How do I claim personal injury compensation in Queensland?

The Queensland personal injury claim process can often seem illogical and confusing to people unfamiliar with the various legal systems that operate in Queensland. To successfully access your compensation payout, your best strategy is to work with an expert personal injury lawyer.

Generally, the injury claim process starts by lodging a notice of claim form, of which there are several types depending on the type of accident, including:
• WorkCover claims
• Workers’ compensation
• Road accidents
• Public Liability
• Medical Negligence

For the first step in a successful payout, the injured party must lodge the correct notice of claim form with the relevant insurance company and the relevant defendant within the time frames stipulated by the particular act governing the litigation action.

Furthermore, the claim form must comply with the applicable time limits, often requiring a medical certificate from your doctor with the notice of claim. Once the case is lodged and deemed ‘compliant’, the action will be governed by the relevant provisions of the applicable legislation under which the notice of claim has been served.

What is my claim worth?

What Types of Personal Injury Lead to a Compensation Claim?

Queensland personal injury legislation gives injured people the right to claim compensation when they have suffered a loss because someone else was negligent. There are several types of personal injuries for which you could lodge a compensation claim, including:

  1. Slip and Fall Claims – When someone trips or slips on an unsafe surface because of a maintenance failure by the property owner or occupier (including the local government or city council), you could make a public liability claim. Fall injuries can happen at work, in a public venue, on a footpath, playground, shopping centre, school, university, or other places.
  2. Road Accidents – When you are injured in a car crash because of negligent or reckless driving, you could have a valid personal injury claim, regardless of whether you were the driver, passenger, bystander, or pedestrian.
  3. Workplace Accidents – Your Queensland employer has a legal duty to provide a safe and healthy work environment. When they fail their owed duty, and you suffer physical or psychological harm, you could lodge a personal injury claim. You could also have a case when a coworker is negligent.
  4. Medical Negligence Claims – Medical professionals have a legal duty to provide reasonable care. When a doctor, nurse, dentist, surgeon, or other medical staff member causes injury through negligence, you could seek personal injury compensation.
  5. Product Liability – You could claim compensation when a defective or faulty product injures you and inflicts a loss.

How Splatt Lawyers Help With Queensland Personal Injury Compensation

Splatt Lawyers has been helping Queenslanders with personal injury compensation legal advice for nearly three decades. It’s free for our skilled compensation lawyers to help you know if you have a valid case, its approximate value and your chance of success. Get started now by calling 1800 700 125.

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