Motor vehicle injury May 2017

Motor Vehicle Accident – Breaches of Road Rules do not always indicate Negligence

In today’s current economic climate, increasing numbers of motorcyclists have been reported on Queensland roads. In order to alleviate further traffic congestion in built-up areas, several recent amendments to the Road Rules[1] have come into effec

General May 2017

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace: Understanding Your Rights

Most of us work in some form or another, and in Australia, we are lucky to have a very fair and just system in place to manage the workplace. This is to ensure that everyone has the same rights and opportunities. While there are still areas where we

Workplace injury May 2017

Do you know the difference between exacerbation and aggravation?

What does “exacerbation” mean? ex·ac·er·ba·tion (ĭg-zăs′ər-bā′shən) Doctors use the term “exacerbation” when they talk about a temporary flaring-up of a pre-existing medical condition, generally this is some form of arthri

Motor vehicle injury Mar 2017

Have you been in a car accident?

Car Accidents Driving is probably one of the most dangerous things most of us will ever do. According to Queensland Government\'s Road Crash Report there have been 112 road related fatalities this year to date.

General Mar 2017

Drive Safe – Road rules for everyday driving

Road markings in Queensland include lines, painted islands, traffic lane arrows, dividing strips, and turning bays - with most being painted white. Lines are painted on the road to guide you when driving. Here is a little refresher: Crossing

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