The Hidden Traps of No Win, No Fee in Queensland

Understanding hidden legal costs for no win no fee personal injury lawyers

Are you considering making a personal injury claim in Queensland with no win, no fee funding? Our guide explains legal fee arrangements and what you may not know about this popular legal costs model.

Who is at Fault in a Car Accident

How do i determine fault in a car accident?

When you have a car accident it’s vital to understand who is at fault. Know how fault is determined and the steps you should take.

Queensland Child Restraint Rules and Booster Seat Laws

Children holding hands following the QLD car seat belt rules

In Queensland, as in most Australian states, children aged seven and below must be correctly fitted in an approved child restraint. However, you may be unaware of various child restraint and booster seat laws. Let’s examine the road rules surrounding child safety in QLD motor vehicles.

What is Public Liability?

wet floor for a possible public liability claim in Queensland

A successful public liability claim provides compensation for accidents & injuries in a public space, caused by someone else’s negligence.

Time Limits for Car Accident Claims

Keen to know the CTP claim time limit for a car accident? Understand the limitation period for car accident compensation claims in Queensland.

Fatal Accidents – Dependency Claims & Ensuring Adequate Compensation

Wrongful death for fatal accident compensation

Have you suffered the loss of a loved one on whom you were financially dependent? Common Factual Circumstances The most common types of dependency claims arise out of circumstances involving: For a dependency claim to be successful, two elements must first be met. Firstly, the negligent act of the defendant caused the death of the […]