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Been injured in Brisbane or Queensland by someone else? If you have been harmed by the actions or inaction of another person or party, our compensation lawyers can help you get justice.

Workers Compensation

Splatt Lawyers Brisbane is here to assist when something goes wrong at work. Our Workers Compensation Lawyers help you understand your rights and entitlements for free.

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Our expert compensation lawyers guide you through the legal process to a better tomorrow.

Expert Personal Injury Legal Advice for a Better Tomorrow

Most people want to return to their regular lives when the unexpected happens. Splatt Lawyers has your back at this challenging time, providing the expert legal advice you need.  We are here for you every step of the way. Our attentive and loyal Queensland compensation lawyers provide expert legal support for compensation claims, working tirelessly to deliver your desired outcome.

With our 100% No Win, No Fee policy, you can relax knowing you have no financial risk for your case. Contact us now to get started. Call – 1800 700 125

Queensland Compensation Lawyer Services

Our compensation law specialists provide expert legal services when you seek to make a personal injury claim. Rely on our experienced legal team for guidance regarding the claim process for compensation cases, and taking legal action for the following:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accident compensation icon

When you have a motor vehicle accident on Queensland roads, our compensation lawyers offer legal support for personal injury claims.

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Workers compensation lawyers icon

QLD Work injury, illness, or mental health issue? Understand your right to make a workers’ compensation claim. Contact our law firm to understand your legal rights.

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Splatt Lawyers help with workers’ compensation claims when you are injured at work.

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A compensation lawyer provides expert legal help when you seek to claim compensation for your loss.

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Mental Illness

Impacted by a psychological condition that was not your fault? Ask a compensation lawyer for fast legal advice. Get a free case review now.

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You could make a public liability claim for an accident in a public place or injury due to a defective product. Learn about your right to seek compensation.

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Our team assists with total and permanent disability claims when you can’t work in your usual job anymore. Contacting our skilled insurance lawyers increases your chance of making a successful TPD claim.

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Accidents resulting in physical harm are serious. An accredited personal injury claim specialist will assist with compensation legal services.

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What is my claim worth?

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100% No Win, No Fee QLD Compensation Lawyers

All No Win No Fee Queensland Compensation Lawyers are not the same – Splatt Lawyers Brisbane goes above and beyond. Our 100% No Win No Fee legal funding covers all your legal expenses until settlement, including disbursement fees, which can cost thousands of dollars. Because of this, you have no financial risk for your case – if you lose, you owe nothing.

Pay Legal Fees When You Win – Zero If You Lose

Our No Pay legal funding means you:

  1. Pay nothing to get started.
  2. Have no legal costs during the life of your claim.
  3. We cover the cost of your medical assessments and expert reports (disbursement costs). We recover these fees at settlement.
  4. You only pay legal fees when you receive a compensation payout.
  5. Owe nothing if you lose.
  6. Our legal fees are capped.

It costs nothing to understand your legal options. Call 1800 700 125.

Splatt Lawyers are leading Queensland compensation lawyers in Brisbane, supporting everyday people impacted by unanticipated events for nearly three decades. During that time, we helped thousands of people get their lives back on track.

Our experienced, skilled Brisbane compensation lawyers will be by your side during this challenging time in your life. Rely on our legal team’s reputation for relentlessly pursuing your legal rights. When you are physically or psychologically injured due to the negligent actions of another party, they have the legal smarts to help you access all your due entitlements.

Wherever you live in Queensland, expert advice is a phone call away. Find out why Splatt Lawyers are your best compensation lawyers and a smart choice when you want the best legal outcome. Contact us for your free consultation; there are no legal costs or fees until we achieve a settlement. Call Now – 1800 954 153

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Accredited Personal Injury
Law Specialist

Kerry Splatt is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. With Splatt Lawyers Brisbane on your side, can access substantial legal support. Give yourself the best chance of success.

100% No Risk

Splatt Lawyers carry the risk of your compensation claim. Our No Fee, No Risk policy means you pay nothing upfront, no ongoing costs, and zero if you lose.

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Get expert compensation law insights at a time and place that suits you. Over the phone, at home or at your workplace. It’s your choice.

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Queensland Accredited Personal Injury Specialist

Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law are highly trained solicitors who specialise in helping people who have been injured through no fault of their own. The Queensland Law Society has recognised their compensation law skill and knowledge. When you choose a litigation law firm helmed by a recognised specialist in personal injury claims, you can relax knowing your case is safe. Rely on the expert team at Splatt Lawyers Brisbane to navigate complex legal pathways. We will give you your best chance of getting the justice you deserve and all your legal entitlements.

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Legal Help With Compensation Claims

If you have not had a compensation claim before, you might think the process could be stressful and confusing. You don’t need to worry about a difficult legal case when recovering from a physical injury or mental health condition. At Splatt Lawyers Brisbane, our talented legal team thrives on simplifying the compensation claims process. We avoid complex legal speak and make sure you always know where you stand. Honesty and transparency are our policies.

Our experienced compensation lawyers will give you a practical legal pathway through complex legal procedures to the brighter future you deserve.  Discover how we might help you.

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Rehabilitation Funding

Getting your life back on track is a priority when you have been harmed in unexpected circumstances. For this reason, Splatt Lawyers provides a holistic service for your recovery. Shifting your life back to normal means more than being compensated. Fast and effective therapy helps your mind and body mend. Hence, our law firm will fund your rehabilitation costs to get you on the right path so you can start treatment immediately.

We provide this popular service to our valued clients who will likely receive therapy funding as part of their compensation law settlement. At this time, we will recover your rehab costs. It’s how we help you be you sooner.

Compensation Lawyers Across Queensland

Wherever you live in our great state, you have access to informed legal insights in compensation law. With 10 office locations in South-East Queensland and a network of contacts across Central and Far North Queensland, you are just one phone call away from getting the legal help you need when claiming compensation. Choose your closest location to get started now.

Compensation Lawyers Brisbane FAQs

A compensation lawyer is a litigation expert who helps people injured due to the negligence of another person, party, company, or entity. In law, you should not suffer a loss because someone or something else failed their duty of care.

Generally, Queensland compensation lawyers provide legal advice for various injury claims like car accidents, work accidents, animal attacks, disability insurance claims, public place accidents, medical malpractice and more.

When you have been physically or mentally harmed or acquired an illness because someone or something else failed you, a personal injury lawyer will help you understand your legal rights.

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Queenslanders harmed in accidents often want to know the advantages of hiring personal injury lawyers. If this is your situation and you are off work because of an unexpected event, you are likely financially and emotionally stressed and need support. This is where experienced compensation lawyers can assist.

A skilled litigation solicitor will:

  1. Help you know all your entitlements and benefits. e.g. you could seek personal injury compensation and also make a TPD claim. (depending on your situation)
  2. What you must show to prove liability – the success or failure of your case relies on establishing who was to blame.
  3. Knows the value of your case – an experienced personal injury lawyer understands the requirements for proving your losses and their value.
  4. Negotiates with insurance companies – your personal injury lawyer will protect you from the arduous task of dealing with insurers. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers whose role is to minimise or deny compensation. Rely on your compensation solicitor to get your deserved outcome.

The severity of your injuries, illness or mental health condition determines the compensation awarded in a personal injury case. Your case value relies on how much your harm disrupted your life, i.e. the loss you have incurred. The objective of the compensation is to bring your life back to the state it was before your accident or illness.

Heads of damages are used to calculate personal injury compensation. These include financial and non-economic losses like medical bills, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and lost wages or the ability to work.

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Splatt Lawyers are 100% no win no fee law firm, which means you only pay legal fees when we win your case. If you lose, you owe nothing. Your disbursement fees are also covered. Disbursements are the cost of medical assessments and expert reports required to build a compelling case.

Splatt Lawyers do not charge a percentage of your compensation payout. Instead, legal fees are calculated based on the hours of work required to win your case. Simple cases need fewer hours, while complex legal matters need more (often have a higher outcome). An external auditor independently evaluates our files, so our fees are reasonable.

Under Queensland Legal Services Commission guidelines for personal injury matters, the maximum charge for a personal injury case is 50% of your payout value. Please know this does not mean you will pay half. It simply means your legal fees are capped.

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Hiring a compensation lawyer is often worth the investment. An experienced lawyer will provide invaluable expertise and guidance throughout the claim process, helping you understand your entitlements while minimising unnecessary stress or confusion.

Not only will they be able to assess the strength of your case and advise on your best legal strategy, but they will also take care of all the paperwork and represent you in court if necessary.

Our Queensland law firm has provided expert legal guidance to injured Queenslanders for nearly three decades. Rely on our expertise and solid reputation to get your desired outcome.

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Currently, we do not provide compensation law advice for medical negligence cases. This area of law is extremely complex, and a specialist medical negligence lawyer should manage it for the best outcome.

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