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What to do if I don’t have details of the other driver in a car accident

All drivers involved in a road accident are required to exchange details. When the other driver doesn’t, or won’t, offer specifics like their name, address, phone number, or insurance company, you have the right to contact the police. In this situation, police will visit the accident scene even when it’s a minor collision.

Can I claim injury compensation with no driver details?

You can still lodge a personal injury claim if you have been injured in your car or road accident and don’t have the other at-fault motorists’ contact information. In this situation, you make a CTP insurance claim, submitting your case to the nominal defendant. The nominal defendant will accept your claim if you can show you took reasonable action to identify the at-fault driver.

Time Limits – nominal defendant claims have a short lodgement time constraint, so you should act immediately if this applies to you.

The nominal defendant is a statutory body set up under Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 for accident victims to claim personal injury compensation when:

  1. They have a hit-and-run accident
  2. The at-fault driver leaves before providing contact details
  3. The other accident vehicle is unregistered

How do I claim damage to my vehicle with No Driver Details?

You must have the other driver’s details to claim vehicle repair costs from the at-fault motorist. When that person leaves the scene or can’t or won’t give you their contact and insurance information, if you have their vehicle registration number, you can lodge a request with your State Department of Transport. 

What if the other driver gave me fake information?

If you believe the other motorist gave you intentionally incorrect details, you can contact the police. Law enforcement should then investigate your case and pursue prosecution of the other driver.

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