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Learn the value of your car accident payout or CTP claim using our car accident compensation calculator. Our fast online tool helps you estimate how much compensation you get in a lump sum settlement. For a free, accurate valuation of personal injury benefits by phone: Call 1800 700 125

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Calculating Car Accident CTP Claim Values

Have you recently suffered whiplash or other physical or psychological injury in a car accident? Calculating the value of car accident compensation and CTP claims can be complicated. However, you must know the financial implications of a motor vehicle accident to ensure you receive all your entitlements for damages or injuries.

Fortunately, Splatt Lawyer’s straightforward auto accident payout calculator helps people injured in a car crash know their entitlements. Try our CTP Calculator >

Quick Car Injury Compensation Calculator

Our quick car injury compensation calculator is invaluable for anyone harmed in a car crash or collision. Use our fast online tool to estimate your traffic claim value quickly. For a more accurate evaluation, please contact our friendly personal injury lawyers for your free case review. It costs nothing to know the value of your car accident injury. Call Now – 1800 700 125 or email us >

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Calculate My Car Accident Payout

What is a Car Accident Injury Claim Payout?

A car accident claim payout is the amount of money an injured person receives in compensation following a road or car incident for which they were wholly or partly not at fault. Injured people receive this compensation for their losses due to the traffic accident.

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Most people only have one or two compensation claims for a road accident in their lifetime. So, it’s common to feel uncertain whether pursuing a Queensland CTP claim is useful. Do you truly wish to endure the additional pressure of seeking personal injury damages when you are recovering from psychological or physical injuries?

In this situation, a CTP calculator is helpful. You can decide how you wish to proceed by estimating your compensation claim payout. Alternatively, for free, our personal injury lawyers will let you know if you have a valid case and how much compensation you could receive.

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In Queensland, you can seek motor vehicle accident compensation, regardless of whether you have minor or severe injuries. However, some common medical conditions give rise to successful accident claims, including:

The value of your car accident settlement amount is determined based on a series of factors covered in the following section –

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How is My CTP Compensation Claim Calculated?

Calculating the payout value of a car accident injury claim involves a series of steps.  How much you receive from CTP insurers depends on the extent of your injuries, for example:

  1. Do you have one or multiple physical injuries?
  2. Is your damage severe, permanent or minor?
  3. Do you have one psychological injury, e.g. emotional distress or nervous shock?
  4. Do you have both a physical injury and a mental illness

Once the nature and impact of your damage are known, its effects on your life (particularly your capacity to work) will influence your CTP payout value.

This calculation includes factors such as:

  • How long were you absent from work
  • What is your current salary
  • How old were you at the time of the accident
  • Did other people provide care in your home

Splatt Lawyers make it easy to know your accident claim value. Use our personal injury car crash calculator now for a fast estimation. Alternatively, you can call our car accident lawyers for a free claim evaluation – 1800 700 125

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What is Included in Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation?

Your road accident compensation covers a range of losses. Depending on your circumstance, you could compensation can include the following:

Medical Expenses

This includes all medical expenses related to your injuries, such as treatment expenses, hospital bills, doctor’s fees, prescription medications, and rehabilitation costs.

 If your injury stops you from working, you could claim lost wages/salary and superannuation, including future economic loss, (in some cases).

You could receive non-economic damages for pain and suffering when your physical or psychological injuries cause you current, physical and future pain. In that case, our car injury calculator helps you calculate pain and suffering compensation.

If your vehicle has suffered accident damage, you can include property damages (like repair costs) in your compensation claim and other out-of-pocket expenses. (NOTE: Splatt Lawyers is a personal injury law firm and, hence, does not assist with property damage litigation, which often does not require a lawyer’s support.)

Travel costs related to your injury recovery and rehabilitation may be reimbursed.

Using Splatt Lawyer’s motor vehicle accident settlement calculator, you can estimate how much you could receive for your compensation payout. For a more accurate evaluation, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly accident lawyers for your free case review.

How Much Compensation for a Car Accident?

Knowing Queensland’s average car accident injury payout can be tricky because compensation settlements are usually confidential. Fortunately, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission publishes annual personal injury claim data.

Your injury’s severity and long-term implications typically influence what you receive in a road injury settlement. Hence, car accident settlement amounts are generally smaller for minor damage and higher for severe and long-lasting harm.

In Queensland, over 7,500 CTP claims are filed annually for personal injuries resulting from car accidents, with total payouts exceeding $650 million. These are the average Queensland motor vehicle accident payout figures:

Average Payout Table for CTP Claims

Injury Severity
Percent of Claims
Average CTP Claim Payout
$ 82,600
$ 183,000
$ 358,600
$ 636,600
$ 1,486,400
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Calculate Your Car Accident Compensation

If you believe you have a valid legal claim, it will likely want to calculate your car accident compensation. Being injured on Queensland roads can happen in various situations:

To receive compensation for injuries acquired in an accident, the injured party must provide compelling evidence of the other party’s responsibility for the incident. Our personal injury lawyers will guide you through the personal injury claim process.

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Who Funds My Car Accident Compensation Claim?

When calculating using our car accident compensation calculator, you might be concerned with who funds your payout when lodging an insurance claim. In Queensland, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) provides financial security if you are involved in a traffic accident. This insurance company is responsible for funding your personal injury compensation payout, including for fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Queensland MAIC Scheme

The MAIC scheme provides compensation regardless of who caused the accident, ensuring that any injured party can access their rights to fair compensation.

In addition, a CTP insurer will cover the cost of repairs and medical treatment for Queensland road accidents. This insurance covers all drivers and passengers involved in the traffic incident who can prove they were not at fault.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Benefits

Splatt Lawyers has helped injured people successfully claim personal injury benefits for over thirty years. However your accident happened, our compensation team understands the legal process of effectively negotiating car accident settlement offers. Moreover, our skilled personal injury lawyers assist with claim payouts for motor vehicle accidents on a 100% no win, no fee basis.

When we work with you, we cover the costs associated with claim outlays until you achieve a lump sum settlement. This generous legal funding allows our clients to access fast, effective legal representation.

Expert Personal Injury Lawyers for Car Accident Claims

Working with experts in personal injury law will give you the best chance of successfully accessing all your car accident claim entitlements. When you have an accident impact due to another motorist’s duty of care failure, knowing your legal rights and the process for seeking compensation is essential.

At Splatt Lawyers, it’s free to know if you can claim compensation and payout value, so contact our car accident lawyers now for immediate support. Call 1800 700 125, or email us directly.

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