What does No Win, No Fee mean?

No Win, No Fee is a type of legal funding typically used by personal injury law firms to cover their legal costs until they win your case. Most people who have suffered an injury or illness in an unexpected accident cannot finance a compensation claim. It would be devastating to pay a lawyer and lose your case when you have already experienced a loss.

How does No Win, No Fee funding work?

When you use No Win, No Fee funding for your case, your compensation lawyer carries the financial risk of your claim, giving you access to justice to professional legal services you might otherwise not afford. But this unique legal funding service differs from legal aid or pro bono. 

Under a No Win, No Fee model, you still owe legal fees, but only once you achieve a settlement. 

Does No Win, No Fee cover disbursement costs?

Disbursements are the costs associated with the legal reports and medical assessments you will need as evidence in your compensation claim. Whether or not your law firm covers these will depend on their legal cost agreement.

Some personal injury law firms will ask you to agree to an expensive disbursement loan, or they may ask you to pay for these costs as they arise. Splatt Lawyers is a 100% No Win, No Fee law firm. We have you covered for all fees and charges until we win your case, including your disbursement fees

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Disclaimer – This is general information only and does not constitute legal advice. It is free to receive legal advice on your situation. Please get in touch with our experienced personal injury compensation lawyers for help understanding your legal rights and your free claim review. Call 1800 700 125 or email: claim@splattlawyers.com.au

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