Time Limits for Car Accident Claims

For QLD car accidents you must make a CTP claim within 1 to 9 months, with a general limitation period of three years. Learn more about your circumstances.
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If you have a legitimate car accident claim in Queensland, you must lodge your compulsory third-party claim within the strict time limits that apply to your case.

Below, we provide general information about the car accident insurance claim (CTP claim) timeframes for starting litigation; however, please know that every situation is unique. You need to meet your deadline to avoid disqualification from filing a compensation claim. (some exclusions apply, so ask a CTP lawyer)

To understand the time period for your circumstances, please contact our experienced personal injury lawyers now. Knowing your cut-off dates and legal right to claim is free.

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Disclaimer: The below information is not legal advice. Please request legal advice specific to your situation.

What is my claim worth?

What is the Time Limit for QLD Car Accident (CTP) Claims?

The Queensland Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 states that your CTP insurance claim must begin with the earlier of:

  • Nine months from the road accident date
  • One month of speaking with a lawyer about pursuing a claim

For car accident claims, there is also a general limitation period of three years if the at-fault vehicle is registered and known. (i.e. you have their details)

If you are injured in a Queensland traffic accident, you must quickly determine the correct CTP insurer. If you lodge against the wrong insurance company, you may miss your cut-off date and be barred from receiving a compensation payout.

Splatt Lawyers has been helping injured people make successful CTP claims for nearly three decades. Our expert car accident claim lawyers will advise your lodgement dates and file against the correct insurer. Contact us now for a free claim assessment.

What is the QLD Time Limit for Nominal Defendant Accident Claims?

When you have an accident with an unidentified or uninsured vehicle (e.g., a hit-and-run accident), you can still seek compensation by making a nominal defendant claim. In this case, you have a strict three-month time limit from the accident date to make a claim.

You can feel stressed and unsure after a car crash, so remove any doubt by contacting one of your skilled compensation lawyers now. It’s free to know your situation. Call Now – 1800 700 125

Can I Claim for a Collision that Happened 3 Years Ago?

Yes, you can; if you were younger than 18 or were living with a disability, you could still lodge a compensation claim.

If pre-court procedures have not been completed and the three (3) year limitation period draws near, you must bring an application before a judge within the limitation period. Once pre-court procedures have been completed, the judge may make orders allowing proceedings to be filed outside the three (3) year period.

In some situations, you can pursue compensation after the three-year limitation period, and our legal team knows all about them. Be sure to contact us immediately for fast, informed legal advice.

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Lodging a Notice of Accident Claim Form

A “Notice of Accident Claim Form” must be given to the CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault. Generally, you must do this within nine (9) months of the accident or within one (1) month of retaining the services of a solicitor.

In circumstances involving an unregistered or unidentified motor vehicle, the time limits are strict, and you must give notice to the Nominal Defendant within three (3) months. The Nominal Defendant is a government body that takes the place of the CTP insurer in circumstances where the “at fault” vehicle is either unregistered or unidentified.

How Long Does a CTP Insurance Claim Take?

The time it takes to settle a car accident insurance claim depends on a few factors, including:

  • The number and severity of your injuries
  • How long it takes for your injuries to stabilise
  • The complexity of establishing liability (e.g. when are there multiple negligent drivers)
  • If the CTP insurer denies liability
  • The time required to gather contact details and evidence

Generally, CTP claims resolve within 12 to 18 months, with some straightforward claims taking six months. You can take steps to fast-track your CTP payout, and your legal team will explain these to you when you contact us.

Do I Have a Valid Claim?

QLD CTP Insurer Liability Decisions

According to the Annual CTP Insights report for 2021–2022, the four Queensland compulsory third-party insurers reached a liability decision within six months of claim lodgement in over 99% of cases.

However, the time to settle is substantially longer after establishing liability. During this period, your lawyer and the insurance company negotiate the value of your claim.

How long does CTP claim take icon

Average Claim Duration for QLD Car Accident Insurers

In the financial year 2021-2022, the average claim duration for Queensland third-party car accident insurance policies was 20 months to settle.

This table shows the settlement period by the insurer for 2021-2022

Allianz21.2 months
QBE18.7 months
RACQ16.3 months
Suncorp22.2 months
Average QLD CTP claim duration

What is the Timeframe for a Settlement Payout?

You sign a release once you reach a settlement agreement with the CTP insurance company. This document specifies when you will receive your payout.

Both organisations must provide statutory clearance before payment if you have received benefits from Centrelink or WorkCover for your injuries.

Generally, the delay for your compensation payout is between four and eight weeks from signing a release.

The Role of CTP Lawyers Explained

CTP lawyers represent the legal interests of people making a personal injury claim for a motor vehicle accident. As you would expect, a solicitor with extensive experience in these legal matters has substantial knowledge of the CTP claim process and how to have a winning outcome. Choosing the best Queensland CTP lawyer is vital for a successful payout.

Our Brisbane law firm was established 28 years ago by Kerry Splatt, a Queensland Law Society-accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. This accreditation acknowledges a legal practitioner’s compensation law expertise. All our accident compensation lawyers work with the oversight of Kerry Splatt, which means:

  1. We ensure you lodge within your time frame
  2. Our legal team knows how to construct a compelling damages claim
  3. We prepare a comprehensive statement of loss and damage so you get all your entitlements.
  4. Our CTP lawyers have years of experience negotiating outcomes with all four QLD CTP insurers
  5. Guide you through each step of the claims process in plain English.

Win Your Case With Splatt Lawyers?

Why Use a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Car Accident Insurance Claim?

Within the legal industry, it is a well-known fact that insurers enjoy dealing directly with injured parties. Typically, the insurance company will seek to protect its bottom line by minimising the value of your compensation. A lawyer experienced in car accident claims knows how to establish fault, minimise liability, and build a compelling case proving your loss’s total value.

According to the MAIC annual report, here are the primary reasons why injured people choose legal representation for their CTP claim.

Reason for Choosing to Hire a LawyerPercent of People
Lack of understanding of the CTP claims process and industry jargon53%
Lawyers perceived as experts33%
Having persistent problems or a disability24%
To save time, effort and stress23%
Reasons why people choose to hire a lawyer for an accident claim

Splatt Lawyers Help You Know Your Claim Time Limits

Splatt Lawyers have a strong record for successful car accident claims, with a 99% success rate for out-of-court settlements. We fund all our compensation legal services on a 100% no-win, no-fee basis, which means we cover all your costs and expenses until you achieve an outcome. Pay when you win and zero if you lose. It’s our No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee. We can help you if you were injured as:

Time limits under the legislation are complex, and you should comply if you wish to access all your entitlements. Your priority should be to seek legal advice. Act now. Protect your rights, contact us, or call our Accident Compensation Advice helpline on 1800 700 125

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Car Accident Insurance Claim Time Limits FAQS

What kinds of compensation are available for a motor vehicle accident insurance claim?

When you have a successful road accident claim, you can receive lump sum compensation for economic and non-economic loss under ‘heads of damage’, including:

  • Pain and suffering (also known as general damages)
  • Lost earnings (income and superannuation)
  • Domestic assistance and other care expenses
  • Medical expenses, including ambulance, nursing and hospital treatment
  • Medical-related travel expenses
  • The cost of medical aids and equipment

In some cases, you may be entitled to regular income support payments, calculated as a percentage of your regular earnings.

What is the Queensland Time Limit for a Compensation Claim?

In Queensland, you have a general time limit of three years from the date of the accident to lodge a notice of claim or nine months when the at-fault vehicle is unknown or unregistered.

What if I miss my accident claim cut-off date?

In rare cases, you can lodge a claim if you miss your deadline. Please contact our legal team immediately for free legal advice.

Can I sue for emotional damage or psychiatric injury?

Emotional trauma is often associated with a traffic accident injury, so yes, you can sue for psychological impacts. Learn more about common law damages for mental suffering >

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