Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The top reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is to identify all your compensation entitlements & win your claim. Learn all the reasons why you should hire one.
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Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The top reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is to identify all your compensation entitlements and win your claim. Nevertheless, if you have been injured in an accident and believe you can claim compensation, you might question why you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

After all, being harmed in unexpected circumstances is stressful enough without the hassle of understanding the benefits of working with an experienced compensation law firm.

People suffering physical, emotional or psychological damage due to the negligence of another party frequently experience challenging financial circumstances. At this time, negotiating with aggressive insurance companies and navigating complex legal processes would be overwhelming. 

Generally, an experienced personal injury lawyer carries the burden of your personal injury claim, removes barriers, and ensures you get all your legal entitlements. But are they worth the expense? Read on to learn the Top 10 reasons for hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Reason 1: A Lawyer Shields You from the Insurer

Hire a lawyer for protection when dealing with the liable insurer. Effective legal representation allows you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries and getting your life back on track.

Many people are unaware that insurance companies fund the majority of personal injury payouts. Generally, when you are harmed in an accident, the negligent party has insurance coverage, and this financial protection funds your settlement (in other words, you are making an insurance claim).

How Lawyers Help with Insurance Companies

Unsurprisingly, insurance companies want to protect their shareholder profits, which means they will seek to minimise or deny your benefits. Furthermore, you could experience pressure from the insurance adjuster to agree to statements or sign releases that are not in your best interest. They may also try and make you agree to a settlement before you know the scope of your physical and psychological injuries.

Knowledgeable litigation lawyers frequently deal with hostile insurers. They understand insurance companies’ techniques to reduce compensation payments and what it takes for a successful insurance payout. Working with a personal injury law firm will help you get the best possible financial outcome.

Reason 2: Lawyers Have Expertise with Claims Like Yours

The second reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is their in-depth knowledge of claims like yours. While every legal case is unique, there are common types of claims. For example, many road accidents lead to a whiplash injury and damages for emotional distress. While many workers’ compensation claims frequently include compensation for depression and stress and a lump sum payout for permanent impairment.

When a solicitor has extensive knowledge of personal injury law, insurance company strategies and cases like yours, they can go right to work, achieving your best result with the least waste.

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Reason 3: A Lawyer Knows What Your Claim Is Worth

An experienced lawyer understands what your claim is worth, which is the key to ensuring your best possible outcome. In some cases, one accident can trigger several legal matters. For example, if a car accident or workplace injury causes long-term harm, you may not be able to work again in your usual occupation. In this case, you could have a successful personal injury payout and get a once-off TPD lump sum payment.

Calculating Claim Values

Calculating a claim value can be challenging, particularly for multiple injuries and combined physical and psychological harm. The insurance company typically wants to settle for as little as possible, while your personal injury lawyer will seek the highest possible result.

Knowing what a fair settlement is, relies on extensive experience with similar claims and the outcome they have achieved. Hiring an experienced lawyer means having someone who knows the worth of your financial losses and their associated non-economic damages, like pain and suffering and lost quality of life.

Personal injury damages that could be included in your payout are:

  • The cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Your lost income, superannuation, commission and bonuses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Long-term impairment and disability
  • Emotional distress like PTSD, depression and lost life quality
  • Other related out-of-pocket expenses

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Reason 4: Personal Injury Lawyers Offer No Financial Risk

The fourth benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer is taking advantage of their generous no-win no, fee financing to support your legal costs. Most compensation law firms work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay when they win your case. Their legal funding also means you pay nothing upfront to know if you have a valid claim.

Are All No Win, No Fee Law Firms the Same?

But be aware not all no-win no, fee law firms are the same. Some ask you to fund your disbursement expenses (the cost of legal assessments and medical reports), while others ask you to agree to a high-interest disbursement loan. So you’ll be relieved to learn that Splatt Lawyers is 100% no win, no fee. When you hire one of our personal injury lawyers, you owe nothing until we win your case and owe zero if you lose (we rarely lose, by the way – our success rate for mediated settlements is 99%)

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Reason 5: A Lawyer Knows How to Prove Liability

The fifth reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is their ability to prove liability. To have a successful compensation claim, someone has to have failed their duty of care and hence, be liable for your loss.

Sometimes, the responsible party will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid blame, and occasionally, there are multiple litigants, adding a further level of complexity. (for example, a 3-car collision)

Splatt Lawyers have a 99% success rate with out-of-court settlements for accident claims because they have detailed legal knowledge of the process and how to prove the responsible person or parties for your case. Rely on our legal team for practical legal advice, successfully proving liability in matters related to:

Reason 6: A Lawyer Provides Qualified, Independent Advice

The sixth benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer is getting qualified, independent advice. When you have been emotionally or physically damaged in unanticipated circumstances, you are likely to feel pain, anxiety and a range of emotions. Making rational and sound legal decisions at such a time can be challenging.

An impartial attorney will provide the following:

  • Unbiased assessment of your case’s legal validity
  • Options for moving forward
  • Possible outcomes, including the value of your legal claim

This valuable independent advice will help you decide if pursuing your legal matter is worthwhile and a realistic expectation of what you might receive as an outcome.

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Reason 7: Lawyers Know the Personal Injury Claim Process

The seventh reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is their knowledge of the claim process. Just like someone at McDonald’s knows how to make hundreds of burgers a day, when a lawyer works on compensation claims daily, they have extensive knowledge of the legal process.

Their expertise saves you time and effort because they know exactly what is required to get your desired result. They can also show you different legal strategies for getting a payout and recommend which one is likely to be the most successful.

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Reason 8: Experienced in Other Areas of Law

The eighth benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer is their knowledge of using other areas of law to deliver a better result. For example, you might receive a traffic citation if you have a car accident where you are partly to blame.

This infringement notice will reduce the value of your payout because it clearly indicates that you contributed to the traffic accident. However, if your solicitor works with a criminal lawyer to have the enforcement ticket retracted, your negligence contribution is reduced, which increases your compensation value.

 Reason 9: A Lawyer Provides Representation in Court

The ninth reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is their trial experience or capacity to represent you in court. Sometimes insurers deny claims, particularly those with a high value, and the only option left is to challenge their decision in court.

Thankfully this situation is rare. Splatt Lawyers settles 99% of claims without court litigation, saving you time and additional expense. However, in the rare circumstance that court action is required, know that Kerry Splatt (the principal of our firm) is a QLS Personal Injury Accredited Specialist with extensive experience in winning court-litigated matters.

Reason 10: Personal Injury Lawyers Negotiate the Best Settlement

The tenth reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is their ability to negotiate the best possible settlement for you. Even when the insurance company accepts your claim, they will likely make an initial low offer. Furthermore, they will often attempt to use a series of tactics to delay or minimise the severity of your injuries and hence, how the value of your accident payout.

Don’t let insurers rip you off. A skilled accident lawyer is a strong negotiator who fights for your right to fair compensation. Contact Splatt Lawyers now and ask us how – Call 1800 700 125

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