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In Queensland, serious accidents can happen anywhere. When you are injured in a public place, on private property, or by a faulty product, our public liability lawyers provide expert compensation legal advice.

The personal injury lawyers at our Brisbane law firm provide experienced legal insights for public liability claims when you are injured in a public or private space due to a failure to provide reasonable care. 

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Your Legal Right to Claim Public Liability Insurance

In Queensland, the legal rights of a person injured on privately owned property or in a public space are protected by personal injury law. Hence, when a negligent party causes physical or psychological injury, you can make a public liability compensation claim against an insurance company in accordance with the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002.

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How Much Compensation for a Public Place Injury?

Public Liability damages include compensation for a variety of factors, including:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost wages and super
  • Medical expenses, including future care
  • Failure of the ability to care for your dependents
  • The cost of domestic assistance

Your unique circumstances will determine the value of your case. How your injury has impacted your life is crucial in calculating your loss. You will need expert evidence and witness statements (if available) to substantiate your damages.

To understand your legal right to entitlements and their worth, please speak with our legal team for a comprehensive claim assessment. There is no charge to know your legal position. Call Now – 1800 700 125.

100% No Win No Fee Public Liability Claims      

When you choose Splatt Lawyers for your public liability claim, you will be at ease knowing there is nothing to pay until your claim is successful. 100% No Win, No Fee means precisely that. There is nothing to pay upfront or for the life of your legal matter. Splatt Lawyers carries the risk of your claim and the cost of reports and assessments needed to build a compelling case. You pay only when and if your claim succeeds. Our No Win, No Fee, No Risk policy means:

Ask an experienced public liability lawyer to show you our legal cost agreement that outlines our 100% No Win, No Fee policy. It costs nothing to understand your legal options and if you have a valid case.

Who Funds My Public Liability Compensation Payout?

It is essential to understand that public liability claims are lodged with the insurance company providing public liability cover for the venue or property where you were injured. Hence, the applicable insurer is responsible for funding your damages.

Can I Make a Public Liability Claim?

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Accredited Specialist Public Liability Lawyers

When choosing a personal injury lawyer for a public liability compensation claim, you want to select one with substantial expertise in insurance litigation. That’s because making a public liability claim isn’t easy. Insurance companies generally don’t enjoy making a lump sum payment for personal injuries.

Hence, your best opportunity for a successful public liability claim is to have your best personal injury lawyer on your side. So it’s reassuring to know that the legal team at Splatt Lawyers work with the direction of Kerry Splatt – a Queensland Accredited Specialist Personal Injury Lawyer.

A specialist lawyer is similar to a specialist physician. They are acknowledged as leaders in their industry with superior knowledge and skills. Hence, the solicitors at our public liability law firm have a comprehensive understanding of the laws, regulations and rulings that determine the outcome of public liability claims.

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Public Liability Covers What Kinds of Accidents?

Public liability law covers a diverse range of circumstances where someone could have an accident, be injured, or acquire an illness or psychological injury due to another party’s failure of duty of care. Common types of public liability claims include:

Strict Time Limits for Public Liability Compensation Claims

You must gather evidence immediately if you have had an accident and acquired an illness, injury or mental health condition. You could have only one opportunity to obtain compensation. You will likely have a time limit in which to start legal action. So, you must seek legal advice as soon as possible to understand your right to compensation.

Trusted Public Liability Lawyer Brisbane

Splatt Lawyers have been helping injured people in Queensland successfully claim their due entitlements for more than 28 years. Our legal team are public liability claim experts, helping you find the most effective path to justice.

What is Public Liability Compensation Law?

Public liability law includes accidents that occur in a public place or on private property. In general, we all have a legal obligation to take reasonable care regarding the safety of others. Consequently, the negligent party can be held liable when the unexpected happens, and you suffer a physical or psychological injury. This duty of care extends to product manufacturers, private premises, private buildings and property owners, including rental premises.

If you have acquired an injury because another party has breached their duty of care, your injury typically falls under public liability law, and you could claim compensation. Generally, accidents that occur somewhere other than in a motor vehicle or at work are covered by public liability legislation.

Claiming Compensation for Public Place Injuries in QLD

For Queensland residents seeking to claim compensation for injury in a public or private place, the procedural obligations for this are outlined by The Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (QLD). PIPA legislation determines your statutory time limits for making a claim, the pre-court process, and the type of compensation you can claim for your condition. PIPA QLD safeguards the long-term sustainability of injury compensation for all Queenslanders.

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Public Liability Claims Process

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

On the road, everyone has a duty of care to keep each other safe. However, public liability law does not apply if you acquire an injury from a collision.

Instead, see our section on Motor Vehicle Accidents

Workers Compensation Claims

Generally, workplace accidents are not covered by public liability insurance. So, if you have a slip and fall at work, you make a Workers’ Compensation claim.

More about workers’ compensation >

How Our Brisbane Public Liability Lawyers Help

When choosing a personal injury lawyer for a public liability compensation claim, you want to select one with substantial expertise in insurance litigation. That’s because making a public liability claim isn’t easy. Insurance companies generally don’t enjoy making a lump sum payment for personal injuries.

Hence, your best opportunity for a successful public liability claim is to have your best personal injury lawyer on your side. So it’s reassuring to know that the legal team at Splatt Lawyers work with the direction of Kerry Splatt – a Queensland Accredited Specialist Personal Injury Lawyer.

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When you have been injured in a public place accident, you may be in pain and unable to travel. So, it’s good to know that Splatt Lawyers is based in 10 convenient locations in Southeast Queensland. Wherever you live, we likely have an expert personal injury lawyer close to you. Choose your location now:

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Public Liability Law FAQs

A public liability claim is a type of legal action taken when people are injured due to the negligence of another party. This could be a result of an accident in a public place, such as a slip and fall on someone else’s property or even injuries caused on playground equipment that was not properly maintained.

The definition of public space is broad and includes places such as shopping centres, car parks, airports, and entertainment venues. This also includes City Council and Government-owned facilities such as public swimming pools, parks, and schools.

Public Liability law includes injuries sustained in a private home, such as rental property, animal attacks, physical assault, and excessive force. Physical or psychological harm caused by sporting and recreational activities, like theme parks, wave pools, and activities on a sporting field, are also included. Food poisoning and injury caused by defective products, such as faulty vehicles or appliances, are also included.

To succeed in a public liability claim, you need to prove that you acquired your injuries because of the negligence of another party or occupier and that they failed their duty of care.

Splatt Lawyers offer a free legal claim review to understand your legal position. Be confident in accessing all your rights and entitlements by speaking with one of our skilled public liability solicitors.

Public liability claims rarely proceed to court. In Queensland, most settlement negotiations are mediated without the need for court proceedings. Avoiding a court hearing saves you time and considerable expense.

Thankfully, our public liability lawyers have many years of experience in diverse liability matters and are skilled negotiators, giving you a strong chance of a successful claim.

When settling your public liability claim, your insurer may be required to pay some of your legal costs. How much they pay is dependent on your overall settlement. Your lawyer will outline how this works when reviewing your case.

You would not receive money from the public liability insurer to fund your medical treatment or recovery costs whilst your claim progresses. However, these costs will be included in your settlement once you reach a successful outcome.

If you have experienced an injury, illness or mental health disorder due to an incident covered by public liability insurance, we recommend that you:

  • Get medical attention
  • Retain your medical reports and receipts
  • Retain records of lost income
  • Report your accident in writing to the applicable authorities
  • Keep photos of your physical injuries
  • Keep pictures of the place where your incident occurred

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