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Our Queensland CTP Insurance Claim Lawyers have been helping people injured in a road accident that was not their fault for over 28 years, 100% No Win, No Fee. CTP claims (or third-party insurance claims) are complex, and insurance companies typically seek to limit your entitlements. That’s when our personal injury lawyers can assist.

If you have acquired an injury in an incident on the road as a – vehicle drivertruck driver, passenger, bicycle rider, motorcycle rider, or any other circumstance – our QLD CTP Claim Lawyers can help – in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and any other location. It costs nothing to know your rights, so Call Now – 1800 700 125  or email us >

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How Queensland CTP Insurance Cover Works

For Queensland drivers with a registered vehicle, CTP insurance provides cover against claims made against you should you injure or kill someone else on the road. This cover includes passengers in your car, pedestrians, other motorists, etc. Therefore, if you are injured on Queensland roads and were either not at fault or partially not at fault, a CTP insurance claim will fund your injury compensation.

Your Legal Right to Claim CTP Compensation

Your legal right to claim CTP compensation for a Queensland road accident is covered by the Civil Liability Act 2003, and the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994.

Generally, this legislation outlines the claims for compensation you can make and places boundaries on the settlement you can achieve. To understand how this legislation applies to your legal matter, speak with our CTP Claim legal team for your free case assessment. Call Now – 1800 700 125

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What is my claim worth?

How Do I Lodge a Queensland CTP Claim?

Act Now – CTP Claim Time Limits Apply

The Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 (Qld) requires you to start the CTP claim process must be within the earlier of:

  • Nine months from your road accident date
  • One month of seeing a lawyer about lodging a CTP injury claim.

The time frame for filing compulsory third-party insurance claims has a deadline. Hence, there is a three-year time limit if the vehicle that caused the accident has insurance coverage.

Time Limits for Unregistered Vehicles

Furthermore, a strict limitation period applies for unregistered at-fault vehicles. In this case, it is essential to conduct an in-depth search to identify the correct CTP insurer promptly. A claim could be lodged against the wrong insurance company without correctly verifying the insurer, thus missing any applicable deadlines.

Splatt Lawyers will ensure swift action to protect your rights once you agree to 100% No Win, No Fee legal representation by our CTP claim lawyers. Call now for immediate support – 1800 700 125.

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QLD & Brisbane CTP Claims – How do they work?

When making a Brisbane CTP claim in Queensland, you must follow a series of actions. These are the steps of the CTP claim process.

  1. Complete pre-court procedure
  2. Lodge CTP claim
  3. Receive lodgement acceptance
  4. Start your rehabilitation
  5. Liability is assessed
  6. Insurance company investigates
  7. Your injuries stabilise
  8. Compulsory conference (claim negotiation)
  9. Settlement (CTP payout) 

Generally, your claim cannot be settled until your injuries are stable. So, Splatt Lawyers will organise independent medical assessments to understand your existing condition and the future impacts of these.

NOTE – An injured person can have their reasonable and necessary rehabilitation costs paid for by their insurance company once they admit liability. 

Car Accident TPD Payouts

Furthermore, once you have received a settlement, you cannot make any further CTP claims. If your accident injury has prevented you from working in your regular profession, you might also have a Superannuation TPD claim. Calculate My TPD Payout >

Infographic of CTP claim timeline
Infographic of Queensland CTP claim timeline

QLD Compulsory Third-Party Insurers

The four licenced CTP insurers in Queensland are RACQ, Suncorp, Allianz, and QBE. One of these insurance companies would likely fund the damages payout of your motor vehicle accident compensation. How much you receive depends on the extent of your injuries and the impact on your life. Your entitlements would include payment for:

The CTP insurer will likely try to limit the value of your entitlements. Splatt Lawyers’ compulsory third-party legal team regularly settle legal claims with Queensland CTP insurers. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure you receive your desired outcome. Call Now for fast legal help – 1800 700 125.

More about the QLD third-party insurance scheme >

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Nervous Shock Claims

Witnessing a terrible accident can be very disturbing. In fact, you could have a prolonged emotional injury if you see a friend or loved one being hurt or killed in a road accident. This memory could destroy your sleep and focus at work and cause you to withdraw from others and social interaction.

People in Queensland with a psychological reaction to a tragic accident may be eligible to claim nervous shock. This type of personal injury claim is generally more relevant to close friends and family members; however, they can also apply to first responders such as police, ambulance and fire officers.

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Lump Sum Payments

You could be eligible for a lump sum claim if you were not at fault for your road accident and your injuries are assessed as non-minor (permanent impairment). This payment is the only way to gain funds for your recovery past 24 months.

For some people, their physical or psychological injury gets more severe over time, so if you were initially assessed as minor, you could become a non-minor. Speak with your lawyer for advice on how lump sum consideration may apply to your case.

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100% No Win, No Fee CTP Insurance Claims

Being harmed in an unexpected accident can disrupt your life. Furthermore, your physical or psychological damage can be a source of frustration and pain, making it difficult to focus on your financial circumstances, including the cost of hiring an expert personal injury lawyer.

Thankfully, when you work with Splatt Lawyers on your third-party accident insurance claim, you will have peace of mind knowing we have your legal costs covered.

Our 100% No Win, No Fee legal funding means you pay nothing to get started and nothing until we win your claim. Additionally, we fund your medical assessments and expert reports until settlement, when these fees are recovered. Pay nothing if you lose. It’s the Splatt Lawyers’ No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee.

What is 100% No Win No Fee?

Expert Legal Help – Lodging Your CTP Claim

Accessing your personal injury insurance entitlements can be challenging when lodging your CTP insurance claim. Typically, the insurance company will have their own set of rules and regulations for assessing your case to determine the value of your payout.

Generally, having an experienced CTP claim lawyer on your side will give you the best opportunity of achieving your desired result. Splatt Lawyers’ team of CTP compensation lawyers have supported many Queenslanders with successful outcomes for compulsory third-party matters over the past 28 years. Rely on our substantial knowledge and experience to get you your rightful injury benefits. Get fast legal representation by Calling 1800 700 125.

CTP Lawyers Near You

When you need expert legal advice for a CTP injury claim, it’s good to know help is close by. Splatt Lawyers provide fast and experienced support from 10 handy locations. Choose from – Brisbane, Sunshine CoastGold CoastToowoombaLoganIpswichCaboolture, Bundaberg, Cairns and Townsville.

Queensland CTP Claim FAQs

If you are harmed on a Queensland Road, and the accident is not your fault, you could lodge a compensation claim for personal injury benefits. You lodge a CTP claim with the insurer of the at-fault vehicle. Splatt Lawyers will find the relevant insurer, submit your matter and ensure you receive your legal entitlements.

Our legal team will prepare and submit your notice of accident claim form. We will make sure this process is completed accurately and that your legal rights are secure.

Most CTP claims are settled between 3 and 6 months. However, if your road injuries are significant, it could take up to 3 years.

The required time to reach a settlement will rely on several factors such as:

  • how severe are your injuries
  • how strenuously the insurance company defends your claim
  • how long it takes for third parties to respond

In Queensland, the majority of CTP Claims are resolved within 48 months.

Splatt Lawyers manage all CTP claims on a 100% no win, no fee basis. You only pay legal fees if you win your case, and these fees are capped. You pay no upfront or ongoing costs, including medical assessments and reports. See more about our pricing here >

Your payout amount will depend on the nature of your injuries and the impact these have on your life. Everyone has unique circumstances when it comes to road accidents. In Queensland, the average CTP payout figure is approximately $ 100,000.

It is typical for the CTP insurer to appoint an investigator for your incident. This investigator will get statements from the vehicle drivers and any witnesses. They will probably ask you for a statement too. You must seek legal advice before speaking with your investigator. Your account must be truthful and accurate. How you word your account is significant to the outcome of your case.

First, you need an experienced solicitor to help you establish the other party’s liability. Proving liability is the heart of your legal matter and will play a part in determining your personal injury benefits. Time limits apply for seeking legal advice, so act now.

Secondly, CTP insurers have their legal teams who will seek to limit their liability. That’s their job. They could try to deny liability altogether or reduce their liability. A good CTP lawyer understands and will guide you through the process.

CTP Claims will settle at different times depending on individual circumstances. Every auto accident is different in the time they take to complete. Claims for minor injuries usually resolve more quickly than significant accidents or when there is doubt about who was at fault.

If the vehicle at fault is unregistered, there is no CTP insurer. In this circumstance, you can bring a claim against the State of Queensland’s Nominal Defendant. This statutory body was created under the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994, enabling injured people to claim personal injury compensation. There are strict time limits to submit your case to the Nominal Defendant. Once you have lodged your claim, they will fund your medical costs while your car accident compensation claim progresses.

You can choose to represent yourself for your legal damages case. However, statistics demonstrate that people who choose to represent themselves in CTP claims against insurers, expecting to save money, are usually disappointed.

Data from the Motor Accident Insurance Commission reveals that those who filed their own claims on average received settlements of less than $10,000, while those with representation from a CTP claim lawyer achieved average payouts of around $90,000.

Be aware that once you speak with a law firm about lodging an accident claim, you have one month to start your case.

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