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Splatt Lawyers Townsville personal injury lawyers offer knowledgeable legal advice for a range of compensation claims, including work injuries, car accidents, WorkCover claims, slip and fall claims. and CTP insurance claims.

Our compassionate Townsville team knows the stress and challenges accompanying an accident injury. Count on their dedication and commitment to help you claim fair compensation for lost income, pain and suffering and other common law damages.

QLD Accredited Personal Injury Specialists

Rely on their 30 years of legal experience to access all your deserved entitlements, knowing that our Townsville lawyers work under Kerry Splatt, a QLS Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialist.

All Splatt Lawyers’ legal services are 100% No Win, No Fee – Pay when you win and nothing if you lose. It’s our No Financial Risk guarantee. It’s free to know if you can claim – Call Now – 1800 700 125

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Why Hire a Townsville Personal Injury Lawyer?

When hurt in an accident resulting from someone else’s negligence, working with a Townsville personal injury lawyer to represent your interests is your best option. Filing a personal injury claim is complex and full of traps, especially when the other party rejects liability or multiple parties are involved.

Typically, your lump sum payout is paid by an insurance company that will try to exploit your ignorance of the law by offering you a low settlement or rejecting your claim outright. On your behalf, an experienced personal injury lawyer provides effective legal representation and negotiates your best outcome.

Personal Injuries Law Experts

A Splatt compensation lawyer will guide you through the legal process to a better tomorrow

Workers compensation

Have you suffered a physical injury, illness or mental harm in a work accident? You can have a workers’ compensation claim for a new injury or the escalation of an existing medical condition. Knowing your eligibility for benefits is free, so ask our experienced work accident lawyers now.

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Knowing if you have a valid personal injury claim is the first step to having a successful payout. Count on Splatt Lawyers for knowledgeable legal guidance in accident compensation matters. Regardless of how you were harmed, a Townsville compensation lawyer will assist you with managing the claims process.

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Workcover personal injury claim

The Queensland workplace accident insurer is WorkCover. Trust Splatt Lawyers to guide you through the work injury claim procedure when you have a work accident so that you can get financial assistance from the QLD workplace injury insurance provider. Get a free case review.

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Unexpected events frequently cause conditions like workplace stressPTSDemotional distress, depression and anxiety. Splatt Lawyers has helped clients successfully claim compensation for mental illness in many different situations. Know if you have a legitimate case.

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Public liability claims

Have you had an accident on private property or in a public space? Public liability insurance covers many circumstances like faulty product injuries, dog bites, food poisoning and accidents on footpaths, car parks, swimming pools, schools, rental properties, public transport and many others. Know your right to claim.

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Signing TPD claim

You could claim your TPD benefits through your superannuation provider when a physical injury or mental illness prevents you from working in your usual job. Splatt Lawyers provides upfront, fixed pricing for TPD and other insurance claims.

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Serious injury claims

Accidents that result in severe and catastrophic injuries can seriously alter your life. Our skilled compensation lawyers have the legal smarts to help you financially recover when you suffer burns, fractures, whiplash, head, spine, neck, shoulder, brain, eye, or ear injuries.

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What is my claim worth?

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The value of your personal injury compensation relies on your injury severity and how much it has changed your life now and in the future. Be assured your legal right to claim damages is outlined in the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (QLD), and considers these ‘heads of damages’ when calculating compensation:

  • The severity and nature of your injuries
  • How much your life has been altered
  • Your occupation and current income

An injured person can claim damages for:

  • Lost earnings – past and future
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Rehabilitation costs and treatment expenses
  • Medical-related travel expenses
  • Lost enjoyment of life

Our Townsville Lawyers offer a free, accurate assessment –  Call 1800 700 125

100% No Win, No Fee Lawyers in Townsville

When you have issues working due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, your finances could be at risk. A physical injury or mental health condition can seriously disrupt your life, yet you need legal help to claim fair compensation.

So you will be happy to learn that Splatt Lawyers in Townsville provides personal injury legal services on a 100% No Win, No Fee basis.  Our legal funding means:

  • You pay nothing to start your case
  • You owe nothing for the duration of your matter
  • We fund your expert assessments & medical reports
  • Pay our legal fees and costs when we win
  • Owe zero if you lose.

Have peace of mind knowing our Townsville personal injury lawyers bill only for the hours required to win your claim, and our fees are capped. Start now by calling 1800 700 125

What is Your Legal Right to Make a Personal Injury Claim?

In Queensland, several legislative provisions give you the legal right to claim compensation. When you have a successful payout, you will receive financial compensation for medical expenses, lost income and superannuation, lost quality of life, pain and suffering and other associated losses.

You might be eligible for coverage under one or more of the following, depending on the details of your accident:

Strict Time Limits for Personal Injury Claims

Generally, there is a strict time limit of three years from the accident date to file Queensland court proceedings for a personal injury claim. However, there can be much shorter time frames for some kinds of accidents, especially motor vehicle accidents.

If you don’t comply with this strict deadline, there is a high probability you won’t be able to pursue your compensation case. So, your best course of action is to contact our local solicitors and lawyers right away if you think you have a legitimate claim. Please understand the steps you take soon after your incident will impact the quality of your result, so get fast legal advice now by Calling 1800 700 125.

At Splatt Lawyers Townsville, we firmly believe that knowing where you stand when you are injured due to another’s negligence should cost nothing. So, we will assess your situation and explain your legal rights in plain English. Making the best choice for your circumstances is simple when you contact our experienced compensation specialists.

At Splatt Lawyers Townsville, we understand you might struggle to pay your treatment costs when an injury stops you from working. After a traumatic event, you need to do more than win your legal case to move on with your life. For your body or mind to heal, you’ll likely need medical care. So we are pleased to offer a rehabilitation funding service enabling you to start treatment immediately.

Splatt Lawyers will cover the rehab expenses for clients likely to receive treatment costs as part of their payout. When you settle, we recover these costs, but if you lose, you owe us nothing. We do it so we can help you recover faster.

Why its Essential to Hire a Townsville Personal Injury Lawyer

You should know the importance of working with a Townsville personal injury lawyer when seeking injury compensation. A solicitor with substantial insurance negotiation experience will most likely deliver a premium outcome. Read on to learn more.

The Compensation Claims Process Explained

The Queensland compensation legal process is often complicated and multi-layered, depending on the extent of your injuries and how your accident happened. This is particularly true when:

  • Your accident has several liable parties
  • at least one of the at-fault parties denies responsibility
  • you had existing medical conditions worsened by the accident.
  • several pieces of legislation apply to your situation
  • the at-fault party challenges your version of events
  • numerous other legal hurdles

Please share your story with our knowledgeable legal team when you contact us for your free claim review so they can determine the best course of action for your desired outcome. Call Now – 1800 700 125

Effective Negotiation with Insurers

Most people with a valid compensation claim don’t know that a lawyer must negotiate with an insurance company in order to win a personal injury payment. Generally, the negligent party for your accident will have some type of insurance coverage, and their insurer will fund your lump-sum payout.

How much your receive is most often negotiated by mediation (without going to court). Naturally, the insurer will try to reduce its level of liability by:

  • Finding justification to say you helped cause the accident (were partially liable)
  • Disputing your injury severity (how badly you were harmed)
  • Diminishing how much it has disrupted your life

Fortunately, our local lawyers have extensive experience negotiating with resistant insurance companies and are familiar with their methods to minimise your entitlements. We aim to achieve your best result and have the legal know-how to make that happen.

Personal Injury Claim Process

Get a free case review.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers will review your case for free. You will know if you have a legit claim, your chance of winning, our legal fees and the approximate value of your payout.

Sign your agreement.

At Splatt Lawyers Townsville, once you decide we are your best personal injury law firm, you sign a legal cost agreement outlining our 100% No Win, No Fee funding policy. There are no fees to begin and no expenses during your case.

We gather your evidence.

Our legal team works diligently to build a strong case for your personal injury compensation claim to ensure you receive all entitled legal benefits.

Medical evaluations.

Building a compelling case is the key to success, so you will likely attend at least one medical evaluation. Splatt Lawyers funds your assessment until you win, but owe nothing if you lose.

Negotiating your payout

Our team negotiates relentlessly to secure the best outcome. Once successful, you receive a lump sum compensation payout.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Townsville

If you’re considering hiring a personal injury lawyer in Townsville, you should understand why Splatt Lawyers is the ideal legal representative for your situation. Please see below the benefits of working with our local solicitors.

The legal team at Splatt Lawyers in Townsville has in-depth personal injury law knowledge and expertise. For close to 30 years, our law firm has supported thousands of clients through the claims process to a favourable resolution with fair compensation for their losses, as attested to by our Google Reviews.

When you choose a personal injury lawyer in Townsville, you will get caring and personalised attention for your case. Your recovery should be top of mind at this time because claiming injury compensation can be stressful. So, feel confident knowing our lawyers have a unique strategy for each case focused on a successful payout, keeping you updated step-by-step.

The personal injury law firm Townsville trusts for reliable legal advice is pleased to provide a No Win, No Pay, No Risk guarantee. Unlike some other Townsville solicitors, we cover the cost of running your case and ask for nothing in return until we win your case.

Our Townsville law firm provides a capped price schedule for personal injury compensation claims. In general, all QLD compensation law firms must abide by Section 347 of the Legal Profession Act. This legislation means you can be charged a maximum of 50% of your net payout when you win.

But, it doesn’t mean you will be billed half your settlement. Please know that:

  • Fees are not billed as a percentage of your settlement.
  • The number of hours needed to win your case determines how much it will cost you in legal fees.
  • Simple claims generally have lower fees.
  • Complicated cases will have higher fees, but generally larger settlements.

When choosing your Townsville personal injury law firm, we understand you want to be sure. Because of this, our legal cost agreement details our capped pricing policy and 100% no win, no fee funding. Put us to the test by contacting us now >

Because Splatt Lawyers funds all legal matters on a no pay basis, we don’t get paid until you do. So, we strive to accelerate the progress of your legal claim. But there are ways you can help this happen, like:

  • Responding to information requests as soon as possible
  • Being on time for your meetings

Our Townsville legal team will happily proved an estimated time frame for your case when you contact us for your free claim review.

Our local Townsville law firm has a high win rate for successful personal injury claims. In fact, we settle 99% of matters by mediation, hence avoiding court litigation. Court proceedings are:

  • unpredictable and expensive
  • typically reduce your lump sum settlement even if you win
  • cost even more when you lose

In the unlikely event that you did proceed to court (and we never do that without your express authorisation), you would not be responsible for any fees if you lost thanks to our no win, no fee guarantee. So make your best decision and rely on our winning track record.

The Personal Injury Lawyers Townsville Trusts

Many people choose the experts at Splatt Lawyers Townsville when they need trusted legal advice for accident compensation. They know an Accredited QLS Personal Injury Specialist Lawyer leads our local team with nearly three decades of experience delivering successful payouts.

Choosing our local Townsville lawyers for your claim means you:

  • Know your legal right to claim
  • Understand your compensation entitlements
  • Get expert help to build a compelling case
  • Have a skilled insurance claim negotiator by your side
  • Step-by-step help navigating the claims process
  • Get effective personal injury claim lodgement
  • Help to address rejected and denied claims
  • Know our capped pricing and legal fees
  • Access our No Win, No Fee, No Risk Guarantee

ur team at Splatt Lawyers Townsville thrives on negotiating winning outcomes from resistant insurance companies. Thanks to our 99% success rate for out-of-court settlements, you can be confident that your case will be resolved favourably.

 Contact us immediately for your free claim assessment. We will evaluate your claim, discuss your rights, and outline what to expect during the legal process. Call 1800 700 125 to share your story with us.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Townsville FAQs

Call Splatt Lawyers Townsville on 1800 700 125 to claim your free legal review, or email our team at It’s free to know your legal rights and if you can make a claim.

How much you receive for a QLD CTP claim payout depends mainly on the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life. According to a Motor Accident Insurance Commission report, CTP lump sum payments range from $62,800 for minor damage to several million for critical harm. 

How much can you expect? Splatt Lawyers Townsville will provide a claim estimate on request during your free case assessment.

In Queensland, Section 347 of the Legal Profession Act regulates the percentage a personal injury lawyer is allowed to charge. This rule limits the amount your law firm can charge to 50% of your compensation settlement. However, this does not mean you pay half; it simply means that legal fees are capped. Please understand that Splatt Lawyers will not bill a percentage of your claim value. What you pay is calculated using the number of hours needed to win your case, and all our files are independently cost-audited.

More about our legal fees >

You could sue for a personal injury in Queensland if your accident or incident that harmed you happened within the last three years. A range of factors determine if you have a valid compensation claim, the first being the strict time constraint of three years (for most cases). Additionally, another person’s or entity’s full or partial negligence must have contributed to your damage.

At Splatt Lawyers Townsville, finding out if you can sue for personal injury is free, so contact us now.

Splatt Lawyers in Townsville help workers claim compensation when:

  • You get a new work-related illness, injury or disability
  • Your job damages their mental health
  • Your work escalates a pre-existing illness or injury
  • Work has damaged your hearing or vision
  • An accident on the way to or from work or when travelling for work purposes has caused you harm.
  • You are injured at a work-related event or activity
  • Workplace bullying or harassment has caused you mental distress.
  • Your spouse or someone on whom you are financially dependent has died.
  • Many other circumstances

Find out if you have a valid workers’ compensation claim. Contact us now for your free case review.

There are many circumstances in which you can make a public liability claim. Any accident that injuries you (that was wholly or partly not your fault) on public or privately owned property could qualify, including:

  • slips and falls in any public space
  • accident in supermarkets, shopping centres and stores
  • animal attacks, dog bites & horse riding accidents
  • excessive force in many situations
  • recreational accidents like theme parks, boating, jet skis, parachuting etc
  • work injuries when your employer or colleague is not to blame
  • accidents on footpaths, car parks, schools, universities and public swimming pools
  • many other situations – just ask us

Medical negligence is a particularly specialised area of compensation law. As a result, Splatt Lawyers does not offer advice for medical malpractice at this time.

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