We chose Splatty to be our mascot because we love dogs! And what’s more, he typifies the qualities that we embody here at Splatt Lawyers through our award winning legal representation. Here’s what Splatt Lawyers and Splatty have in common.

1. Loyal – we’re in it for the long haul

Legal disputes can be lengthy and complicated. Our team at Splatt Lawyers will support and guide you through the process and work hard to settle your dispute efficiently.

At Splatt Lawyers we’re right by your side. Every step of the way.

2. Empathetic – we understand our client’s needs

Splatt Lawyers has been assisting clients for almost 30 years in the areas of

We understand the support that our clients need and we’re genuinely interested in achieving the outcome our clients deserve. We operate under a ‘no win no fee’ guarantee because we understand that this reduces the financial and emotional stress that comes with legal disputes. And you have nothing to lose. If your case isn’t successful you won’t pay a cent.

3. Friendly and approachable – we’re just what you need

Our experienced legal team is professional as well as personable and approachable. We keep our clients updated on the progress of their case and help them understand the legalese. Whether it’s face-to-face or over-the-phone, our clients always have access to their legal team.

Our friendly team are passionate about being right by your side.

4. Eager to learn – we want to know everything to get you the best outcome

We’re driven by the challenge of assisting with new cases. Each individual set of circumstances requires a different approach and we manage each case differently. Despite the constantly changing legal landscape in compensation law and TPD claims, we know how to run a successful case (we’ve been doing it for close to 30 years!). As a client of Splatt Lawyers what you can expect is that we’ll go above and beyond what other firms do to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

5. Determined – we won’t stop until we get you the best outcome

As persistent as a dog retrieving a ball, we’re determined to keep winning cases for our clients! Our 99% successful settlement rate reflects our dedication to get the best outcome possible, all on our no win no fee guarantee.

Our qualified team will fight for your case. Every step of the way.

Splatt Lawyers. We’re right by your side.

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