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Top 10 Essential Questions to Ask When Finding the Best Injury Lawyer

Finding the Best Injury Lawyer is essential to get the most from your compensation claim. Our Top 10 questions make it easy to choose yours.
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Finding the best injury lawyer is essential when you believe you have a valid personal injury claim. After all, your compensation lawyer’s expertise significantly impacts the value of your lump sum payout. The problem is that most people rarely suffer physical or psychological harm in an unexpected accident, which means they may not know how to find the best injury lawyer.

Before deciding who is your best choice, let’s allow time to do some research and assess who is the best lawyer or solicitor for you. To support you with this task, we have collated a list of the Top 10 questions to ask when finding the best injury lawyer:

What is my claim worth?

1. Do I have a valid injury claim?

Do I have a valid injury claim? is the first thing to consider when selecting your best injury lawyer. After all, if you don’t have a case, there’s no point in wasting more of your time on your search. Any competent personal injury lawyer should be capable of evaluating your case and letting you know if you are eligible to claim compensation.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to tell if this lawyer handles cases similar to yours. Some personal injury law firms only take on some kinds of matters. For example, only a few firms handle two specialised areas of law: medical negligence and military compensation.

Splatt Lawyers offers a free comprehensive claim assessment service. You can easily determine if you have a valid injury claim by using our fast online claim check or calling us on 1800 700 125.

2. Do you have Accreditation as a Personal Injury Law Specialist?

Knowing if your lawyer is an Accredited Personal Injury Specialist is the second most important question to ask when finding the best injury lawyer. That’s because not all injury lawyers are the same. Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists must pass a rigorous assessment process spanning many months. Once a lawyer achieves this awarded recognition of their legal skills, you can be assured of their knowledge and expertise in compensatory litigation.

If you want the most from your accident compensation case, choose an injury lawyer who is an accredited specialist.

Kerry Splatt, Splatt Lawyer’s principal, has been a QLS Personal Injury Accredited Specialist Lawyer for many years. He oversees the work of our team of legal compensation experts. Choosing Splatt Lawyers means you can relax knowing your legal matter is safe.

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3. What kinds of personal injury claims do you manage?

The next question for finding your best injury lawyer confirms that your chosen law firm manages your type of personal injury claim. You should know that there are many various kinds of compensation cases, and it would be challenging for one legal professional to have expertise in all of them. Most injury lawyers work with car accident claims, workers’ compensation claims, catastrophic injuries, WorkCover matters and public liability claims. Still, fewer specialise in psychological harm, medical negligence and abuse claims. Therefore, before continuing your search, confirm your accident lawyer is qualified to handle your case.

Splatt Lawyers provides informed legal advice for a wide range of compensation law matters. You can see more about our legal services here >

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4. What is your experience in handling claims like mine?

An experienced lawyer providing legal representation for your claim can be the difference between winning a claim and having a bad experience. Before you find the best injury lawyer for you, ask them how much experience they have in cases like yours, what happened in those matters, and what the outcome was. Due to Privacy Laws, they cannot discuss specific details, but they can give you an overview of the legal strategy they used and how they overcame barriers to deliver a successful result.

Following this process will give you a clear understanding of your prospective lawyer’s knowledge and expertise.

At Splatt Lawyers, we have close to three decades of experience in legal advice for successful personal injury claims. In fact, we consistently achieve a 99% success rate for out-of-court settlements. Our skilled lawyers will be pleased to explain their experience in handling claims like yours when you contact us for your free case review by Calling 1800 700 125, or get started online now >

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5. What is my injury damages claim worth?

An essential question when choosing your best lawyer is what my injury damages claim is worth. Pursuing a compensation legal matter can sometimes be stressful and feel like a hassle, so you want to know your effort will be rewarded. While every case is unique, personal injury lawyers who have been practising for many years will likely have worked on multiple matters similar to yours, which means they should be able to give you an estimate of your claim value.

Beware of lawyers who give you an inflated valuation. They could simply be trying to “buy your case”. For this reason, it is a great idea to ask at least three different law firms this same question.

Splatt Lawyers will give you the approximate value of your compensation claim for free. Our experienced legal team has been helping injured people understand their rights and what their claim is worth for close to three decades. When we give you an estimate, be assured it is realistic and reliable.

What is my claim worth? >

6. Could you explain the process of a successful injury claim?

When finding the best injury lawyer, please ask them to explain the process of a successful injury claim. If you are talking with a compensation law firm with a strong track record of winning, your potential lawyer will have a comprehensive understanding of the legal process. Knowing how it works will:

  1. Give you peace of mind
  2. Knowledge of what to expect on your journey to justice
  3. Confirmation that your lawyer knows what it takes to win a case

The expert compensation lawyers at Splatt Lawyers will be pleased to explain how the legal compensation process works when you contact us for your free case review. You can also see more about the claims process here >

7. What does my lump sum injury payout include?

Next on your list of questions to find the best injury lawyer is knowing what my lump sum injury payout includes. An experienced accident claim solicitor will quickly explain the concept of “heads of damages”, which are the elements that comprise an injury payout. In Queensland, the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (PIPA) gives you the legal right to seek compensation in certain types of cases and, when successful, allows financial settlement for the following:

  • Lost past and future income
  • Lost past and future superannuation
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Cost of home care

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8. How long does it take to get an injury payout?

When finding the best injury lawyer, you will want to know how long it will take to get an injury payout. A seasoned lawyer will know the approximate time frame for a case like yours, which generally relies on several factors, including:

  • The severity of your physical or psychiatric damage
  • If you have one or multiple injuries
  • How long it takes your injuries to stabilise
  • If there are one or multiple liable parties
  • If the at-fault party accepts or denies liability
  • The estimated size of your payout. Insurance companies will challenge and delay larger settlements. 

At Splatt Lawyers, knowing how long your claim could take is easy. Your comprehensive free claim review includes an estimated settlement timeframe. Contact us now to know yours >

9. What percentage of your injury claims proceed to court litigation?

Understanding a personal injury firm’s court litigation track record will help you know if they are your best injury lawyers. If the worst happens and your claim proceeds to court, you want a lawyer with courtroom experience. However, the best outcome is a settlement by mediation. In general, court action is unpredictable, expensive and time-consuming. Even if you win your case in court, the legal costs could exceed the value of your compensation payout.

Your best injury lawyer will have a high mediation settlement rate, which means they are very good at negotiating settlements with insurance companies and avoiding court proceedings.

Splatt Lawyers have a 99% success rate for mediated settlements. We would only proceed to court with your instructions and help you understand the risks of this type of legal action.

What is No Win No Fee ?

10. Who pays the disbursement fees for my injury claim?

The final question for finding the best injury lawyer is who funds your disbursement fees. Generally, all compensation law firms offer no-win, no-fee funding. However, this does not mean they are all the same. No Pay legal funding usually covers your lawyer fees, but it may not fund the cost of your medical assessments and expert reports – known as disbursements. In fact, some injury law firms will ask you to agree to a disbursement loan, which typically has high-interest rates. Before signing a legal cost agreement, you must clearly understand who pays for what and how your potential law firm calculates its fees and costs.

Splatt Lawyers provides 100% with No Win No Fee legal services. When you select our law firm as your best injury lawyer, we cover all your fees and disbursement costs until you achieve a successful payout. At this time, we will recover these expenses. If you lose, you walk away owing us nothing. Because of this, you have no financial risk for your case. It’s the Splatt Lawyer’s No Win, No Fee, and No Risk guarantee.

Start now by calling 1800 700 125 or email us >

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