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If you cannot work due to a temporary illness or injury, Splatt Lawyers will assist you in filing an Income Protection Insurance claim (TTD) through your insurance company. You could file a TPD claim if you cannot work (permanently) in your usual occupation.

Our experienced income protection insurance lawyers provide expert legal advice for all insurance claim matters. It’s free to know your legal rights and the estimated value of your claim. You owe us nothing until we win your case, and nothing if you lose. Contact us now for your comprehensive free case review. Call Now – 1800 860 777 or email us >

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What is an Income Protection Insurance (TTD) Claim

Total and temporary disability claims (or TTD Claims) are another name for income protection claims. If you’re unable to work temporarily because of an illness or accident, you may be able to get compensation from your income protection insurance.

Your medical illness or injury doesn’t need to be related to your regular line of work. For example, mental health issues, cancer, heart attacks, major organ transplants, severe burns, chronic weariness, and injuries sustained outside of the workplace—on the road, in a public place, and in various other situations—can all be considered.

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Do I Have Income Protection Insurance Coverage?

Many everyday working Queenslanders have several insurance policies held by their superannuation fund, through union membership, or several other organisations or associations. It is common for people to be unaware of the insurance benefits available to them at a time when they are crucial to maintaining your lifestyle.

You can investigate your insurance coverage by viewing your super statement or asking your provider. If you think you have a valid case, Splatt Lawyers will examine your policies as part of our free claim review. Get fast legal support now by calling 1800 700 125.

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Can I Claim My Income Protection Insurance Benefits?

You can claim compensation if you’ve suffered an illness or injury that prevents you from working. You could receive income insurance benefits if you cannot work because of an injury or medical ailment. If this is your circumstance, you are probably in financial difficulty. It would help if you had knowledgeable lawyers to assist you in accessing your entitlements.

You may have a current income protection insurance policy through several different means, including:

√ Your super fund policy

√ Your employment or union membership

√ Your insurance policy

√ The loan insurance connected with your mortgage or credit card

Your right to claim your TTD insurance benefits depends on the eligibility criteria contained within your policy.

Be aware that you can file a TPD Superannuation Claim (Total and Permanent Disability) for a lump sum payout if your medical condition prohibits you from working permanently. Plus, depending on the insurance you have via your superannuation, you could file several claims.

Our expert injury lawyers will advise you on your prospects for claiming your entitlements – contact us for a free case assessment.

What are My Income Protection (TTD) Entitlements?

Usually, your income protection insurance will reimburse you for about 75% of what you would have made had your illness or injury not occurred. However, before you start receiving your income protection payments, there is usually a waiting period.

The amount of money you might receive depends on several factors, including:

  1. Your age
  2. How much you earn each week
  3. Whether you’re self-employed or employed by another person
  4. How long you’ve been off work due to an injury or illness

You won’t lose wages if you’re eligible to receive monthly payments from your insurer. Instead, your employer will pay you while you are sick or injured. This income helps to stabilise your financial situation while you’re away from work.


What are the Time Limits for TTD Claims?

Time restrictions apply in the case of Income Protection insurance and TTD Claims. Seeking expert legal advice as soon as possible is a good idea. You may qualify for an exception if you claim a long time after you were injured or became ill. It would help if you chatted with our skilled compensation lawyers to understand your options. It costs nothing to learn about your legal rights. Acting now will increase your chance of receiving all your benefits.

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What is the Waiting Period for an Income Protection Claim?

Every income insurance policy is unique, with its disability definition, time limits and available benefits. Most income insurance providers specify a waiting period of either 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. Your waiting period is the time before you are eligible to begin receiving benefits. This time frame starts on the day your doctor certifies the illness that keeps you from working.

What Medical Evidence Do I Need for a TTD Claim?

Legal procedures can be complicated and confusing. It can take a few months to collate the medical report required for a successful income protection claim. The quality of your evidence will influence your legal outcome.

Your physical injury, illness or psychological disorder could be minor or severe – leading to a permanent disability. Your medical claim assessment will diagnose the nature and severity of your ailment and expectation of recovery.

For income protection claims, you will likely need periodic medical examinations to continue your regular payments. Most TTD policies give a monthly payment that can continue for a few years, subject to your policy terms.

How Will an Income Protection Solicitor Help Me?

It can take some work to claim your income protection benefits. The insurance industry has a dubious reputation when it comes to benefit payouts. Insurers will find reasons to minimise or reject your case, and employers are often not cooperative, especially if you have a work-related medical condition.

Your best chance of having a successful insurance claim is to work with a reputable insurance claim law firm. Splatt Lawyers have been helping injured Queenslanders access their due entitlements for nearly three decades. Because we regularly negotiate with all the major insurance providers, we know their expectations and claim minimisation techniques.

When you work with Splatt, your insurance compensation solicitor will:

  1. Assess your case for free and explain the claim process.
  2. Locate and retrieve your policy documents from your insurer and employer
  3. Study the terms and conditions of your policy and provide honest advice on your chance of claim success.
  4. Collate medical reports to create a compelling case
  5. Work with you for accurate form lodgement
  6. Pursue your insurer for an outcome
  7. Negotiate the best result
  8. Challenge claim rejection, if required
  9. Keep you updated with every step

It costs nothing to understand if you could make a successful claim, and you owe us nothing until we win your case. Splatt Lawyers has modest legal fees for insurance claims which are fixed before we begin work on your matter.

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Income Protection Insurance Claim FAQ's

The main distinction between a TPD Claim and a TTD Claim is that the former provides coverage if you cannot continue working in your usual position for the remainder of your life. On the other hand, a TTD Claim offers benefits when you are unexpectedly unable to work but may resume your line of work in the future. In both situations, you must have a physical or mental condition that interferes with your capacity to work.

If you work some hours (but not full time), you may receive a partial benefit or salary “top-up”.

There is no easy answer to this question. The terms and conditions of your insurance policy, among other things, determine whether income protection benefits are paid after retirement. Therefore, we advise you to consult a legal professional.

If the insurer refuses your claim, our experienced insurance compensation lawyers will follow the process for insurance claim disputes. Splatt Lawyers have been helping people claim all their insurance benefits for nearly three decades. We understand the techniques insurers use to minimise or reject insurance payouts and how to circumvent these.

Income protection insurance (IPI) protects your income once you can no longer work. If you are sick, injured or unemployed, it could pay out benefits to help cover your living costs while you recover. You’ll need to lodge a claim form with your provider and provide evidence of your illness or injury. Your provider will assess whether or not you qualify for benefits and the value of your entitlements.

After lodging your claim, the insurance company will usually decide whether or not to pay out within three to four months, dependent on your type of policy. Most policies require you to wait six months before making another claim. However, some insurers allow you to have multiple claims over 12 months.

You may receive payments directly into your bank account or monthly benefit. Some providers offer a combination of both options, depending on your circumstances.

Your Income Protection Insurance policy will no longer protect you if you are terminated or made redundant. However, you could file another type of legal claim if your illness or injury prevents you from working. To find out where you stand, get in touch with our legal experts; it’s Free.

Income protection is taxed per your typical salary because its purpose is to replace your regular income. The taxable component may be withheld by your insurer and sent to the ATO on your behalf.

You need to disclose any pre-existing medical illnesses and other health information that could affect your insurance coverage, depending on your Income Protection (TTD) policy. Failure to comply can result in claim rejection.

Depending on the waiting time outlined in your Income Protection Policy, the length of your claim could range from three months to two weeks. Whether your insurer needs extra information to process your claim also affects the time.

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