Queensland child safety restraint rules

Children holding hands following the QLD car seat belt rules

In Queensland, as in most Australian states, children aged seven and below must be fitted in correctly fastened child restraints. However, there are various laws regarding child restraints, of which you may be unaware. Let’s look at the road rules surrounding child safety, in vehicles, in Queensland.

Time Limits for Car Accident Claims

stop watch for timing car accident claims

For QLD car accidents your CTP claim must begin within 1 to 9 months, with a general limitation period of three years. Learn more about your circumstances.

Can a Motorcyclist Ride Between Cars?

Know the rules about motorcycles driving between cars

When a motorcyclist filters through slow or stationary traffic in an effort to move forward, they are lane-splitting. Know the road rules that apply to this risky manoeuvre.

Private Health Insurance and Injury Compensation

Private Health Insurance and Injury Compensation nursing staff

Increasing numbers of people are obtaining hospital and ancillary cover from private health insurers. Because of the additional financial pressures in the current economic climate, the health funds are ensuring that they account for every dollar. This article will look at compensable injuries’ impacts on their private health insurance policies, the effects on any potential claims and the legal basis for same.