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Our Queensland WorkCover lawyers help you claim workers’ compensation when you are injured at work, or have a work-related illness or mental health condition – 100% No Win, No Fee.

All Queensland employers must provide a safe working environment and have workers’ compensation insurance, generally WorkCover QLD. Hence, you can seek ‘lump sum compensation for work-related injuries.

Splatt Lawyers is a leading personal injury law firm in Brisbane, providing legal services on a 100% No Win, No Fee basis. Our experienced work injury lawyers will support you through the challenging process of accessing all your WorkCover entitlements.

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What is a WorkCover Lawyer Brisbane?

A Brisbane WorkCover lawyer is an expert legal professional who manages workers’ compensation claims. They help injured workers understand legal processes, offer informed legal advice, and represent them in employment or Workcover negotiations regarding damages claims.

With Splatt Lawyers, knowing your WorkCover rights and entitlements costs nothing, so ask our experienced work injury lawyers for immediate support – Call 1800 700 125

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Our expert workers' compensation lawyers will guide you through the entire legal process to a better tomorrow.

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Can I Make a WorkCover Claim in QLD?

If you suffer an injury at work in Queensland (or while working for a company based in our state) and your job plays a significant role, you can make a WorkCover claim.

Furthermore, both physical and psychological damage are eligible for benefits, regardless of whether you:

  • work full-time, part-time, casual or permanent
  • are a contractor or sub-contractor
  • are a volunteer, on work experience or are a junior employee
  • are self-employed (in certain circumstances)

You can still be eligible even when you are:

  • Injured while on a work break
  • Have an accident travelling to or from work
  • Are injured while travelling for work purposes
  • Harmed at a function, conference or work event
  • Have a pre-existing injury

WorkCover also helps the dependents and loved ones of someone who suffers serious harm and is a casualty of a work incident.

Workers Compensation Claim Legal Advice

Under the Queensland Workers Compensation Scheme, an injured person can claim legal damages for physical or psychological harm in the workplace. Fortunately, you can rely on our workers’ compensation ‘lawyers’ knowledge of WorkCover legislation to guide you through the entire legal process. We help you cope with the stress and anxiety of dealing with your employer’s insurer.

With nearly three decades of legal experience, our skilled workplace litigation solicitors will explain your legal right to seek common law damages.

Our Brisbane law firm regularly provides personal injury legal advice for a range of matters, including (but not limited to):

What is my workplace injury claim worth?

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100% No Win, No Fee QLD WorkCover Claims

Your finances will be compromised when you are injured at work due to your employer’s negligent actions. It’s likely paying your compensation lawyer’s fees is not your top priority when you have medical treatment expenses and other bills.

So, it’s a relief to learn that Splatt Lawyers has you covered. Our 100% No Win, No Pay policy means you will not be out-of-pocket for legal costs or fees until we win your case. Our No Risk guarantee means the following:

  • Pay nothing to start your case
  • There are no legal fees or costs during your case
  • Pay our legal costs when you win
  • Owe nothing if you lose
  • We fund your medical reports, assessments & rehabilitation costs.

Choose the Queensland no win, no fee law firm with a long history of defending the rights of injured workers. Ask us now for expert free advice – Call 1800 700 125

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What is WorkCover Insurance?

WorkCover Queensland is a “no-fault” insurance scheme that guards against harm to an injured employee due to a workplace accident. Consequently, when you cannot work because of your medical condition, they provide the financial resources you need to support your recovery.

All Queensland employers must have compulsory statutory insurance coverage. The majority choose WorkCover, while some large businesses are self-insured. When you have a successful claim, this compensation scheme funds your payments.

You don’t need to prove who was at fault when applying for WorkCover Queensland benefits.

How Much is My WorkCover Compensation Worth?

WorkCover Queensland is a statutory scheme, meaning some rules determine the value of your workers’ compensation claim. Furthermore, when your employer’s negligence causes you harm, you could also:

  1. file a common law claim
  2. receive a lump-sum payment when your injury has caused permanent impairment.

Your payout value will depend on your work-related injuries‘ severity and their impact on your life, which needs compelling expert evidence to support your claim. The components of your benefits include the following:

  • Weekly earnings
  • Future and past lost income
  • Future and past lost superannuation
  • Reasonable medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses
  • Cost of personal care
  • Lost enjoyment of life (pain and suffering)
  • A lump sum payout for permanent and severe injuries

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What is the Time Limit for WorkCover Claims?

Every case is different, and strict time limits apply. In general, you must lodge Queensland workers’ compensation claims within three years from the commencement date of your physical injury, illness or psychological illness. 

For WorkCover benefits, you must commence an action within six months of your accident date. Sometimes, you can seek compensation after this deadline, but this is rare.

For common law claims, you must submit a Notice of Damages to Workcover within three years when you sue your employer’s insurance company for common law damages.

Taking swift action is a sound legal strategy. What you do in the early days of your case will impact your outcome, so please ask our workers’ compensation lawyers about your best course of action.

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QLD Workers Compensation Claims Process

Seek Medical Attention

Please seek medical support immediately and get a medical certificate. It should be possible for most doctors to bill your medical expenses to the WorkCover insurer.

Next, submit a work accident report. Please seek legal advice if your employer asks you to sign any other documents.

Lodge your WorkCover claim form

There are two types of legal cases related to workplace injury and illness. Statutory claims and common law claims. To begin, you should:

  1. Get a Work Capacity certificate from your medical professional.
  2. Lodge your matter with WorkCover.
  3. Locate the details of your employer’s insurer.
The insurer accepts or denies your case.

The insurer will respond to your case within 20 business days. Following lodgement, they will likely get in touch with questions about your employment, medical condition, your pay and work accident details.

WorkCover accepts your claim

When WorkCover accepts your claim, you will receive weekly benefits based on your previous 12 months' earnings. WorkCover will also support your recovery by funding medical and rehabilitation costs.

Your payments will stop when
  1. You go back to work
  2. Your injuries stabilise
  3. You already have obtained your maximum entitlements
  4. You decide to retire
Infographic showing the timeline of a QLD WorkCover claim
Infographic showing the timeline of a QLD WorkCover claim

How a Brisbane WorkCover Lawyer Helps You

Explains Your Rights and Entitlements

A Workcover lawyer will explain your legal rights and entitlements under the Queensland Work Injury Insurance Scheme and the applicable workplace health and safety regulations.

You will know if you make a WorkCover claim and your chances of success.

You could access workers’ compensation, common law payout, permanent impairment lump sum settlement and TPD claim.

Know your approximate claims settlement value to decide if proceeding with your legal action is worthwhile. Ask for free advice now >

An expert WorkCover lawyer helps you efficiently access weekly payments and lump-sum compensation when a serious injury has caused permanent impairment.

A worker’s compensation lawyer will represent you in negotiations with QLD Workcover and your employer to ensure you receive all your workers compensation payments.

When negotiations fail, a Workcover lawyer will fight to ensure your rights are protected in court by representing you in legal proceedings. Your legal claim assessment is free, so get in touch now to get started – Call 1800 860 777.

What are the Common Injuries for WorkCover Claims?

There is a range of psychological and physical injuries and illnesses compensated by WorkCover, including:

Which injuries can be compensated >

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Helpful Brisbane WorkCover Lawyers

Struggling to pay your bills is one of the challenges you may be experiencing when a workplace injury or illness has impacted you. Let Splatt Lawyers do the heavy lifting for you.

Our Brisbane personal injury lawyers have considerable expertise in WorkCover cases. They will help you understand the legal process, answer any questions you may have, and let you know the viability of your case with a comprehensive free case review. For immediate support Call 1800 700 125

When you need expert legal insights for a workers’ compensation claim, it’s comforting we have WorkCover lawyers nearby is comforting. Choose your location:

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Work-related Injury Claim FAQs

  1. First, you can seek payments under WorkCover.
  2. Second, make a permanent disablement claim for a lump sum payout.
  3. Third, make a common law claim against your negligent employer.
  4. Fourth, a Total and Permanent Disability claim through your superannuation when you can’t work in your regular job anymore.

When you make a WorkCover claim, your authorised insurer must decide whether to pay benefits within 28 days. Your claim is automatically accepted if they don’t provide written feedback within that time. The insurance company may ask you to be assessed by their doctors within that period.

To be eligible for a WorkCover claim, you must be:

  1. A worker – full-time, casual, permanent, part-time, and subcontractor are all included.
  2. You must be employed by a Queensland business or one with a QLD-based head office.
  3. You are injured on the job or in work-related circumstances.
  4. Your work is a significant contributing factor to your harm.

(Note – you do not need to establish who was at fault). Know if you can make a claim by requesting your free claim check from Splatt Lawyers now.

You may be able to make claims for injuries sustained during work hours and some trips made in connection with your job. This includes travel to and from work and incidents that occur while you are working. There are strict rules about what constitutes a work-related journey.

You must prove that you undertook the trip to further your employer’s interests and that it was reasonably foreseeable that the trip might cause harm. Our workplace solicitors will let you know if you have a case. This service is free.

Typically, an employer will pay workers’ compensation insurance premiums so that WorkCover Queensland (or another insurance company) can financially support injured employees. The purpose of the Queensland statutory workplace insurance scheme is to protect those who are harmed while working.

Contact our lawyers for a free, confidential consultation if you’re worried about how your employer will respond.

The majority of Queensland companies have WorkCover coverage for workplace accident insurance. If your company is self-insured, you must contact their insurer to make an occupational injury claim.

Do not allow your employer to discourage you from seeking legal advice or filing a claim for your work related injury. It is the insurance company that will fund your payout.

Contact our friendly workers’ compensation lawyers if you are worried about how your boss will react. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

If WorkCover rejects your case, it will provide a “WorkCover Review of Decision” explaining its decision to deny benefits. Similarly, WorkCover may have accepted your claim for some time, only to issue you a “Reasons for Decision” that instantly closes your case (eg. when a WorkCover doctor has advised that your occupational injury has now ceased or that something else was the leading cause of your harm).

If you have received a “Reasons for Decision” from WorkCover, you must appeal their decision within 3 months with the Workers Compensation Regulator. QLD WorkCover regularly denies claims of injured employees, and our lawyers are experienced in reversing this outcome.

Failing to appeal a ruling within 3 months often means you cannot seek work accident compensation. If this is your situation, please contact our legal team now at 1800 700 125.

Choosing the best Brisbane WorkCover lawyers is essential for the best representation and result. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a great workers compensation lawyer:

  1. Experience: Choose a WorkCover lawyer with many years of experience in occupational injury claims and a winning track record.
  2. Knowledge: Select a lawyer who understands the Queensland Workcover scheme and its legal procedures.
  3. Communication: It would be best if your lawyer communicated clearly and effectively and kept you informed about your case’s progress.
  4. Personalised service: It can be stressful to pursue your Workcover entitlements, so you need a lawyer who provides personalised service and takes the time to understand your needs and concerns.

In Queensland, Workcover lawyers typically provide legal services on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning they’ll only receive payment when you get a lump sum payment. The Queensland Law Society regulates their fees, typically a percentage of your lump sum compensation.


The time it takes to receive compensation from Workcover Queensland depends on the complexity of your case and the extent of your injuries. Generally, it can take a few weeks to several months. When you contact us for your free comprehensive case review, your lawyer will let you know your approximate settlement time.

If your boss disputes your workers’ compensation claim, our Brisbane WorkCover lawyers will represent you in negotiations and fight for your legal rights. Remember, Splatt Lawyers charges nothing until we win your compensation claim, so you have no financial risk.

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