The Save Our CTP Coalition, in which Splatt Lawyers is proud to be a member of, has successfully secured commitments from both the ALP and the LNP to protect the common law rights of Queensland road users!

The Coalition has been communicating with both major political parties in Queensland to ensure your Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) rights are protected. To achieve this, the Coalition coordinated a major multi-faceted campaign over a serious of months. All to get both major parties to rule out any changes that would restrict your common law rights after the next election. 

The key to our success was proactively seeking this commitment from both major parties. Our competition, RACQ and Suncorp were aggressive in pushing a no-fault scheme into Queensland through a “so-called” citizens’ jury process – “A tactic that was used by the Barr Government in the ACT in achieving an overhaul of the Territory’s CTP scheme”.

Earlier this year, we received a commitment from the ALP to not pursue any changes that would restrict your common law rights. To secure a similar commitment from the LNP took many months in which The Australian Lawyers Alliance, ourselves and other law firms proactively:

  • responded to the RACQ citizens’ jury process both through the media and our respective law firms;
  • secured various law firms, community members, road user groups, allied health professionals and unions for the cause;
  • ran informative social media advertisements showing Queenslanders and the LNP what is at stake if the CTP scheme is changed to a no-fault scheme;
  • coordinated a statewide Coalition media launch, in which we all told the stories of our clients’ and the impact a no-fault scheme would have on them were it introduced; and
  • proactively engaged with and sought a commitment from numerous LNP MPs from around the State, including the Shadow Attorney General.

The Results?

A massive success! The Coalition received a letter late last week from the Deputy Leader of the LNP and Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander confirming that the LNP would not make any changes that restrict common law rights in Queensland’s CTP scheme.

Splatt Lawyers are very proud to be a member of The Save Our CTP Coalition. As a collective, we managed to protect the common law rights for all Queensland road users! The ALA also played a vital role in protecting Queensland’s CTP scheme, by funding the development and promotion of social media advertisements warning of the risks of a no-fault scheme.

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