Who is at Fault in a Car Accident

How do i know if a car accident is my fault?

When you have a car accident it’s vital to understand who is at fault. Know how fault is determined and the steps you should take.

What to do After Being Injured in an Uber Accident or Rideshare Crash

What to do after an Uber accident - hero image

Picture this: you’re in an Uber, on your way to an important event, and suddenly – bam! An accident occurs. What do you do next? No one ever wants to be in this situation, but traffic accidents happen. In Australia, the chance of being accidentally injured while using a ridesharing service like Uber is increasing […]

What To Do After A Bike Accident

A man riding a bike on its side and about to have an accident

The steps you take following a bicycle accident are essential to your recovery and your legal right to seek compensation. Know what to do next.