When it comes to “No Win. No Fee.” payment agreements, it’s important to understand clearly what costs you’re responsible for paying. The name “No Win. No Fee.” suggests you won’t be left out-of-pocket but that’s not always the case.

What are Outlays?

During the course of developing and investigating a client’s claim, it will be necessary for a law firm to engage particular services. The moneys spent to engage these services are known as outlays (or disbursements).

Outlays are the basically the expenses paid to pursue your claim. Some examples of outlays include:

  • Barrister’s fees
  • Expert consultant fees – such as Accountants, Safety Engineers, Specialists
  • Court fees
  • Process Server and Agent fees
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Independent cost specialists fees
  • External consulting fees
  • Witness fees
  • Storage and archiving fees

Fees vs. Outlays

Sometimes, it can be confusing as to what costs you have to pay if your claim operates under a “No Win. No Fee.” payment agreement.

The way “No Win. No Fee.” works at Splatt Lawyers is that professional fees, as well any outlays incurred, will ONLY be payable upon the successful conclusion of your case.

  • Professional Fees: the cost of engaging the services of a lawyer
  • Outlays: the expenses paid to pursue a compensation claim

It’s important to be aware of the distinction between “fees” and “outlays” because some “No Win. No Fee.” agreements will exclude fees but not outlays if your claim is unsuccessful. At Splatt Lawyers, our “No Win. No Fee.” agreement excludes BOTH professional fees and outlays if your claim is unsuccessful.

We’ll Cover Your Expenses

We use the service of a litigation lending facility to fund your outlays so that you don’t have to pay any legal costs upfront. We can also help with rehab funding if you need medical treatment. This means you can focus on recovering and getting your life back on track while we take care of your claim. And if your claim is unsuccessful, we won’t charge you for any professional fees AND we won’t charge you for any outlays incurred (subject to any specifications that you agree to).

With our “Right By Your Side” Guarantee you can be confident that there’s no financial risk to you.

If you need an experienced “No Win. No Fee.” lawyer who won’t leave you out-of-pocket, contact us at Splatt Lawyers for a free case assessment with one of our expert compensation lawyers.

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