Legal Process for Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Most people only make one compensation claim for personal injury in their lifetime. You are likely wondering how it all works. What can you expect on your journey to justice? Seeking to access your due entitlements can be tricky.

Providing compelling evidence and establishing legal liability are two critical steps for ensuring you have a successful claim, but there are more. Read below to discover the personal injury claim legal process and what you might expect on your way to a winning outcome.

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How Splatt Lawyers Makes Personal Injury Law Simple

Splatt Lawyers has been helping everyday Queenslanders win their compensation cases for nearly three decades. Our lawyers and solicitors have many years of legal experience and know what it takes to succeed. We understand the legal process can be stressful and complicated, so we will take on the burden of your case, giving you the freedom to focus on your recovery.

Rely on our expertise to deliver your desired result. Our 99% success rate for out-of-court settlements is evidence of our legal and negotiation skills.

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Process for Personal Injury Claims

Get Your Free Case Review

Contact our friendly legal team for your free comprehensive case review. You will know if you have a valid claim, more than one claim, the approximate value of your case and your chance of success. Ask about our No Win, No Fee, No Risk policy & Capped Legal Fees. Read more about our fees.

Case Investigation & Evidence

Once you sign with Splatt Lawyers, we begin the process of collating evidence. Proving liability and the extent of your damages is crucial to accessing all your entitlements. Once you are our client, you can access our rehabilitation funding service. Read more about rehab funding

Medical Reports

You will likely have at least one medical assessment. Proving the extent of your physical or psychological injuries and their impact on your life will help build your case. We will pay for these reports until we win your claim. If you lose, these reports are free. Read more about our fees

Lodge Your Claim

Once we have created a convincing case, it is lodged, generally to an insurance company. They might accept or deny your claim or request more information. Insurers often seek to delay this process, so we will be chasing them.

Negotiate Settlement

We start high, and they start low. This is how negotiation works. Splatt Lawyers have 28+ years of claims negotiation experience. We know how to get the best outcome. Rely on our expertise to bring you the win you want.

100% No Win, No Fee Settlement

Once we reach an agreement, settlement proceeds. Because of our No Pay agreement, you have not been billed for any legal services or reports. At this time, we will recover our fees, and you will receive your payout. In the rare situation we lose a case, you will owe us nothing. This is our No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee. Read more about No Win, No Fee

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When you want the best outcome for your legal case, your best choice is Splatt Lawyers. Our legal knowledge, combined with our No Risk funding guarantee, means you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Give yourself the best chance of success by contacting us now.