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Calculating compensation payouts for personal injury claims can seem complex. So, we have put together this compensation payout guide to help you know how injury damages are calculated and provide certainty that you are getting the settlement you deserve.

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How Much Compensation for a Personal Injury Payout?

When calculating compensation for personal injury claims, several factors determine the extent of damages. According to the QLD Civil Liability Act 2003 loss is typically determined using “heads of damages.”

The financial elements of a compensation claim that contribute towards the value of a successful payout include economic and non-economic factors, include:

  • Medical costs like hospital, ambulance, medication, rehab and doctors appointments
  • Lost earnings & superannuation – past and future
  • Cost of care expenses – additional help at home
  • Travel costs related to your recovery
  • General damages – pain and suffering
  • Out of pocket expenses

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What is the Purpose of a Personal Injury Claim Payout?

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A damages payout aims to restore your life to where it would be had your accident not happened. Therefore, your unique compensation value is calculated by how much your life has changed because of your illness, physical injury or psychiatric disorder.

For example, an injured leg will significantly impact your capacity to work if you are a construction worker compared to an office employee sitting at a desk all day.

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Calculate Your Injury Damages Settlement

You will likely want to calculate your injury damages settlement when you think you have a valid legal claim. A claim for personal injury can result when someone’s complete or partial negligence injures another person.

In Queensland, it is common for people to be injured in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, accidents on private property, and many other situations.

However the injury occurred, to successfully claim compensation, the injured party must provide evidence that the other person/party was responsible for the accident that caused them to be damaged.

100% No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Claim

Unlike some Queensland personal injury compensation law firms, Splatt Lawyers is 100% No Win, No Fee. Our legal funding policy means:

Permanent Impairment

If you have suffered an accident and have a permanent impairment injury, it may affect your quality of life, and you could be eligible for permanent disability compensation. Damage can occur in various situations, such as a car crash, on the job, while performing work duties, or in public venues, including shopping centres, supermarkets, and other public areas.

The costs associated with long-term caregiving and rehabilitation can be significant. You will struggle to pay these costs when you cannot work due to a disability. A successful personal injury claim can provide financial relief. Use our permanent impairment calculator to determine the benefits you can claim.

Average Payout of a Successful Personal Injury Claim

Compensation payout amounts are usually confidential and only become public if there is a court judgment, which is rare. Most compensation settlements are mediated, and the outcome is not shared. Nevertheless, we can reveal that the most significant injury claim payout in Queensland was approximately $ 20 million for a devastating brain injury case.

What you receive in damages compensation depends on a series of factors, including the severity of your injuries (single, multiple, physical, or psychological) and to what extent they have altered your life.

Average Car Accident Claim Payouts

On average, more than 7,500 CTP claims are lodged in Queensland for car accident personal injuries each year, with a combined payout value of more than $ 650,000,000. How much you receive depends on the severity of your harm. These are the average motor vehicle accident settlements:

Have you had a Queensland road traffic accident? You might have a legitimate compensation case if you were not the at-fault driver. Call now for reliable car accident legal advice: 1800 700 125 or use our online car accident calculator >

Injury Severity
Percent of Claims
Average Payout

Average Work Accident Injury Payouts

According to WorkSafe QLD statistics, there are over 3,200 common law claims for physical and psychiatric work injuries (on average) every year, with an average payout of $ 168,316.

Some injured workers do not make a common law claim and instead receive a lump sum payout for permanent impairment, which relies on a statutory benefits scheme to determine the value.

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Average Public Liability Claim Payouts

No legal entity releases compensation values for Queensland public liability claim payouts. However, based on our 28 years of expertise in claims against public liability insurance (like slips and falls), the injury settlement figures are like other personal injury damages payments.

An average payout for public liability injury would range between $ 60,000 and $ 370,000, with higher amounts for severe physical harm.

For other types of injury claims, please get in touch with our helpful Brisbane personal injury lawyers for your free claim estimate – 1800 700 125 or email us with your details.

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Compensation Claim Calculator FAQ's

Most people who believe they have a potential compensation case want to know what their damages payout is worth. Compensation claim calculators can be a helpful tool for getting an estimate of the lump sum payment you receive when having a successful injury damages claim.

However, it is essential to remember that everyone’s case is unique. Consequently, a personal injury claims calculator provides an estimate and may only consider some factors that are measured when valuing your compensation package. For a more accurate figure, please contact our friendly legal team on 1800 700 125 – it’s free!

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Who Can Use Our Injury Damages Compensation Calculator?

You could use our quick and easy damages compensation calculator when:

  1. You are injured in a cycling accident, motor vehicle accident, motorcycle accident or any other type of incident on Queensland roads.
  2. You have workplace injuries or been harmed while travelling to or from work or for work purposes 
  3. An accident has resulted in severe injuries to various body areas, including backhead, neck, ankle, brain, shoulder, leg, arm, eye, hearing and soft tissue damage like a whiplash injury.
  4. You have psychological injuries or workplace mental illness, including severe stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, or nervous shock, that has resulted from an accident at work, on the road, in public, or another type of incident.
  5. You have had an accident in a public place, on a privately owned property (including rental properties) or council-owned facilities, including footpaths, car parks, malls, ovals and many more.
  6. You are a Queenslander who believes they may have a valid personal injury claim and would like to access our 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding.
  7. You are struggling financially and need financial support for medical treatment costs and rehabilitation expenses.

TPD Claim Lawyers - Queensland Wide

If you are injured and cannot work again in your regular job, you might be eligible for a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim through your superannuation. Knowing if you have a valid claim and qualify for lump sum benefits costs nothing.

Splatt Lawyers has been winning TPD claims for nearly three decades, and payouts can be substantial. We have a 99% success rate for helping working Queenslanders with successful disability insurance claims. With a team of TPD claim lawyers throughout Southeast Queensland, we have someone nearby who is ready to help you.

Use our quick TPD Payout Calculator now to see if you qualify and the approximate value of your TPD settlement.

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