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Have you had a neck injury or head injury because of an accident at work, traffic or road collision or an accident in a public place? You can claim compensation when you have suffered severe harm because of someone else’s partial or complete negligence.

Splatt Lawyer’s team of expert head and neck injury lawyers can help. It costs nothing to know your legal rights and if you have grounds for making an injury damages claim. Call  Now – 1800 700 125.

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No Win No Fee Head and Neck Injury Lawyers

Splatt Lawyers has supported Queenslanders seeking neck and head injury compensation for nearly thirty years. We are pleased to offer clients of our law firm 100% no-win, no-fee legal funding. You will outlay no money to start your claim and have no costs during the life of your case.

There are no hidden costs or fees. This includes the cost of your medical reports and assessments. Pay our fees and charges when you win your case and pay nothing if you lose. It’s the Splatt Lawyers No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee.

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Time Limits for Head Trauma and Neck Injury Claims

In Queensland, strict time limits apply for lodging head and neck personal injury compensation claims. You can be excluded from making a claim if you miss a deadline. If you think you have a case (and even if you are unsure), your best course is to get expert legal advice immediately. Early action may also enhance the outcome of your case. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

The Impact of Neck and Head Injuries

Head and Neck trauma can substantially disrupt your life and the lives of your loved ones. Most people only experience one such event in their lifetime; however, the effects can be long-lasting, erratic, and recurring. Damage to your upper body can take time to become apparent, and the symptoms can vary significantly between sufferers. 

The impact of severe injuries like head and neck damage can be physical and psychological. Constant pain can cause your mental health to deteriorate, leaving you with feelings of anxiety, depression and, in severe circumstances, PTSD. Even minor head injuries and neck trauma can have an impact. It is common for people to struggle financially due to time off work and to deal with the uncertainty of when they will be able to return to everyday life.

In this situation, you have a legal right to financial compensation to return your life to where it was had your accident not occurred. Our compensation lawyers are experts in personal injury compensation. They have substantial head and neck injury claims expertise and know how to navigate complex legal pathways to your desired outcome.

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How Much Compensation for a Head and Neck Injury?

As with any compensation claim, you need evidence to support your case. This proof can include police reports, workplace documentation, medical assessments, and physiotherapist reports combined with psychiatrist or psychologist reports for associated mental health impacts. At a minimum, you would need evidence of

The value of our case is calculated using the above evidence. Apart from making a workers’ compensation claim for benefits through WorkCover, you might also be eligible to have a common law case. When you claim under common law, you are essentially suing for damages. Your injury lawyer will guide you through the process of collating compelling evidence and the legal process that applies to your situation.

Head and Neck Injuries at Work

In Queensland, head injuries contribute to approximately 3% of serious workers compensation claims, with neck and shoulder trauma accounting for about 14%. With more than 28,000 severe work accident claims, many people are harmed for simply doing their job. Labourers, machinery operators, and drivers are more likely to suffer a significant upper-body injury. The primary mechanisms of the incident are:

A head or neck injury at work will impact your ability to do your job, and you will need time off work to rest and recover. The trauma symptoms, such as feeling drowsy and dizzy, combined with a blurred memory and fuzzy thinking, will prevent you from earning an income. If you have a permanent disability due to your injury, you could receive a lump sum payout and workers’ compensation.

Road Accident Head and Neck Injuries

In various circumstances, you can get a neck or head injury in a road or car accident. A sudden and violent force hitting your upper body inside or outside a motor vehicle is likely to cause harm. But you could also be damaged as a pedestrian or riding a pushbike.

Motorbike riders are particularly vulnerable, travelling at speed with little more than a helmet for protection. In Queensland, hospital admissions for head trauma related to traffic incidents were about 34% of all admissions, with severe head injury being about 1/3 of this number.

TPD and Disability Claims for Neck and Head Injuries

When you have acquired a neck injury or head trauma that stops you from working in your regular occupation permanently, you could be eligible to make a total and permanent disability claim through your Superannuation. If you have worked sometime in your life and have at least one superannuation account, your TPD insurance policy will likely protect you from this event.

The good news is, unlike other types of personal injury claims, how you got injured is irrelevant. The primary factor is having an illness, mental health disorder or physical injury that prevents you from working in your usual occupation.

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Common Triggers for Head and Neck Injuries

There are many places and circumstances where neck trauma and head injury can occur. Injuries at work are quite common, depending on your occupation. You are more likely to have an incident on a job or mine site than sitting behind a desk in an office. Additionally, motor vehicle accidents are also a prominent cause of upper body damage.

Coming to an abrupt, fast stop combined with the unexpected impact of a collision can have a substantial jarring effect on your head and neck, often resulting in whiplash. Slips and falls in public places can also cause damage. Hitting the ground in a shopping centre or on a concrete footpath will almost certainly create at least a minor injury. Some frequent causes of head and neck trauma include:

Brain injuries involve trauma to the soft tissue inside your skull. Typically, this is expressed as brain bruising, inflammation, or haemorrhaging. A head injury is a damage to your skull or face, such as bruising, cuts and abrasions. See more about brain injuries here →

The visible signs of neck and head trauma are apparent and include bruising, pain, nausea, dizziness, or headache. Severe head trauma often results in a lack of consciousness. Whatever your circumstance, you should always seek medical attention immediately. Usually, symptoms take time to develop, and early intervention can be crucial to your recovery. Symptoms of severe head trauma include:

  • Repeated vomiting
  • Difficulty seeing, hearing or speaking
  • Persistent headache or migraine
  • Confused and erratic behaviour
  • Loss of memory
  • A constant need to sleep
  • Bleeding from the ears or nose
  • Problems with eating and swallowing

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If you are injured and struggling to work, there is no need to worry about legal bills and the stress of making a claim. Splatt Lawyers are known for making the complex simple. You can relax knowing we will champion your cause and fight for your rights, exploring every legal avenue to maximise your entitlements. Contact us now to understand your options. It’s free to get started, and there are no ongoing costs when you decide to proceed. Call 1800 700 125

Head Injury Lawyers Near Me

No matter where you live in Queensland, you can still access expert legal advice for neck and head injury compensation claims. With ten handy locations in our great state, Splatt Lawyers will likely have an experienced solicitor or lawyer nearby. At any time, you are one phone call away from getting your life back on track when the unexpected happens. Choose your location now:

Head and Neck Injury Compensation Claim FAQs

Splatt lawyers make neck, and head injury compensation claims easy. Chatting with one of our friendly personal injury lawyers is your first step. It’s free to understand your rights. You can ask questions, and we will help you understand the claims process. After we have shown you your options, you can decide what is best for your circumstances.

The negligent party or person responsible for your injury would have coverage through WorkCover, CTP insurer or public liability insurance. It is their insurance company that will be liable to fund your compensation. Splatt Lawyers will negotiate with the insurer so you can access all your entitlements.

Every case is different. The value of your case will rely on the severity of your head or neck damage and the influence this has had on your life. Your lawyer or solicitor can give you an estimate based on similar cases and your circumstances. Ask when you contact us for your free case review.

Yes, you do. There are time limits for lodging injury claims in Queensland. If you believe you have a case, you should seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.

The time taken to settle rests on the complexity of your case. Minor head injuries will stabilise faster than major neck trauma. Compensation cannot be calculated until your damage is medically assessed as stable. How you acquired your injury will also factor in the time taken to receive a damages payout. Typically car accident claims process faster than others. Your solicitor will be able to give you a time frame when you contact Splatt Lawyers for your free case review.

Splatt Lawyers are a 100% no win, no fee QLD law firm. This includes disbursement fees, which are the cost of medical assessments and reports needed to substantiate your claim. Pay our legal fees and charges when we win your case. You pay nothing if we lose.

Splatt Lawyers are a leading local personal injury law firm that has been helping injured Queenslanders for nearly 30 years. Our team are led by Kerry Splatt – an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. When you work with Splatt Lawyers, you can relax knowing our lawyers and solicitors have considerable expertise and a track record of success.

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