How to spot a ‘claim farming’ scam before you get stitched up.

A new phone scam is doing the rounds of late and it’s specifically targeting people who have been involved in a road accident. Here are the facts you need to know.

This type of scam is called ‘claim farming’, and involves a national or international syndicate of cold callers (call centres) making unsolicited calls to both people that have and have not been in a motor vehicle accident. It’s thought that the scammers are gaining illegal access to information about Queensland road accidents, then contacting these people and urging them to make a compensation claim. They then attempt to sell these claims on to lawyers.

You’ll know you’re the target of a scammer if someone contacts you saying that a lawyer has been ‘assigned’ to your motor vehicle accident case. They’ll often urge you to get in touch with the lawyer right away, and as a result, these lawyers are getting access to cases that in many situations may not be worth pursuing or are not even viable as claims.

It’s a very shady practice that has already claimed a number of victims in Australia, and is especially confusing for those who have been involved in an accident and are genuinely looking for help. Always remember, if you’re ever involved in an accident and have an injury as a result (and were not at fault), you will never just be ‘assigned’ a lawyer. The choice to pursue legal action and who represents you is always up to you!

What you need to do if you’ve been called.

If you’ve been contacted by someone who claims to be your ‘case manager’, or tells you to call a lawyer regarding your claim, it’s important to do what you can to get their information. This might include their name, where they’re calling from, their organisation (including their phone number if possible), and how they got a hold of your contact details. If you manage to get this information, get in touch with the ACCC right away and report the scam. You could be preventing a lot of pain down the line for other Queenslanders by helping put a stop to this practice.

It’s always up to you!

If you’re involved in an accident, it’s completely your choice as to whether you report it to a lawyer or seek compensation. If you have been or are ever involved in an accident, we suggest contacting us for a free consultation first. You won’t be burdened with any upfront costs, and we’ll tell you if your case is worth pursuing. We can discuss your accident and then work with you directly to identify what compensation you may be eligible for. And because we’re a no win, no fee law firm, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be left out of pocket.

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