Find out – What is 100% No Win No Fee?

Act Now - Time Limits for Industrial Deafness Claims

In Queensland, claims for industrial deafness are subject to strict time constraints. So, if you file too late, you may not be able to access your hearing loss compensation. You can still have a valid claim even if you believe your injury may be partly your fault.

How do I Claim Industrial Deafness?

To file a claim for industrial deafness, you must submit a workers’ compensation medical certificate diagnosing industrial deafness (hearing loss); and file your claim while you’re either:

What is Industrial Deafness?

The NOHSC National Code of Practice (2004) defines occupational noise-induced hearing loss as an impairment caused by exposure to excessive noise at work; also known as industrial deafness.

What is the Cause of Industrial Deafness?

Industrial deafness typically develops in one of two ways:

  1. By working in a noisy setting without sufficient hearing protection for an extended time.
  2. Experiencing acoustic trauma due to a single exposure to extraordinarily high noise levels.

Your Hearing Loss Assessment

Your hearing loss evaluation is crucial.

WorkCover, or the workers’ compensation self-insurer, will arrange for your hearing evaluation with an audiologist to establish the level of hearing loss attributed to your workplace. Next, you receive a Notice of Assessment detailing your degree of hearing loss and your lump sum statutory payment that is your due entitlement under Queensland workers’ compensation legislation.

When Your Industrial Deafness Claim is Accepted

Upon acceptance of your claim for industrial deafness, you may be eligible for lump-sum compensation. However, you will not receive weekly remuneration or medical expense repayment. Be aware that the first five per cent of hearing loss is not compensable in a lump sum due to your natural decline of hearing.

When your claim is approved, you may resubmit it after filing the initial claim every three years. The proportion of hearing loss measured in the initial assessment will be subtracted from subsequent claims.

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Our QLD personal injury lawyers have considerable skills in work-related hearing loss compensation. Splatt’s WorkCover legal team supports injured Queensland workers daily with expert legal advice. We understand hearing loss’s impact on your life and your loved ones. Contact our team for expert legal guidance through the claim process. They will ensure you have the correct medical assessments and documentation to succeed.

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Industrial Deafness/Hearing Loss FAQs

The Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act of 2003 protects your rights and entitlements. You may file a claim for compensation if you suspect you have experienced hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure at work.

According to the law, the first 5 per cent of your hearing loss is not compensable, so you will need an audiology evaluation [hearing test]. We will also need to understand your previous employment, including other loud working environments where you may have worked. You can lodge a claim at any time throughout your working career or within one year of retirement.

You must file a claim while you are a paid Queensland worker, during a period of temporary unemployment, or 12 months from your retirement date.

Yes, but you must lodge your hearing loss claim within one year of retirement.

Yes, you can. Three years must pass between any additional or subsequent claims, and you will not be compensated for the initial 1 per cent of increased hearing loss for any following claims.

You will be compensated with a lump sum amount when your claim succeeds. Your compensation payout could be $2,000 to $6,000.00 for minor hearing loss and up to approximately $70,000.00 for significant hearing loss.

Unfortunately, no. The act does not require WorkCover or any self-insurer to pay for hearing aids. We believe this is hugely disappointing and unfair, as other Australian States and Territories pay for hearing aids for industrially deaf workers. If you feel wronged by this, we advise you to contact your local councillor and let them know. You must pay for hearing aids out of your lump-sum payment.

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