Claiming Compensation From Landlord

A happy couple getting compensation from landlord

You can have a successful landlord compensation claim when you are injured in a rental property accident sue to a legal breach of duty. Find out how it works.

Top 6 Common Types of Compensation Claims

A group of happy people winning a compensation claim

You can make a compensation claim in various circumstances, depending on how your injury or illness occurred. Typically, an injured person claims compensation when they have suffered a loss due to another’s negligence. To have a successful outcome, you will need the support of an experienced compensation lawyer who will advise on the type of case. Learn about the top 6 types of compensation claims in Australia.

Difference between exacerbation and aggravation

Difference between exacerbation and aggravation

Understand the meaning of exacerbation and aggravation. What are the definitions and the differences of these terms, and how do they impact Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury Claims.