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Splatt Lawyer’s team of eye injury compensation lawyers can help when experiencing loss of sight due to someone else’s partial or total negligence. If this is your situation, you could be eligible to make an eye injury compensation claim for your physical and psychological damage.

Regardless of whether your vision was damaged by a workplace accident, traffic accident, or an injury in a public place, you must seek immediate medical treatment and then work with a skilled personal injury lawyer to access all your entitlements.

Our eye injury compensation claim lawyers have considerable expertise in helping injured Queenslanders get justice for eyesight damage. 

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Eye Injury Compensation Claims – Brisbane and QLD Wide

Even if you’re not blind, having good vision is so important that any injury to your eyes could devastate your daily life. Having damaged eyesight will likely make it hard for you to earn an income that will substantially impact you and your family. A successful eye injury compensation payout will give you the resources to get your life back on track.

Depending on your eyesight accident, you might claim workers’ compensation, common law damages, and a Total and Permanent Disability claim. Sometimes, your payout would be a lump sum and, in others, a recurring monthly payment.

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Helpful Personal Injury Lawyers

Our expert compensation lawyers will guide you through the legal process to a better tomorrow.

Eye Injury at Work

The QLD Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2014, division 2 section 23 outlines the factors impacting ISV assessment for employment-related eye accidents resulting in sight loss. This legislation covers minor eye injuries to severe or total sight impairment in one or both eyes. If your accident was work-related, you might be entitled to claim workers’ compensation and, in some cases, a lump sum permanent impairment claim. Contact our work injury claim lawyers to learn about your options.

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Compensation for a public place injury depends on the circumstances of the incident. For accidents in public venues like gyms, supermarkets, shopping centres, and stores, the property owner is likely liable, and their insurer will fund your compensation.

Your local authority would be liable for your damage from accidents in council-owned public places such as parks, footpaths, car parks, libraries, city hall, etc. The property owner could be liable if the incident happened on private property such as a rental home, holiday home, hotel or similar.

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Car Accident Eye Injury Claim

Accidents on Queensland roads are unpredictable and happen under various circumstances, and many could damage your eyesight, whether you are a vehicle driver, passenger, or pedestrian.

Generally, if you are harmed in a traffic incident, your claim would be against the CTP insurer of the negligent party. Splatt Lawyers will help you understand who is liable for your harm.

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Medical negligence can cause someone to suffer temporary or permanent eye damage and impaired vision. For example, a surgeon performing negligent eye surgery or dodgy laser vision correction can cause this.

This type of negligence can be extremely devastating, and the effects can be long-lasting and severe. People who suffer a loss due to medical malpractice, misdiagnosis or a negligent ocular procedure could claim compensation and receive a lump sum payout.

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Eye Injury Common Law Claims

You could make an eye injury common law claim when you suffer temporary or permanent vision damage because someone else was careless or negligent. In effect, you are suing the liable party’s insurance company for legal damages. When successful, you receive a once-off lump sum settlement of your claim. Typical scenarios for a common law claim are:

In many situations, you can experience a loss of sight injury due to the actions (or failure to act) of someone else or another entity. You could successfully pursue your entitlements with an eye injury claim when this happens to you.

Emotional Trauma Claims

No doubt, experiencing full or partial sight loss can take a toll on your mental health. Adjusting to your new situation will require immense support from your loved ones and medical team. 

Psychological harm is often associated with a physical eye injury, leading to long-term impacts on your mental well-being. In this case, you could make an emotional trauma claim.

Splatt Lawyers understands the emotional challenge of seeking justice when the unexpected happens. Our personal injury law firm has supported injured Queenslanders for almost three decades. It’s free to know your legal right to seek legal damages – Call Now 1800 700 125

What are the Time Limits for Eyesight Damage Claims?

There are strict timeframes for making an eyesight injury claim. The Queensland Limitations of Actions Act 1974 states that legal action for negligence must commence within three years of the incident date. There are other time limits for compensation cases. If you miss one of your dates, you could be forever blocked from claiming your entitlements. Your safest option is to commence your case immediately. Swift legal action can deliver a more decisive outcome, helping you get back on track faster.

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Vision damage is debilitating, preventing you from earning an income and impacting your capacity to pay legal fees. So you will be pleased to learn that Splatt Lawyers is a 100% No Win, No Fee law firm.

Our No Fee funding means there are no charges to start your case, and you owe us nothing throughout the life of your claim. You pay our fees when you win and nothing if you lose. It’s our No Win, No Fee, No Risk guaranteed. Get started now. Our expert personal injury solicitors will help you know your legal options, your case’s value and your chances of success. Start now by calling 1800 700 125.

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How Much Compensation for an Eye Injury Claim?

The value of your eye injury compensation payout relies on the financial losses you’ve incurred because of your accident. Your lump sum settlement is meant to return you to your everyday life had the accident not occurred. When successful, you can receive financial restitution for the following:

  • Future and past lost income and super
  • Future and past medical expenses
  • Modifications to your home
  • Cost of care at home
  • Lost enjoyment of life (pain and suffering)
  • Travel expenses that are injury-related
  • Funeral and Burial expenses (in wrongful death cases)

Your eligibility to seek compensation relies on your accident type and who was to blame. For workplace eye injuries, you could claim benefits under a scheme like Queensland WorkCover and make a work injury damages claim under common law.

Knowing your entitlements is complex, and you will need the support of an expert personal injury lawyer. Fortunately, it’s free to know your legal rights so Call Now – 1800 860 777 or email us >

Average QLD Loss of Sight Payouts

Below are Queensland’s approximate loss of sight payout figures based on previously litigated cases. The value of successful eye injury compensation claims depends on your unique situation, including how much your impaired vision has impacted your life.  Please get in touch with our personal injury lawyers for a free evaluation of your case.

Level of Injury
Average Payout Value
$ 69,300
$ 139,900
$ 296,900
$ 519,000
$ 1,583,000

When you choose Splatt Lawyers to manage your eye injury compensation claim, you are selecting a local law firm led by an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. Kerry Splatt has this Queensland Law Society accreditation. When you see a doctor for an ailment, they sometimes refer you to a specialist because you need attentive care. This situation is like choosing a specialist injury lawyer.

When you want the best outcome for your legal case, you choose a solicitor with a track record for achievement in compensation cases. A lawyer who profoundly understands the legal process and how to get results. Someone like Splatt Lawyers.

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Can I Make an Eye Injury Claim

Splatt Lawyers provide honest, upfront legal advice in plain English. At no charge, our injury lawyers will let you know if you have a fair chance of being compensated for your vision loss. To do this, they will determine the following:

  • The negligent party owed you a duty of care
  • There was a breach of duty of care
  • Their negligence caused your loss of sight
  • The likely extent of your injury (the severity)

There is no financial cost to knowing your legal rights and the validity of your damages claim. Contact our eye injury lawyers now to understand your options. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

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How Do I Start My Eye Injury Compensation Case?

It’s simple! Contact our friendly legal team for a free case review to determine whether you can make an eyesight claim.

We will listen to your story and learn the essential facts of your case. Once we know your circumstances, we can advise you on the next steps. You will learn about:

  • The legal claims you might make
  • The eye injury compensation process
  • Our No Win, No Pay legal funding
  • The possible value of your case and your opportunity to access all your entitlements.

An eye injury is any accident that causes damage to your eyeball sockets, eyeballs, or eye muscles and tissues. Damage to the eyes can occur from direct physical impact or contact with toxic chemicals, fumes and other substances.

Your eye injury compensation will be calculated based on the severity of your injury and its impact on your life. Please know you should not have to suffer when the negligence of another person or party harms you.

If you suffer an eye injury, it can be a distressing and challenging situation. Some eye or eyesocket damage can be slight and not need medical intervention. However, some eye accidents are severe and can alter your life forever. The worst case scenario is when you receive a penetrating injury that leads to permanent loss of sight.

According to Safe Work Australia, there are more than 2,000 work-related eye injury incidents annually in Queensland. However, not all eye accidents happen at work. Regardless of how your injury occurred, you could be entitled to make an eye injury compensation claim. Here are some of the common causes of eye damage:

  1. Blunt Force Trauma
  2. Toxic Chemical Burns
  3. Corneal Abrasion or Puncture
  4. Foreign Bodies in the Eye
  5. UV Light Exposure

You could have a viable compensation claim if you suffer a loss from an eye injury incident. The success of your legal case relies on the quality of your evidence. When preparing your matter, there are some recommended steps to follow:

  1. For workplace eye damage, be sure to report your incident. All Queensland employers must keep a record of workplace health and safety accidents.
  2. If your accident was in a public venue like a shopping centre or retail store, lodge an accident report. Stores and shopping venues have public liability insurance that requires they keep a record of accidents on their premises.
  3. Your local council will be liable for damages for accidents on council-owned property like footpaths, parks and public car parks. You should submit an accident report to your local government entity.
  4. Seek medical attention and ensure your treating eye doctors record your therapy and rehabilitation.
  5. Keep financial records of all expenses related to your loss of sight injury. You can claim all or some of these with a legitimate case.

You will need proof of your accident to claim eye injury compensation successfully. Splatt Lawyers will support you through this process. However, you can assist by seeking the following:


  1. Medical evidence – we will organise professional medical assessments and report to prove the severity of your eye injuries. However, we will also require your treatment reports.
  2. Video and Photo evidence – Have someone take photos and video of the accident scene. There may also be CCTV surveillance evidence which you should retrieve if possible.
  3. Witness statements – Get the contact details of any witnesses. After you agree to proceed with Splatt Lawyers, we will organise witness statements on your behalf.
A team of experienced personal injury lawyers

Sometimes, claiming compensation can seem daunting. Splatt Lawyers understands this feeling, and we seek to make the claims process as hassle-free as possible with expert legal advice for lost-sight claims. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on your recovery. 

Our personal injury solicitors speak plain English and ensure you comprehend your situation and your options. We are committed to ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome; we don’t get paid unless you have a successful claim. Contact us now to begin your case. It’s free to get started, so call now for effective legal representation – Call 1800 700 125.

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Eye Injury Compensation Claim FAQs

If you have damaged your eyesight at work, you may be eligible to lodge a workers’ compensation claim. Several different types of eye injuries qualify for workers’ comp benefits. These include:

  • Workplace accidents involving chemicals or dust
  • Accidents resulting from machinery
  • Traumatic injuries, such as being hit in the face
  • Other conditions, including corneal abrasions, chemical burns, and foreign bodies in the eye

The best way to determine whether you are entitled to benefits is to consult a qualified workers’ compensation law firm like Splatt Lawyers.

About 28% of work-related injuries in Queensland relate to eyesight damage, a significant percentage. Men between 20 and 45 years old are far more likely to acquire an eye injury at work than women. Manufacturing, construction, agriculture, forestry and fisheries are the industries where most eye damage occurs.

Several accidents could result in a person being partially or entirely blind. Some common types are:

  • Assaults or attacks where the victim falls and hits their head or another person or object.

  • Intense bright light can damage eyesight, leading to permanent or temporary vision loss. For example, people lack adequate protection when working with welding equipment or having laser eye surgery.

An eye injury claim is a personal injury legal case seeking compensation for damage to your eyes, eye socket, or the muscles or ligaments that control your eyeballs. To be successful, someone else needs to be entirely or partially responsible for the incident that caused you to be harmed.

  1. Do not let them touch or rub their eyes.
  2. Don’t try to remove anything that has penetrated the eyeball.
  3. Don’t apply pressure to the eye region.
  1. Blunt force trauma to the eye, such as those from a ball, elbow, or fist.
  2. Injuries caused by contact with tree branches or fingernails include abrasions and scratches.
  3. Foreign objects are penetrating the eye, including fragments of metal, wood and dirt.

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